Mario Kart 8: Learn to use technical controversy Fire Hopping

Mario Kart 8 - the latest chapter in the popular kart racing franchise from Nintendo for the Wii U - is causing controversy due to a new technique: Fire Hopping. The players have found this strategy to gain more speed jumping when using turbos. This led fans to discuss whether it should be allowed or not in online disputes.

The technique is to jump wildly for a turbo, while the fire is still out of the exhaust pipe kart - origin of the name "Fire Hopping" - which would translate to something like "skip fire." How do kart jumps have less contact with the ground, it loses less speed for the turbo and become faster. See how.

Step 1: First, get a turbo. You can earn turbos by skidding (ZR Button GamePad), jumps with maneuvers (ZR in the air) or going over impellers: the colored arrows that are on the ground.

Step 2: While the fire is still out of the exhaust pipe kart, jump as much as possible (ZR), ensuring a little more speed.

Step 3: When the exhaust drop fire stop, stop jumping and ready to repeat the process with another turbo.

Controversy over Fire Hopping

Some players criticize this technique: think it is cheating. Officially Hopping Fire is not listed in the manual, not even any other strategy that is similar to it. It is possible that either the technique is integrated into the meta game of Mario Kart 8 as an update to remove this as just a technical defect.