Enemy Front complete missions guide

Enemy Front is a new FPS video game released for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 on June 10, 2014 and developed by CI Games, the studio best known for its license Sniper: Ghosts Warrior. In a setting of World War II, you play as Robert Hawkins, an American correspondent, who just lends a hand to Europe resistant fighting every day against the Nazis. Over the 16 missions that make up the game, you will be able to choose your approach for each objective using the frontal attack, stealth, combat long distance sniper or sabotage.

To confront the German army, DTGReviews suggest you follow the complete guide of the 16 missions of the base game, as well as the conduct of further mission "Saint-Nazaire."

Table of contents

First Victory
Battle for St. Cross
French resistance
Siege of St. Cross
Sabotage in the Loue valley
Officer Hunt - in the valley of the Loue
Chateau Assault in the valley of the Loue
Warsaw Calling
PAST Attack
Winter in Vemork
Fortress at Oscarsborg
Home Army victorious
Attack of V2
Fire from the Sky
The Final Day
The Fall of Warsaw
Saint-Nazaire (Bonus Mission)

First Victory

3 secrets of the mission - First Victory

Survive the attack
After the cutscene, you find yourself directly in the heart of the action. Follow Kozera to the barricade, and practice shooting at soldiers. After a few moments, you have to change position. Go to the south, pass the obstacle and engulf yourself in the sewers.

Escape the barricade and access to sewers
Once in the sewers, go into the tunnel company Kozera to reach the base of the Home Army. Follow the conversation, then head to the west side of the man who will offer you a weapon. Choose the one you want, then get involved in the tunnel behind him if you want to enter the prison, or climb the stairs to access the repository at the end. In all cases, you have to go through both paths, so no matter which one you choose first.

Obtain explosives in filing the Nazis
If you chose to climb the stairs, you enter the armory Nazis. Move a little to reach a small place heavily guarded by soldiers. The objective is to reach the marker, a few meters away. Sneak or eliminate all enemies to get there. Then go upstairs using the debris and eliminate new enemies.

Cross the hallway, down the stairs and open the door designated by the marker. Kill the enemies in this new place, then go straight north to reach the depot. Pick up the explosives, ask one on the shells, then go to not be caught in the explosion. This action validates the secondary objective you Sabotage the reserve ammunition.

Deliver the explosives to the Army of the Interior
Now that you have explosives, enter drains near your position to give the Army of the Interior. Now go to the second tunnel to direct you to the prison.

Save the prison pastor
You arrive in the basement of a house. Go up one floor while eliminating enemies, then follow the marker to open a door to continue you. Get rid of the Nazis a little further, and drag in the red box in the small bunker to kill the enemy more easily hidden. Now enter the path to the right of the small bunker and smash the door.

Enjoy the slowing effect to kill 3 soldiers, then engage the fight against the few others who will attack you.
Finally cross the prison corridor to smash a last door, behind which you must shoot in the head of the German officer to save the pastor.

Transmit the information to the Home Army
Now the pastor is safe, go through the door to the right of the room where he was held captive, then enter the sewers to complete this mission.

Battle for St. Cross

Attacking the church
After the briefing, find Kozera on the left and follow him into the tunnel. After all, you have the choice between going left to place the explosives on the outside wall of the church, or right to sneak into the catacombs. In both cases, you will come into the church, but see two options:

Sneak into the catacombs
Follow the marker to go upstairs and push the back door. Then you enter the church.

Go place the explosives on the outside wall of the church
Simply place an explosive charge on the weakened wall, then move away before detonation. Enter into the breach to end up in the church.

Rid the church of all enemies
You must now kill all the Nazis present in the church. However, a heavy machine gun in height will you blast. Eliminate the shooter away or fight your way to the marker to put a load and thus get rid of. When the last enemy is down, the mission ends.

French Resistance

The 4 Secrets of the French Resistance Mission

Discover where Aubrac was taken
Follow the lane until you get to face two soldiers on the beat. Kill them with your handgun and pick up one of their weapons before continuing. A little further, you can get your binoculars (key "B" by default) to locate the enemy. The goal updates, you must now find information on where Aubrac was taken.

Infiltrate the checkpoint to find information about Aubrac
Choose a discrete approach or go for the job, but in all cases, approach the marker on the screen to find documents relating Aubrac. For those who want to get their hands on a sniper rifle, you can find one in the building to the north of this area.

