Gene Simmons of KISS to produce Ugly Models TV series

Gene Simmons, the bassist of Kiss, has become increasingly interested in the world of television. The musician this time will produce a reality show called "Ugly Models" for the Lifetime cable channel.

The "Ugly" is actually more of a gimmick, as the program actually shows the daily life of the British agency of the same name, which only works with people who have a unique look, unusual or extravagant.

The program will show the agency moves to the U.S. and how it fits into this new market.

The "Ugly Models" has over a thousand models in its registration with ages ranging from 18 to 100 years old and with all sizes, measurements and physical types that you can think of. Among its touted is the one who according to the Guinness Book is the world's tallest man - Sultan Kösen almost 8 and half feet - and a woman who has 2,520 body piercings.