Inazuma Eleven Go: Light and Shadow walkthrough - 3DS

Inazuma Eleven Go: Light and Shadow walkthrough. Almost three years after its release in Japan, Inazuma Eleven Go Light & Shadow arrives in our country. Once again this game mixing football and RPG, take you on an adventure full of good feelings. Ten years after the victory Inazuma Japan 's the FFI, you play Arion young player who wants to join the Raimon team to realize his dream. The path will, of course, fraught with pitfalls because the world of football is not what it was ...

This comprehensive Inazuma Eleven Go Light & shadow guide on 3DS, reveals the complete path, Technical and Genki / Fitness Points and the location of the photos used in the recruitment of players. With DTGReviews you will not miss anything to bring your team to the top of football in defeating corruption.

Table of Contents

A wind
Arrange A Match
The new coach
The birth of the rebellion
Fitness Points
Photos and specialists

**Walkthrough in Progress**

A Wind

After the opening cinematic, you know Arion, future college player of Raimon. At first you must head to college before heading south take the safe hidden behind the building to the west. In the next area, you are challenged by Skie, join the field to discuss with her ??. She offers a small duel, win it by scoring a goal and then continue your journey to the west to reach the college after the cutscene, you're in college, you have to reach the club premises. For this you head to the building to the west of the field, you will learn that the locals have moved and will meet Cellia.

It accompanies you to the new buildings, inside you see Mr Travis which will trigger a cutscene. Now exit through the back door and cross the bridge to get to the new location.

While Cellia makes you visit, you are interrupted and need to go to the outfield, go back through the building by which you came. As soon as you exit a scene occurs, the reserve team is being slaughtered without ball. After the cutscene, approach the center of the field to listen to the conversation.

At the end of it, talk again with the unknown before the cages. Then do you humiliate gently trying to take the ball. Following the various scenes, go to the stadium, to reach the building to the north.

There, you should discuss with everyone, start with the characters with yellow bubbles on the head. When you've been around, talk to the guard who has the red bubble on the head to advance the story.

The game is started, yet content with watching from the sidelines, why talk with Mr Travis. Having conceded 10 goals in the first half, you get in. In this game you must complete simple goals, movements are automatic, simply give the ball to good player. Each goal achieved advances the story and you raise the warrior spirit Ricardo, concluding the match and the day.

You get home, when a new character is appearance, Jean-Pierre Lapin, talk with him and take the chest to the left of the tunnel before continuing road. Once at your home, a scene triggers, after the latter go to the Arion chamber through the first door on the right. A new scene is triggered and the day ends.

Back to college you talk Skie, then you head to the top of the building to meet your friend JPL. With her, exit north of the building to reach the stage. Here, a new scene is triggered at the end of this talk with the players in the room.

When you've been around, talk with Samguk the center of the room to continue the story. When everyone is gone, get your first football challenge is on you by an unknown glasses.

Now you can challenge some players on the map, they are marked with a red dot and a'' VS'' appears on their head when they approach. These challenges help level up and gain some useful items such recruitment. Indeed more random challenge in this album, so try to play against all the players'' red'' you meet.

It's time to find Ricardo, so return to the main building to learn that he is in the infirmary left. After the scene talk to him to learn more about his health.

As the selection test can finally begin, go to the outside field to talk with the coach on the right. But before you begin, you should discuss with everyone present around the field, when c ' is done talking with Victor at the bottom right of the field, then in the middle with Hugues.

After the flashback, talk again with the coach Travis finally start the test. During this challenge, do your best, but if you do not win it does not matter. At the end, you and JPL are selected, so you get the right to use the Ipiplet, and it is with joy and good humor that ends this chapter.

Arrange A Match

Attend various scenes, then go into the hall just before to introduce you to the team. Watch the cutscene, then talk with everyone in the room before discussing with JP on the left and win the jersey Raimon.

