GodFire: Rise of Prometheus review

GodFire: Rise of Prometheus has taken away the breath of the players of iOS , since it announced in 2013 promising an experience that would approach the classic God of War Spartan. However, what was delivered this month goes away from what we call an epic experience. Although visual, GodFire disappoint, check out the full review of the game.

In command of the hero Prometheus, the player must face enemies to capture the GodFire, a stone that ensures incredible powers. GodFire: Rise of Prometheus has references to various creatures of Greek mythology and the third-person action, reminding the PS2 games like God of War and Devil May Cry , where the player has to access several areas, eliminating enemies along the way.

In addition to facing enemies, GodFire part of the gameplay requires the player to upgrade your characters. The upgrades are quite expensive, which requires exploring all areas. In the game there are two basic commands one to another strong and weak attack.

Visual 'semi-impressive'
GodFire: Rise of Prometheus has drawn the attention of the players and the media with impressive trailers and screenshots that demonstrate a game with detailed characters and beautiful scenery. However, what is displayed in the opening minutes is a little different than expected.

On the graphics, the game is not very impressive, especially anyone who has played games like Infinity Blade (2010). The scenarios also fall short. Even the iPad Air, it is possible to note some deficiencies such as lack of shadows.

Most scenarios have a predominant color, which give an impression of low textures, even when running the game in top of the line appliances. In more modest devices like iPad 2, the game displays repetitive drops in frame rate, besides having very bad textures for the clothes of the protagonist.

Limited amount of enemies
The variety of enemies is one of the main problems in GodFire. Basically you face three types of enemies throughout the game. Three minor characters, a large minotaur and giant spiders enemies that appear.

This amount of enemies is frustrating. To make matters worse, his opponents always come in the same sequence, and presenting the same scams. Ie basically you play the same stage seven times.

Moving and slow commands
However, the biggest problem is in GodFire movement commands and responses with slow and tedious. Forget sequences combos and devastating blows like in God of War, for starters, the game does not even show a count of combos.

The movement is very slow and the combos are nothing impressive. At first I thought it was the beginning of the journey, but after finishing the game twice, I realized that the gameplay is exactly that. The speed does not increase and combos remain about the same, not important what type of weapon or your hero's level.

During the fighting, the movement of the character changes. He can perform somersaults just to dodge enemy attacks. This was especially strange. Mainly due to the fact that fighting scenarios are great.

The repetition of enemies and style of the phases is one of the most serious problems of the game. But at least the games Vivid decided to shorten the adventure the player to take this torture. Are only seven acts, but the producer promises two ahead. Maybe with the outcome of the story, literally into the act 7.

GodFire: Rise of Prometheus did not fulfill what it promised. It is evident that there is much to be done to the game to compare to existing ones in the App Store as Infinity Blade and Wild Blood. GodFire has weak story, bad gameplay and flawed controls. In addition to new stages, weapons and armor, you need a big update in gameplay to improve the quality of fun.