Chaves Kart: Learn to complete last 20 challenges

Chaves Kart is a racing video game based on a cartoon and a popular series with real actors. It brings a way of challenges and difficult tasks. Have you ever checked as winning the first 20 challenges on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 now see how to beat the other last 20 missions.

Challenge 21: Dispute Beats
Character: Rufino Desperado
Objective: Attack opponents in the right order before completing two laps

This is not a very difficult challenge, but the end can be challenging. Use the right analog stick to attack opponents in a certain order. The difficulty lies precisely in the fact that if you hit someone out of order, will have to repeat the challenge.

Early on, try to get rid of Dona Clotilde and Professor Girafales and focus on the main difficulty of this challenge: Dona Florinda, Madruga and Mr. Barriga. The three will be fighting each other in a scene worthy of the show, making it difficult to hit a specific target. Follow them on one hand and attack at the right time.

22 Challenge: Rivals Items
Character: Popis
Objective: Win a race three laps without items

Here we have a very difficult challenge, because the car is not fast popis. Be very aggressive in overruns and beat others to win turbos. You need to risk at least twice pass through the middle path in the Tunnel of Love by swan floating platforms.

Do not try to move the platforms as three times in the third round, they are almost always running, and the necks of swans can get in the way. Nor skid before entry or lose one of the jumps. Keep pressing the button quickly jump between platforms to avoid falling edge.

Challenge 23: Salta as a Bunny
Character: popis
Objective: Jump over opponents in the right order before completing a turn

The difficulty of this challenge depends mainly on the strategy adopted. The secret is to eliminate Quico, Dona Florinda and Nhonho early on, when they are still close together. That's because Paty and keys are a bit more difficult, especially later on in the track when they take shortcuts with turbos, and the sun will blur the vision. Also remember to not jump on the wrong character to not need to restart the challenge.

Challenge 24: Dangerous Museum
Character: Teacher Girafales
Objective: Scroll down the track at 1:25 minutes away from Bowling Balls

In Dangerous Museum, you will need to complete the course while all the attack with bowling balls. To help you get the horn item that can destroy projectiles. Just stay hammering the item button to use it all the time and you should pass. Time is a bit short, but you can do it

Challenge 25: Fury at the Wheel
Character: Rufino Desperado
Objective: Complete 3 laps at 2:30 minutes with heavy traffic

The difference between defeat and victory in this challenge is the first round. During the second and third round, there will be others in the bus lane, and any attempt to slip you will end up playing them. Be aggressive in the first round to win quite a while and try to make sharp turns without skidding in the other.

Challenge 26: Escaping the Rent
Character: Lord Barriga
Objective: Attack the Madruga before he completes one revolution

The goal here is to achieve Madruga and beat him using the right analog stick. It is not a difficult task, but you will depend very lucky to get good items and use them in favor. Madruga, on the other hand, we are very lucky and shoots many horns, nullifying the items sometimes.

Challenge 27: Hunting Barrels
Character: Quico
Objective: Destroy barrels 60 minutes at 4:10

This challenge is very difficult if you try to do a normal race, but it can be dodged if you focus on the fact that only needs the barrels without completing laps. Walk slowly and take all the barrels to come ahead. Turn the kart and walk in the opposite direction if needed, just do not use the reverse gear, because with it, you lose too much time.

Collect many barrels in the square where the postmen pedal and use the alternate path to the left of the turbos to get a few extra barrels. Stay tuned because the path to the right has no extra barrel.

Challenge 28: No Speed Very
Character: Dona Florinda
Objective: Win a race without a back impellers for you

This is another difficult challenge. Beat in enough opponents with the right analog stick, use the vacuum getting behind them and skidding enough to win turbos. One of the most difficult moments is the final stretch. So if you get a pepper - or better yet, a ham sandwich - hold it until the final stretch to secure the victory.

Challenge 29: Bonita Drift
Character: Paty
Objective: Earn 40 points overruns level 3 and win a race of two laps

To not miss a beat, this is a much more difficult challenge. You need to use the skid level 3 Paty to earn 40 points and still win a race of two laps, ie without the trick of Challenge 18 which made it quite easy.

To do a skid level 3, you need to start skidding to one side, put the directional in the opposite direction of the turn while still skidding and finally, quickly switch back to the right side, creating a certain tension. Each time you create this tension, the fire in the exhaust pipe kart changes color, indicating the level.

For each skid level 3 taken, you will earn 5 points (10 points erroneously the game). That means you need skid 8 times, around 4. Initially, there seems to be only three curves that allow a skid level 3, but there are actually 4.

Write overruns level 3 in the following curves: for right before the turbo from the Ferris wheel, carousel inside the curve, the second curve to the right after exiting the carousel and the last right turn before the finish line.

Challenge 30: Do not leave Spending
Character: Keys
Objective: Complete a lap without you exceed Quico

This mission is so difficult that it is impossible to get without using the largada. To do this, just begins to accelerate when the change count of 2 to 1.

