Hands on: Nabu Bracelet, Junglecat, Razer Blade Ultra / Headset - E3 2014

The Razer was at E3 2014 to announce their releases for next year. Among the new products were laptops, headphones, controllers and other accessories for the gamer world. We tested the major brands. Check out our impressions below.

The first major product available for testing at manufacturer's booth was the Razer Blade Ultra. The notebook dedicated to improve the gaming performance, comes with Intel Core i7 processor, fully geared for high performance. The 14 inch screen has the highest resolution on the market today, according to the brand.

With aluminum chassis and super stylish, your display is incredibly thin and the laptop is also equipped with 8 GB of RAM. But all this comes at a price - and the Razer is quite high: range from $ 2200 (128GB model) to $ 2700 (512 GB version).

Another innovation product was the Junglecat, a kind of games controler developed for iPhone 5 and 5S. Through it, you can improve your experience on smartphone apps and turn it into a small handheld game console. The anatomical fit is the hands and the product is very practical.

Moreover, the gamepad does not hinder in any way the performance of the cell, and may even serve as protective cover. The Razer smartphone app shows the user the list of Junglecat compatible games. The product will be released for the price of $ 100 on 10th of July.

Razer also introduced, for the first time, a special edition headphones with six different neon colors - pink, orange, blue, green, yellow and purple - all with built-in microphone. Despite the new series, the technical specifications remain the same, but without ceasing to offer the highest quality sound.

They are comfortable and socket head is perfect. There is a version for gamers and one for personal use on smartphones and computers, all block any external sounds. Razer to launch the product later this month, but is not sure what has come to the Brazilian market. The price will be $ 89 for the gamer version and U.S. $ 69 to the common version.

Another novelty in the Razer booth was Nabu bracelet. Besides being a fitness product, which controls the time of exercise of the user, counting calories, checking the rhythm and tempo of operations - the same type of service offered by various brands in the market - the object communicates with the smartphone warning of any type of notification device. Compatibility is with iPhone 5, 5C and 5S and Android Jelly Bean OS on.

It is a very simple and very useful for those seeking ease of gadgets product. It is light, nice and simple design and, according to the company, the battery has a life of six to seven days. The value of the bracelet will be $ 99 and those interested should get on the Razer website to buy online from July 10.