Bethesda's MMO game Battlecry hands on - E3 2014

Battlecry will not arrive until the first half of 2015. A beta version of the MMO released for PC by Bethesda during E3 2014.

The highlight of the game is the freedom to compete with teams composed of warriors with different characteristics and abilities that can be upgraded with the passing phases. The game in third person, was designed to take quick action and be proactive all the time. Nevertheless, when the player finds himself alone on the battlefield, the game gets monotonous.

The environment in which the action is happening is detailed and stylized with good graphics, but nothing extraordinary. The goal was to create a new world - a world without gunpowder - in full 20th century. Thus, the weapons are unique and divided between two classes of warriors: the Royal Marines and the Cossacks. The player can choose to control the executor, the archer or duelist.

Field multiplayer race is wide: it supports up to 32 gamers in the same war zone. In addition, the company has ensured that the game modes will be extended until the release date, since the version available for testing at the fair, was not enough to explore the game in different ways.

In Battlecry, the player can use the adrenaline system to unlock special powers short or save them and use the increased lethal capacity. With this, you let the chosen warrior more powerful.