There are many places to fall, which is almost certain defeat, and there are many things to set you on the track as the runaway balloons. Be careful after the first turbo, because there is an extremely sharp turn to the right, being necessary to prepare for it.

Hold overruns until you have at least a turbo level 2. Skids level 1 do not help much and sometimes hold them up to level 3 is not worth it, and better to use several slippages level 2. The more you are able to Quico away from the less aggressive it will be artificial intelligence.

Challenge 31: Controls Distracted
Character: Godinez
Objective: Win a race of two laps with inverted controls

Although it seems paradoxical, this challenge is not difficult. Nevertheless, the victory is not easy. The inverted controls hinder, but the race itself is not as challenging. However, achieving, still get first is a bit tricky, since many random things end up messing up. Just keep trying and use items as well in order to win this challenge.

Challenge 32: The Space Flag
Character: Paty
Objective: Take the flag to the line arrival into a turn

In this challenge, you need to pick up the flag and carry it to the finish, which is not particularly difficult. Distance yourself from popis for artificial intelligence becomes less aggressive and try to complete the race. If popis can stay in front, there is a funny trick: brake and she tries to give back to grab the flag you usually falling off the track.

33 Challenge: One Only
Character: Dona Florinda
Objective: Win a race without a back items

The difficulty level will rise again in this challenge. Use plenty overruns in the beginning and then more trust in vacuum of the other competitors. Proximity is the watchword to win this challenge. You need to stay close to the other riders to get a chance to win.

The top three are very close to each other, sometimes even hurting one another. So be prepared to catch an opening. Jump on top of them can be a good strategy, but down the stretch, can be bad business. That's because the leap could end up paying much vertical propulsion and let them pass you by before winning the turbo reward.

Be very careful with the items of the other characters, because being hit by any of them is almost fatal to this challenge. Notice the icon in the characters' heads, indicating which items they possess.

Challenge 34: Jumping and Charging
Character: Lord Barriga
Objective: Jump on Madruga before he completes one revolution

Achieving Madruga is a relatively easy task, and even if you can not, there is a chance near the end of the challenge. A good jump at the end of the entrance ramp Maracana will make you reach it in time to jump on him.

Challenge 35: Hunting Skulls
Character: Quico
Objective: Eliminate 30 skulls on the track at 1:20

The hardest part of this challenge is to reconcile the two tasks: eliminate skulls with Bowling Balls and completing a lap at 1:20. If you wait for a good shot to try to eliminate each skull, you can not delete or complete one lap 30.

The solution to this challenge is not to think too much. Instead, shoot bowling balls all the time. Stay tuned to sound when the item is recharged and continue firing, trying to hit as many skulls as you can. Remember that the balls will bounce off the wall and hit targets that you are not seeing.

Meanwhile, scroll down the lane like a madman, skidding and going very fast. Take care when there are two skulls closely, probably because you can not remove both and hit a skull can become impossible to win.

Challenge 36: Invasion of the Robots
Character: Teacher Girafales
Objective: Scroll down the track in 1 minute

The challenge of this mission will be around the track while robots teleport to the path. Not too hard, since you have succeeded in preventing the robots. Initially, they seem to randomly teleport, but you can see a crosshair on the ground and a white thread of light before they arise, allowing you to dodge.

Avoid lifting very overruns, release them soon to make turbos. It is very easy to end up beating some and lose turbo robot. When you're facing the robots is easier to divert than when it is on its side, skidding.

Challenge 37: skid and Earn
Character: Paty
Objective: Earn 50 points overruns level 3 and win a race of two laps

This challenge is similar to curves 29 with sufficient slippage to achieve, though still be difficult. Each level 3 ensures slippage 5 points. So you need 5 skidding around. To win the race, stay tuned to the last right turn before the finish line because you need a turbo to get back on track fast.

Challenge 38: Puzzle barrels
Character: Quico
Objective: Destroy barrels 60 minutes at 4:10

27 Recalling the challenge, you need to destroy 60 barrels within a certain time. This Challenge is easy as long as you go slowly and concentrate on getting all the barrels on the way. There are barrels and enough to make the task easy time.

Challenge 39: Jumping without Broom
Character: Dona Clotilde
Objective: Jump over opponents in the right order before completing two laps

The biggest problem with this challenge is in the top two: Madruga and his belly. The two will be fighting and making it difficult for you to jump on them in the right order. You should try to get rid of quickly Dona Florinda and Professor Girafales.

Challenge 40: Out of Orbit
Character: Godinez
Objective: Attack opponents in the right order before completing two laps

The secret to winning this challenge is all at the start, when all targets are queued. Use the largada to approach the first target and hit it using the right analog stick. You then receive as a reward for a turbo blow, but control is not to exceed the next target or fall runway.

You can delete 4-5 competitors early on, before the asteroid field, when they are still in the queue, waiting to be slaughtered. The final challenge will be hitting the kart Paty and it will be a little difficult. Try to get rid of the other pilots soon to focus only on Paty.