Card Wars Adventure Time review (iOS / Android)

Card Wars - Adventure Time is a card video game with the characters from the cartoon "Adventure Time". Released for iOS and Android, the game features fun battles, varied decks, great visual and extensive campaign mode. Check out our review below:

Inspired by an episode of the cartoon "Adventure Time" Card Wars shows how the universe is expanding this drawing. The card game for Android and iOS did not need to take any other design element of Cartoon Network, is shown since all characters, letters and spells was taken from an episode of this cartoon that exudes creativity.

Time Strategy

In Card Wars, you control each character of drawing as Jake, Finn, Beemo, Marceline and others. In the beginning, you only have 15 cards in the deck. But new cards are added as the player progresses.

Each card is a creature that has cost lives and attack points. Also, some cards may have sentences with enchantment. Just like in Magic: The Gathering, the player must first take a "field" where your creature will act. There are creatures for each field and the game has a good variety of them. For scenario, the player can build four different fields, each of the "runway" format.

Besides the letters of creatures, Card Wars also has letters of spells and buildings. The letters spells are self explanatory, they are activated when the player throws each.

Have the buildings are houses or palaces that are positive attributes to the characters. For example, to put the house on a track, the track presents the creature will recover hit points at the end of each shift.

But Card Wars is not only that. Besides the strategy in assembling decks and how to distribute them in the field, there is still a lot of strategy to be applied. Each track needs to be defended by a creature, otherwise the attack of an enemy they can skip, hitting your character. Another novelty in relation to card games, roulette is one in which the player can try your luck and may counteract or perform critical hits on the enemy. 

The game follows a phase structure resembling candy Crush Saga, with the possibility to revisit all phases again. You experience the characters and then have the possibility to play with them. Each character has a special power loads automatically. To release that power simply tap the icon character during battles.

Various options and little slips

Following a bolder proposal than usual, Card Wars goes beyond casual experience from other games of Cartoon Network. The game offers choices that deepen the experience of constructing letters as options, uniting two letters and made cards to sell.

All this demonstrates a care in time to produce the game. However, skid into the studio not offer an online multiplayer system. It is self-evident in a game of this genre. It would be like releasing a Call of Duty these days, with only single player mode.

Card Wars was heavily criticized for its launch on iOS because the limiting energy. But recently, when the game was released for Android, an update provided a relief for players, offering more hearts daily. Still, this is by far one of the great problems of the game. Card Wars is a paid game, and it's not cheap, costs $ 8.99. So don’t make much sense, getting the game limiting the player and trying to explore that with embedded call options.

The translation of the game has also been unsatisfactory. Besides not having the dubbed version of the characters, at times, the texts are confused with the game featuring some information in English and in other languages.

On Android, the game is incompatible with some devices. So we recommend testing the game right after purchase if it does not work as it should ask for the refund. But the testing period is short, only 15 minutes.


Card Wars - Adventure Time is a card game that involves strategy and reasoning, but all in a jest and adventure, capturing the spirit of the cartoon. The greatest sin of the game is to provide limiters in style "freemium", even though the game cost you $ 8.99.