Kill the officer who will interview Aubrac
The information in hand, follow the path behind the building in which you are to reach a barn. Inside, a man dying asks you to save his girlfriend, but that does not add up lens. Kill the two Nazis who are approaching, then continue on the path. You hear screams. Head to the new marker and eliminate the soldiers to save resistant. Then you validate the secondary objective Assist the Resistance.

Take your road to arrive in a village. Try to save the resistant just right by eliminating soldiers. A new secondary objective appears: Securing this part of the village. To succeed, you must simply kill all enemies. Once this operation done, talk to the man you just saved about where Aubrac was taken.

Continue to the bridge of the village to see another proof in difficulty. Help him as neutralizing the opponents. Pick up the rocket launcher on the chair near the ammo crate, then move to being attacked by a tank. Destroy it with your rocket launcher or throwing grenades, then talk with resistant so that it shows you a secret weapons cache.

Take the main road passing behind the remains of the chariot. Further eliminate the soldiers on the right and enter in the field a little lower. Kill the guards and go into stealth mode to enter the house and eliminate your target. Finally pick up the map on the table.

Rescue Josephine Aubrac
Leave the house through the back door, but watch the soldier who will surprise you. Pass the small wooden bridge, then climb the slope to find the ruins in which some soldiers hiding. Go forward to the entrance of a castle in bad shape. Cross by following the marker to trigger a new goal.

Eliminate all the enemies in this area
Follow the new marker and simply get rid of all the soldiers present.

Escape with Aubrac
Finally, smash the door behind which is retained Aubrac and kill the two Nazis to complete this mission.

Siege of St. Cross

The 4 Secrets of the Mission Headquarters of the St.Cross

Pushing the enemy to the rear of the church
Follow your allies in the back of the church and get rid of soldiers trying to enter. As soon as you will eliminate a number, they will fold but others will attack the other side.

Repel the attack outside the church
Back inside the church and head north to see all new soldiers. Climb to the top of the building to find a sniper rifle and install to snipe the Nazis that position. Concentrate your fire on the snipers in the buildings opposite, they are the most dangerous. A Panzerschreck then arrives as reinforcements. Descend to the ground floor, exit the building and engulf yourself in the ditch. Pick up the Panzerfaust at the end to destroy the tank. If you missed your shot, you can always him throwing molotov cocktails.

Eliminate the Nazis inside the church
Although the German tank is destroyed, you're not at your sentences. The enemy has invaded the church and you have to push. So go back inside and kill the handful of Nazis present. Come near then Kozera to trigger a scene. Push the latest wave of soldiers to complete the mission.

Sabotage in the Loue valley

The 4 Secrets of Sabotage mission in the Loue valley

Find explosives and a detonator in the German deposit
After the cutscene, take the path on your right and head towards the lowest to see German soldiers houses. Kill them and go quietly to reach the big house a little further. Enter it to recover the explosives and detonator.

Ask the charges and blow up the bridge before the train passes

Leave the house and go to the marker under the bridge. Ask loads to trigger a scene ... explosive.

Find the path leading to the city of Lods
Now that the train is destroyed, follow the railroad, then the marker to reach a sawmill. Cross the avoiding or killing Nazis. Enter now in the ruined castle a little further: you get two secondary objectives: Destroy two Sd.Kfz.251 half-track and destroy the enemy tank.

Start by eliminating the soldiers to be a little quiet, then pick up some explosives near the ammo crate in the center. Move a little to the castle and drop an explosive on the vehicle first right.

Continue exploring to find the tank a little further. Get it also explode before continuing. Follow the marker to find the last half-tracks to destroy Sd.Kfz.251. You will then validate the two secondary objectives.

Finally Climb the tower to find a passage that mark the end of the mission.

Officer Hunt - in the valley of the Loue

2 Secrets of the Hunt Mission to the officer in the valley of the Loue

Find the first officer
From the beginning of this mission, a secondary goal is available, in addition to the main: Destroy the German truck. Stay where you are and use your sniper rifle to align the soldiers in front of you. Then pull the body under the wheel of the truck under you truck to destroy the target, and so validate your secondary objective.

Now follow the marker northbound for another secondary objective: Destroy a halftrack Sg.Kfz.251. Continue then to find an outpost a little further. Eliminate the enemies that are installed here and put a load on the halftrack Sg.Kfz.251 to validate the secondary objective. Now follow the marker again eastward to update your main goal.

