Assassin's Creed Unity Hands on - E3 2014

Assassin's Creed: Unity is one of the top video games of Ubisoft at E3 2014, and with it we come to know the new character: Arno, a killer blue clothes that fight for freedom against the oppressive forces in France. The title comes PS4 and Xbox One, later this year, and should be the most revolutionary of the saga so far.

In a demonstration behind closed doors, we tested the game that can be revolutionary, but at the same time does not bother to reinvent anything. In control Arno, we are in a large square in the center of Paris, with a mission to find a target and assassinate him. Exterminate, the mission just remember any other game in the series, but this is good because it keeps as much fun as any other.

What we notice is that the scenarios are much more populated, whether in details of buildings and streets, or on account of the number of people on the streets. In the statement, the representative of Ubisoft told that more than 200 distinct persons could be seen on the streets at that time, where a protest against a public was occurring.

Arno has basically the same powers as any other serial killer. In addition to free climb the scenarios and buildings, it can go down within seconds, without necessarily shoot a wad of hay. So he uses his athletic skills and quick to go down smoothly.

Another novelty is in stealth, which is now one inserted in gameplay element. Arno can sneak down the corners and walk inside a building, so that does not make noise and eliminate your targets without attracting others attention.

We asked Ubisoft if the buildings would all be accessible inside and received confirmation via an invitation, visited the Cathedral of Notre Dame, turítisco famous place in Paris, and checked inside, fully detailed and huge side, just as the Notre Dame from the real world. Video games have actually reached a level close to reality.

A demo of Assassin's Creed at E3 Unity gave us a taste of "I want more". The game is cute, fun and especially good with new elements. It has everything to please the fans and make us forget the flaws that Ubisoft made with the series in the past.