ENTWINED video game review

The developer Pixel Opus featured and advertised title Entwined during Sony's press conference at E3 last week and this is a sad story about a bird and a fish who never wants to be together but who are forever separate. It's the only thing that a game needs to tell me that I should understand that this is something really special, and it's there too.

In Entwined , you control two creatures simultaneously with the analogue sticks. Those who have played games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons know exactly what I'm talking about, but to a certain difference. In Entwined, it's more about testing your reflexes and the interaction between eyes and hands. You control the fish via the left stick and the bird with the right hand by nine color exuberant tracks to happily unite their souls to each other. Every so often I get reminded of how beautiful the game is, and I easily lose focus from doing what I do when I'm peeking around on the colored surroundings as the game has to offer.

The game is not particularly diverse in itself. At each level, collect energy balls to fill a meter and thus unite your creatures with each other. While energy balls to be collected so you need to be acting quickly and controls the two creatures with both your hands through a variety of life zones which vary from course to course. Each time you fail to control any of your creatures through a life zone, you lose your meter energy and thus can keep a track on forever if you're not quick enough with your reflexes. When you finally strong enough so it's time to reunite. Then it is that you manage to go through several life zones in succession to finally get to the next level.

The game is very addictive and is one of the few puzzle games recently that have made me sit up much longer than I really should. If there is anything good or bad I leave unsaid.

Story mode is not all that difficult but can be very frustrating. I have repeatedly sworn and been verging on making firewood of my controller during my playthrough to the next moment feel a great relief when I managed to complete the level. In several cases I have lost concentration after failed attempts. It has been rendered in the meter has dropped and I've been unnecessarily long time at the same level. Story mode is very short and takes up to one hour to play through if you are skilled enough. I'd very much like to have seen stuffed into considerably more levels and did some courses considerably more difficult than what they are giving me a real challenge.

For every level that I can do so turns your creatures into a giant dragon that you may steer clear of a beautiful and colored landscape. I will then have the honor to freely fly around and collect energy balls to fill a meter and finally I get the chance to fill out the beautiful landscape. It is precisely here that I notice the incredibly beautiful design on the whole is very reminiscent of the masterpiece Journey.

The music in the game is very atmospheric and gives me goose bumps often as I pass a life zone and ringing tones in time with the music. Even here, Pixel Opus done a tremendously good job.

Besides story mode, so invite Entwined also a Challenge Mode. This is a moderately difficult game mode and requires all of my concentration to my success Roses in port. It is during this game mode I've had the most fun (and been most angry) in and spent the most time with. Here one should control their creatures in the same way through a variety of life zones and each passing second so it collects a score and the more time I spend on the course, the more challenging it becomes. Each track gives me three attempts to fail and this one has to be active for some time that path requires for me to succeed and thus unlock the next challenge. This game mode offers five levels.

To sum it all so Entwined is a very beautiful game from a developer with very few resources. The game offers a certain degree of entertainment and also has a game mode that is really challenging. I would have liked to throw in a little more content in the game but as the game costs only $9.99 so should probably not really complain too much. Entwined is terrible addictive and the beautiful design and the atmospheric music that they offer deserves all attention.