Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Review

Genre: Sci-fi
Directed by: Doug Liman
Starring: Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt

In the near future, the alien monster hit, again in search of a favorable planet to take over. Military special effort, bolstered by the rough bark voluntary recruits, mobilizes and soon held the invaders rod. Actually, it looks as if they will soon be dismantled once and for all. Forces are deployed against a new D-day.

Amidst this scenario ends up slightly arrogant Cage (Tom Cruise), a military press officer with no combat experience and General Brigham (Brendan Gleeson) wants to put him on the spot. Cage gets it directly in hot water and in the fierce battle, it looks like the end. But then he wakes up and it is the beginning of the day again.

Was it a bad dream?

Not at all. Cage is stuck in a time cycle. Through this, he will increasingly closer to the diabolical aliens and it looks quite mission impossible.

Everything is based on the novel "All you need is Kill" by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and it is tempting to guess that the story let the filmmakers play a little extra in good "Groundhog Day" spirit. With this amuses you feel glad, and we are in cinema chair.

"Edge of Tomorrow" is a bit like last year's "Pacific Rim", a crisp summer roll with action, suspense and humor. The monsters are moving way too fast for you to see them properly but nevertheless they have lots of tentacles and Giger-heads. Cruise does his thing, Emily Blunt is perfect as SF soldier and other visible supporting roles: Brendan Gleeson as grim-General, Bill Paxton as tough drill sergeant and Noah Taylor as brilliant scientist.