Kill the first officer
As you approach the marker, you distinguish soldiers in discussion with your target. Shoot the red explosive barrel to kill all these people at once. Continue your drive and open the wooden gate further. Follow the marker to finally enter the house in ruins. Arriving at the top, the mission ends.

Chateau Assault in the valley of the Loue

2 secrets of the castle Attack Mission in the valley of the Loue

Find the path leading to the church around which lies the second officer
To reach the marker, you have two options: either go through the right or straight. In all cases, you can try to sneak in via the back streets, or just running into the pile. When you arrived at the market place, climb the stairs behind the fountain to continue.

Open the way for rebels
Follow the new marker to enter a cellar. Some soldiers are present, but the effect of the wine makes them quite harmless. Do not forget to grab the explosives before exiting the cave.

Here, the enemy will come to infinity if you are spotted. Vector therefore up to the marker to unlock the door, allowing the site resistant to invade.

Killing the second officer
Now your allies at your side, go towards the mansion in Northwest. Kill some Nazis, then head to the door to put an explosive charge.

Please, eliminate all the soldiers who are bothering you, then go upstairs to find the second officer. Kill him and his two guards to finish this mission.

Warsaw Calling

2 secret mission Warsaw Calling

Follow Kozera
Resistant to accompany Kozera watering street gasoline, then grab some molotov cocktails. Walk towards the marker and kill the German soldiers who will arrive. Once the wave pushed, turn and follow Kozera in the alley. Finally jump over the gate to continue. A little further, you will find a handful of Resistance.

Find the officer responsible for the attack PAST
Climb the stairs of the building and follow the conversation. An enemy sniper will then shoot one of the men in the room.

Eliminate team shooters German elite
Turn around and go up two floors to get a secondary objective: Eliminate the enemy beckoning reinforcements. Start by approaching the building opposite and get the soldier waving flag. Follow Kozera again to reach a better position for you to get rid of snipers. When you have killed all follow the new marker to continue.

Talking with Kozera
Simply follow the discussion with Kozera to validate this new objective. A man will come then inform you that an armed convoy is en route.

Join Ambush
Go down the stairs and take a position. You'll have to fend off another attack Nazis.

Pushing against the German attack
Many German soldiers will attack. Resistant to simply help eliminate them. After a few moments, an armored enemy will join the party.

Collect some molotov cocktails if you do not already have on you, and swing in a few to destroy. Kill the remaining soldiers until they fold, then go talk Kozera to end this mission.

PAST Attack

2 secrets of Attack mission PAST

Join the attack PAST
At the beginning of this mission, Kozera offers two weapons for close combat. Choose the one you prefer, and then engage yourself in the trench to reach the building. Above, trigger explosives when prompted to create a gap.

Resume PAST
Enter the room and kill the Nazis who will you blast. Advance through the single path and up the stairs to face another group of enemies.

Go through the adjacent building to reach the next stage
Follow the marker to cross the room on fire and get rid of soldiers in the next room. Climb the stairs to get a secondary objective: Find the vacuum tubes for Radio Blyskawica. Knock the door at the bottom, and kill the Nazis enjoying the slowing effect. Finally cross this piece to update your main goal.

Secure the remaining floors of the PAST
You enter a large room radio. Neutralize the soldiers attacking you, then go to the radio to get a first vacuum tube.

Enter the room behind it where you found the first vacuum tube to retrieve a second in another radio. Continue your way up the steps and get rid of the new large room occupants.

Mount an additional floor to get a better firing position and to retrieve the last vacuum tube in radio on the desk. So you confirm your secondary objective. Killing the last soldiers of the area, you complete this mission.

Winter in Vemork

The 4 Secrets of Winter mission Vemork

Go to the lower tram station
At first, simply follow your allies to the marker. Then eliminate the soldiers guarding the area. Then cross the bridge to continue.

Follow the road to find a small outpost. After killing the guards, walk along the great iron bridge to enter a new area heavily guarded. Cross this place you pioneering by force or quietly until you reach the tram station.

Go to the Heavy Water Plant
Press the control panel, then get in the cab. On the way, collect the Panzerfaust and destroy the car happens the other way to get rid of the Nazis. Upon arriving, a small welcoming committee awaits you: kill everyone before continuing.

