E3 2014: Hands on with Nosgoth

Nosgoth is a new multiplayer online game from Square Enix for PC. It is free and promises plenty of action, which would be great if it were not for one detail. The title, which was playable at E3 2014, is set in the same universe Legacy of Kain Series, which has games like Soul Reaver in the catalog. Thus, it is a sort of "continuation" of the series, which itself disrespects fans.

It turns out that in Nosgoth, the story is not well defined. The game is just a big arena where hunters compete and creatures of darkness, bloodthirsty and more violence. Despite the premise, don’t expect a game full of powerful scenes, as often the titles of Legacy of Kain, but an adventure shooter, third-person, which would be generic at any other time.

In our tests, we could only give a map that was big enough to get lost opponents, but also without much inspiration in design, found wanting on several points. In addition, the game will have up to eight initial scenarios and distinct from each other, but, according to Square Enix, the idea is to throw more after launch.

The gameplay is a first person shooter. This function is so well made. If not for Square Enix to push it and insert it in the mythology of Legacy of Kain, the title could do well as a free shooter on the PC, since it presents quality even with very weak graphics by today's standards.

Nevertheless, control the characters in the arenas is fun. Hunters, though deadly, use interesting weapons with mystical powers and a lot of firepower. The demons and vampires use claws, flying toward the victims and also other spells that you can detonate with a single blow. But don’t worry, everything seemed well balanced during the clashes.

Hopefully, Nosgoth changes course and become a game with personality, because then it could be saved from fatal oblivion. But all indications are that it will be released in the exact manner that was in E3 2014.