Now go north to attend training and welcome Victor in the team. After the scene, go to the tennis courts is the external field. There talk with Skie, she will explain the operation of specific training points. Again, talk with Skie, following the intervention of Jade, go to the stadium to see Mrs. Hills. Learning the sad truth about the current football you decide to seek advice from the player who lives with you. Once at the mansion, go up to the second floor and head to the left door, then you will find it is not there.

Reminding you that he sometimes goes to the ground of the river, you decide to get there on your turn.
Following the breakfast scene, join Lars and Sven down the block to the west of the ground.

After the discussion you find yourself in the locker room of the club, get on the ground to see what is happening. As Ricardo decides to leave the team, Cellia teaches you how to recruit players, so you get the camera.

Before the appointment of former local club just to the left to get started with the recruitment specialist. For now take a striker to replace Ricardo.

Now go to the land of the river and talk with Scott to continue your workout. Has to face the Inazuma KFT friendly match before starting to chat with Steve a little further.

Following this match, you unlock friendliest, talk to Mr Veteran on the left of the field if you want to start. It's time to go home to talk with your Aunt.

After various conversations you're back in the hall of the college, go to the outfield to speak with Mr Veteran front entrance. Gaining access to the bus and the card you go to college Gifted. Before you go on the field, take the trunk on the right side of the trees.

Now, talk to the team, then with Inchy (red bubble), to initiate a new conversation. To replace Lars and Sven you join the team, talk with Mrs. Hills to start the game against the Gifted.

For this you need to take match Ricardo Arion and the team, then it's a match'' scripted '', so initially brought Ricardo in the orange circle. Follow the instructions, but despite the efforts of Arion you cash three goals as planned. The match and end this chapter on a small rebellion Ricardo ...

The New Coach

At the beginning of this chapter, you find yourself on the college grounds, welcome your new coach and discuss with team members. Finally, talk with Doug at the bottom right of the land before you go to the land of the river.

Once there, speak with Mark, to start a new training and new threads. After the little scene, join JP and tell him to watch a cutscene.

Along with JP, return to your Aunt Windsor Manor to tell him your day. At the end of the conversation between Mark and Travis, you end up in the hall of the first team, and head out you to the meeting room to find the drive.

After viewing the video, you have to find Mrs. Hills, why go to the right of the Ground floor of the main building.

Following the intervention of Wintersea, climb to the third floor of this building, take the chest in the room right then discuss with the manager in his office left.

Learning that you need to lose the next game, Ricardo crack. After the various stage you should go home. To do this, follow the purple arrows to find yourself in the arcades of the commercial street. Here you meet the mother of Samguk, after the scene, talk to him.

Now continue your journey to the north of the street go to the right stuff to take two boxes behind the counter, through the top door. Get out of the shop, then continue west to finally reach the Manoir Di Rigo mount to trigger a scene.

Inside, go on the right to get a chest Ground floor, then go up. Before joining Ricardo in his room, still climb a floor to take the chest behind the library.

Finally, go down to talk with Ricardo is at the piano, after the conversation you find out. Now you must return to the hall of the first team, to avoid repeating all the way open the map and choose the college.

There, return to the first room through the main building, it will trigger a new scene. After this last, take the notebook Ricardo near whiteboard.

Now leave the room to catch Ricardo, tell him once in the lobby, then talk to him down the stairs of the club and then find it on the small path to the east of the land outside to watch a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you will receive the key to the former local go, then down to the basement. Before you go on the ground outside, go down in the basement, it contains a safe, a photo and a training period.

This is done, go back and go chat with Mark on the outfield to begin training. When it is finished, you find yourself at home. The next day back on the ground outside the school to talk with Mark.

When finished talking, talking with Mr. Veteran to get to the stage of the coronation route. Here, head north to reach the stage. In the lobby, talk to the employee at the top of the stairs, then attend the opening ceremony.

After the scene, take the chest to the left of the stage behind the stairs. Then talk to the players on the pitch and finally with Kirk on the left side of the pitch.

To start the game, chat with Mark in front of your bench, this game is still so scripted follow the instructions. In the second part, the game normally and you learn to invoke the spirits Warriors. This is your victory that ends this chapter.

