First Look at Battlefield Hardline (BH)

Battlefield Hardline promises to bring more realism and playability. That's what Electronic Arts said in the game trailer, one of the most awaited news from the company during the conference at E3 2014. To the surprise of the audience, the company has revealed the closed beta version of the game available to test.

Check out our first impressions of the new title in the franchise:

The player begins by choosing from the following path. Being criminal, the realism of gunfire and explosions takes over the screen and the player enters a world where stealing money and evading police are their main goals. If you choose to be the police, its main purpose is to capture the thieves and stop them.

When playing as a cop, you can see a great similarity with the previous versions of the series. Already as a criminal, the gameplay brings more details of movement, dynamics and interaction. As a thief, the game is more juice and the player is able to completely carry the action for the environment.

As the movements, weapons also changed. The apparatus are closer to the reality of a civil war and not specialized battalions with in BF4. Criminals have guns, zip lines and hooks, while the police are equipped with tear gas, shields and stun guns.

Vehicles, the player observes little change. Transport earn a slight novelty, just to fit the new environment of the game. But in Hardline, you can even fly helicopters and armored trucks, as well as in its predecessor, Battlefield 4.

The map tells where the action is happening, making the player understand where to go, where there are thieves in danger, where there is more money to be stolen. The R1 button control PS4 helps to change the commands and streamline interaction.

A sidebar on the screen displays the time limit of the activity, the amount of money that can still be stolen and the thief is away from the safe to deposit it.

Although still notice some bugs, the version of the game in first person now has several new features and is almost ready, strategy and destruction of scenarios.

The final version of Battlefield Hardline is scheduled for release on October 21, 2014.

Now players, who have invitation to the beta, can already start playing on PC (64-bit Windows 7 / 8) or PS4. The version for PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One will be available soon, however, still no scheduled date.