Jersey Boys 2014 (film) review

None other than Clint Eastwood was behind the wheel of the filming of Jersey Boys. A title that already well known in the theater world is now coming to the big screen. Jersey Boys tells the story of a quartet behind a large number of world famous hits.

Jersey Boys follows four boys from Jersey bizarre highs and lows experienced, and a true story about fame, wealth, money and biggest hits today.

Singing under a street lamp
We begin the story where all the guys are young. Frankie Valli (John Lloyd Young) is still a minor and a naive young man who goes and stands where Tommy DeVito (Vincent Piazza) goes. This then brings immediate problems to Frankie at the start of the film. Tommy is one seedy young man who has some other income sources.

The boys have the idea to steal a safe but everything falls naturally in the water. Fat breakdown, the safe is so heavy that the nose of the getaway car in the air lift. The guys planting the car in a jewelry store, the alarm goes off and they should avoid.

The start of something beautiful
Tommy must hum nine months. Frankie is a minor and is on the right off with a warning. Once Tommy has decided to do Frankie with his unique voice with his group, they are looking for a breakthrough. A breach of the boys to make a group that occurs in small cafes.

But there is still no boy in their group. They find reinforcement in the form of someone who already has a hit on his name: Short Shorts. It is this guy so they bring in, and then they form the group 'The Four Seasons." This was the beginning of the success of the young men from Jersey.

A clear 'musical feel'
That the film has a clear musical makes your brand more elements from the film. People who have seen the musical, might be able to realize the fact that they are looking for something that they have already seen. And not just in terms of story. Even some jokes and text are taken one on one from the musical.

You also notice that the film is not just a movie, but in terms of acting more like a filmed musical. Everything may seem a bit over the top and different than you would expect from a movie. So watch the characters sometimes between firms through straight into the camera and tell you, as in the musical, supportive to the story of what happens.

Is this annoying? Least. We deliberately chose to partially walk the musical has done the same route. It feels like the story less seriously, and there are fun elements from the musical caught and put in the movie. The dynamic aspects make the film in a way that fits with music that comes along from time to time. Despite these many similarities that know the film with the musical is absolutely not a 'copy-paste'.

Until the wells cared
When we look at what is seen on the screen, it exudes quality. There are beautiful locations chosen for filming, the costumes look great and by time around you can see the characters are physically aging in a way that is not too exaggerated. A small minus is at the end of the film where the actors became very old. This is done poorly, because you see the difference in color of the pieces in the face.

Everything else is taken care of to perfection. The cast is very good and should therefore be hugely acclaimed and Christopher Walken speaking for a role that suits him perfectly. With the casting of the film Walken gets an extra piece of quality.

More than an adaptation of a musical
Those who have seen the musical don’t need to fear a copy of what they have seen before. The film has strong acting by great cast, iconic hits as "Sherry Baby," "Walk Like a Man" and "Big Girls Don’t Cry." The story is true and takes you in a special way with the success of four boys from Jersey. On one side note after the special effects as it is a strong film that will undoubtedly suit your taste in music, musical and movie lovers.