The birth of the rebellion

Back to school look different conversations, then you must follow Victor. Start by leaving college, then go to the north of Commercial Street, to learn that he goes to the hospital. Inside, you find a football magazine after the small stage, and mount head to the right to make its owner.

The next day, you're forced to go to the new director, so go to his office. After the conversation, Doug decides to leave the team, get to talk to him at the door of the main building.

A few days later, you should go to the arcade, so go in the commercial street, but this time go through the small alley on the left. Stalled, start by taking the trunk next to the dealer and get into the arcade.

Inside, take the hidden chest next big machines right, then go through the door at the top. In the hideout hackers, talk with Mr Glass to continue the story.

Now you must find the legendary player, it is not very far out of the stash waiting for you in the room just to the left. The secret revealed, return Mr Glass in the hideout, will last you deliver the application. You can now go back to Mark and Cellia college using the map.

Your coach is in the lobby of the club, join him to talk to him. The conversation is over, discuss with your teammates in the room ending with Ade.

Again, return to the land of the river for practice talking to Skie. Then return to Windsor Manor to take a little rest while you sleep you'll meet a stranger.

The next day back at school, talking with Mark at the entrance you will trigger a new discussion. Following the latter, talk with Mr Veteran who will take you to the path of the powerful faith. Here, climb along the road and performing some challenges for you returned to Stade.

Finally at the top, talk to the players on the field ending with Millennium which is located in the upper left corner. Before talking with Rosie and start the game going to take the safe hidden behind the arcades north of the stadium.

Again the game is scripted, so take Victor on the team and follow the instructions. The first half is a travesty, but flashbacks under discussion finally woke up and you can mark Victor. The rest of the game proceeds normally and you can easily crush your opponents and finish the day with this chapter.

Fitness Points

The first point is to drive the Annex Raimon College, north of tennis courts. It increases endurance.

The second drive point is south of the land of the river. It increases control.

The third drive point is in the basement of the former local football in college Raimon. It increases accuracy.

The fourth drive point is west of the Inazuma commercial street in front of the arcade. It increases the defense.

The fifth drive point is east of College Raimon. Beside the athletics track in the gym. It allows increasing the speed.

Photos and Specialists

In this part of the comprehensive guide Inazuma Eleven Go Dark 3ds, you will find the location of specialists. And location photos for recruiting players from the list of specialist. Indeed at the heart of the adventure you can recruit other players, for this you need to find specialists. These will give a list of conditions to recruit players. So you must find some items and take pictures.

The specialist team sixth in front of the old local team Raimon left the outfield in college.

Photo recruiting Tosti Muffler is the bed of the infirmary. The latter therefore takes the infirmary on the ground floor of the main building of the college Raimon.

Photo recruiting Ord Ayshus is Table. The latter is taken in the hall of the first team Raimon college.

Photo to recruit Moe vation is the fountain. The latter is taken to the main building of the college Raimon.

Photo recruit Barry Tone is the old football. The latter is taken in Arion room at Windsor House.


The jersey of the team Raimon: It automatically gets in history.

The jersey Tonus: It is obtained by winning a challenge on the tennis court

The shirt Milky way: It is obtained by winning against the team of the Milky Way for the story

The jersey KFT: It is obtained by defeating Inazuma KFT in Chapter 2 team.

The green jersey: It is obtained by winning a challenge in the arcades of the rue du Commerce.

The jersey Gifted: It is obtained by defeating the team of gifted in a friendly match with Mr Veteran.

The jerseys Knights: It is obtained by beating the Knights team in a friendly match with Maddie.

The jersey Reserve: It is obtained by beating the Reserve team friendly match with Maddie.

The jersey Faith TP: It is obtained by defeating the team of the mighty Faith Chapter 4

The pirate shirt: It is obtained by defeating the team of the bay pirates in Chapter 6

The jersey Bash V.: It is obtained in the chest on the second floor of the mansion Di Rigo