Further eliminate the enemies and enter the concrete building. Enter the elevator and operate it to gain the upper floor. Your main objective will then update.

Enter the power plant
Just follow the marker to find the entrance to the central. Open the door to change your goal.

Put the power turbines overload
Upon entering the center, first defeat the Nazis therein. Then go upstairs and follow the marker to a door that you must smash. Kill the enemies then progress to obtain an update to your goal.

Close the first valve
Head to the West to find the first valve and close. Many soldiers will arise to your skin, too, defend yourself not to be interfering in the operation.

Close the second valve
Go now to the East to close the second and final valve. Again, the Nazis will turn you so do not hesitate to respond.

Escape from the facility
The explosion caused you created an output. Take it and run along the marker along the corridor. Continue again outside to get away unharmed and complete this mission.

Fortress at Oscarsborg

The 4 Secrets of the Fortress mission Oscarsborg

Join Norwegian resistant
For the first objective, simply follow the marker to find the Norwegian and update your goal.

Help take control of the bridge / Kill the gun crew
With your sniper rifle, first align the two soldiers who control the barrel, which allows you to validate the second main objective. Move a little to get yet another.

Kill the gunner SDKFZ
When the vehicle arrives, simply aim at the soldier on his heavy machine gun to validate this objective. Finally forward on deck shooting the enemies to finally take control.

Find a path leading to the fortress
Follow the marker and go through the door opened by your companions. Now head north and approach the flak cannon to obtain a secondary objective: Use the flak cannon to destroy aircraft. Therefore take up the controls of the gun and destroy the four planes will fly over you.

Follow the marker again to continue. A little further, you end up arriving at the entrance to the fortress.

Find the entrance to the fortress complex
Sneak through the courtyard of the fortress. You can once again play with finesse and discretion, or nag as you wish. In any case, move the base to trigger a new goal.

Help combat resistant
Head to the area to secure and dispose of the Nazis. Others will come from the west, kill them also to validate this.

Enter the bunker
Now that resistance is out of harm's way, follow Lief Ronnenberg and open the door of the bunker. A new secondary objective is available: Destroy the cannons. Clean up the area, as many German soldiers await you and are evil.

Now that you're quiet, swing a grenade next to the flak cannon to destroy and validate the secondary objective. Now go to the hole in the wall in order to progress. Move a little ridding the area of ?? the presence of the Nazis and you receive a new objective.

Find explosives and portals to blow
Simply pick an explosive charge next to the boxes of ammunition, then use it to blow the back door. Finally, go through the door to complete your current goals and get a new one.

Loading torpedoes
Progress in the bunker killing soldiers attacking you, then smash the door at the bottom. Enjoy the slowing effect to neutralize the Nazis present. Now follow the marker and interact with the console to load torpedoes. Come to this telescope in the back room.

Destroy the Z23
Aim and shoot against torpedo to sink several times. After this last action, you complete the mission.

Home Army victorious

The 4 Secrets of the Army mission inside victorious

Go through the hospital
Just follow Kozera throughout the hospital. When you exit, follow the conversation with the other two soldiers, then continue to follow until a flare is fired.

Defend the first barricade / Push infantry attack / kill the enemy officer
You approach the barricade to the east to trigger a second secondary objective. From this position, kill all the Nazis will attack. After a few moments, an officer will arrive, which triggers a third goal. Kill him and the other soldiers.

Destroy a halftrack Sd.Kfz.251 / Destroy the second Sd.Kfz.251 halftrack
A little later, two Sd.Kfz.251 halftrack will join the battlefield. Just swing a few molotov cocktails on each to get rid of.

Destroy the tank
It is now a char that will join the fray. Climb the north wall and follow the path into the building to find where to put a load.

Defend the second barricade / Push the infantry attack at the second barricade
Well done, you rejected the first wave of Nazis. But the second barricade is attacked too. Follow Kozera to put you in position on the heavy machine gun. Start turning the soldiers until two new lenses are available.

Kill the enemy officer / Find a way to destroy the nest MG42

Two new problems arise: an officer on an Sd.Kfz.251 halftrack and a heavy machine gun nest that killing your allies. Officer down quickly, then pull in the red cans left to silence MG42. Keep killing the soldiers until a tank arrives.

Destroy the tank
Leave the heavy machine gun and enter the building to the west to get a better position relative to the tank. Swing two molotov cocktails or use the Panzerfaust ground to destroy the tank.

Attack of V2

The 4 Secrets of Attack mission V2

Find the location of Dietrich
First, follow the only path and neutralize the two soldiers you encounter. Also eliminate some soldiers a little lower. Continue forward to find a great German camp.

Rescue Dietrich
The game suggests you infiltrate the base in silence, but you can pretty much running into the pile if that is your habit. However, if you do not want to take too much risk, climb to the top of the guard tower on the right to find a sniper rifle and use that position to eliminate the greatest number of soldiers. In all cases, join the marker to move into the second part of the base.

Advance towards the West and open the door of the building to rescue the prisoners. This action causes the secondary objective: Helping prisoners to escape. Simply kill all the soldiers around to allow them to escape.

Continuing your journey, you get a new secondary objective: Kill the captain of the camp prisoners of war. Always follow the marker until you come to a converted cell building. Kill the guard inside and go to the last cell to deliver Dietrich.

Find and retrieve the radio locator
Follow the new marker, taking care to remove all the Nazis until you are blocked. Simply pull in the tank next to the heavy iron door for you to create a passage. On the other side, kill the soldiers and enter the house.

Knock the door and get rid of German soldiers before continuing. A little further, you finally find the captain of the camp. Descend to validate your secondary objective, then pick up the radio locator near him.

Getting to the factory V2
Go through the door and follow the marker to access an area of ?? the base. Send to hell the enemies that await you, then join Dietrich to complete this mission.

Fire from the Sky

The 4 Secrets of the Mission Fire in the sky

Infiltrate the mill complex
From the beginning of the mission, you get a first secondary objective: Find the elements of flight control V2. First, follow Dietrich to the outpost. Then you unlock a second secondary objective: Disable the alarm from the railway station. Avoid the projector from the guard tower and go through the collapsed right next to enter the outpost wall. Kill the soldiers quietly if they bother you, then enter the building to the right to disable the alarm. Now go south to reach the entrance of the complex.

Open the gate
To open the gate, then you simply enter the small building designated by the marker and interact with the opening command.

Successfully enter
Once again, stupidly follow the marker inside the bunker to get in and get a new objective.

Go through the bunker
Proceed through the hallway and go to unlock both doors another secondary objective: Sabotage test missiles. Clean up the room, then use the lever to sabotage missiles.

Enter the next room, kill the officer, then go through the right door. Get rid of the soldiers who will arise and get the first element of flight control V2 on the shelf before continuing. Walk along the next corridor, turn right and up the steps to update your goal.

Place the radio locator near fuel tanks
Move a little to see Dietrich getting caught by a guard. Pick up the sniper rifle on the ground and shoot the soldier in the watchtower to help. Use this position and to eliminate ambient noise up to soldiers without being detected. Now head to the tank and place the radio locator.

Enter the factory
Follow the new marker to infiltrate the factory. After killing the guards, continue to enter into an elevator and operate it.

Exit the elevator and go through the right to recover the second element of flight control V2 on the table. Continue via the only way to see Dietrich being captured by Nazis. Then cross the bridge and go through the door.

Get the radio locator Dietrich
You are finally inside the factory. Do not hesitate to remove all soldiers before following the marker. Arriving in the small room after the missile storage area, pick up the last flight control element of V2 on the table. Go into the next room and kill the enemies to trigger a scene showing Dietrich death. Retrieve now the radio locator on the work table to end the main objective.

Place the radio locator outside
Follow the new marker and open the heavy door to find yourself outside. Place the radio locator to its location, and you receive a new secondary objective: Destroy the spotlight, as well as update your main goal. 

Escape from the mill complex
Sit on the heavy machine gun left of radio locator and pull on both projectors at the top right and bottom left. Get rid also of soldiers who will arrive, then head to the marker.

Go down the stairs and kill the German soldiers present. Advancing a little, you get a secondary objective: Destroy the AA guns. Simply place an explosive charge on each gun to validate this step.

Continue your journey to reach an area of missile. Battle your way to the missile and place the explosive charge. Go ahead now to the bunker to the west and fire the missile launches to destroy and finish this mission.

The Final Day

2 secrets of the mission

Find Kozera the tram depot
Start by eliminating the few soldiers in front of you before following the marker. Get rid of the second team after the tram, then continue. Climb the stairs and kill the two soldiers who are trying to break down a door.

Enter the apartment, then take the stairs at the end toward the upper floor, to enter into another apartment, and get a secondary objective: Save resistant execution. Look in the street and down the officer and the soldier accompanying before they kill resistant. Stay in this position for some cleaning in the street, then continue up the stairs to go down.

Once in the street, remove the new soldiers, attack and enter the large building. Finally up the stairs to go to the last mission.

The fall of Warsaw

2 Secrets of the mission

Find Kozera the tram depot
Move a little behind the flames to find Kozera. Your goal then updates.

Follow Kozera
Neutralize the two guards in the room, then climb the stairs to get a secondary objective: Get three explosives and destroy the tanks in the workshop. Stand beside Kozera to watch the horrible scene below. You must now make a choice: either you decide to stay in this position to cover with your sniper rifle Kozera or you decide to attack soldiers directly to the ground. The main objective change depending on your decision.

Choice 1 - sniper position: Cover Kozera
If you take the first choice, you must help to advance Kozera eliminating enemies on the ground.

Choice 2 - ground attack: Entering the tram depot
If you select the second choice, you find yourself at the bottom of the building. Advance deposit simply to killing all Nazis who stand in your way.

In both cases, once your enemies are on the ground, enter the deposit to continue.

Find the sewer entrance inside the tram depot
Cross deposit taking care liquidate soldiers. Pick up a first explosive charge next to the ammo crate by entering.

You find a second charge on a table in the North-eastern part. The last is on a shelf in the previous room where the tanks are stored. Ask the three charges on the three tanks to validate the secondary objective that you got at the beginning of the mission.

You can now follow the marker and entering sewers.

Tell Kozera
Proceed through the tunnel to find Kozera. But you're quickly interrupted by an attack.

Flee Deadly Gas
The Germans try to gas drains. Follow Kozera in tunnels sprinting to escape.

Follow Kozera
Always follow your friend in the building. Sit beside him to update your main goal.

Destroy the enemy tank to save civilians
Pick up the Panzerfaust next to the ammo crate, and pull the tank to get rid of. But an explosion throws you in the heart of the battlefield.

Reach the evacuation boats
You are hurt and only armed with your handgun. Follow the marker to the right killing the soldiers who will shoot you to join the Resistance. A German soldier will throw at you but Kozera will save you. Finally, pull the chariot with Panzerfaust, then get in the boat to leave this hell. Congratulations, you have to undermine the Nazi Reich and you have completed this Enemy Front.

Saint-Nazaire (Bonus Mission)

Find the path leading to the inner harbor
From the beginning of this mission, in addition to your main goal, you get a secondary objective: Sabotage AA guns. Follow the marker to fall on two guards turn your back. Kill them, then go down the alley to continue. Fight new enemies, paying attention to the heavy machine gun that will snipe you.

Continue to meet new enemies, including one on a heavy machine gun on the building. Now that you're quiet, ask a load on the first cannon to blow South, and thus advance your secondary objective. Now follow the marker and jump to the other side of the building for the future.

Board of Drach
The Drache then just hit a bridge, allowing you to board. A new secondary objective is added: Flying encrypted documents. Enter the building and in the office of the bottom, to collect a first encrypted document. Descend to the lower level. Be careful not to stay too long in the water because it is electrified. Climb the crates, then run to the small bridge in the center. Sprinter again to access the south side of the room to get out of here.

Pick up the sniper next to the ammo crate and eliminate the soldiers who are going to throw at you later gun. You can now enter the Drache through the hole in the hull.

Find the Enigma
As soon as you set foot on the ship, German soldiers attack you. Get rid of them, then follow the marker to the floors. At the top, enter the first room to the right for you to grab the latest statistical office paper. Go into the next room to finally get their hands on the Enigma.

Join the aircraft
Follow the new marker while killing enemy soldiers and then sit on a heavy machine gun when you get on the ship's deck. When they are all dead, get off the boat by the bridge right and follow again the marker to an alley.

Go through the door and exterminate the Nazis. Approach the barrel and install a load to validate the secondary that you got at the beginning of the mission objective.

Destroy bunkers guarding the plane
By pushing you in the zone, your main goal changes. Head to the two bunkers and place an explosive charge on each.

Run to the plane
It'll just direct you to the aircraft designated by the marker to complete this mission.