MotoGP 14 (PS4) review

How serious racing games we currently have on the PlayStation 4? Exactly zero ... The arrival of a racing game anyway so very welcome to improve. Assortment of games on the new console MotoGP has thus already a step ahead. Incidentally, the game is also available on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Specific type of audience
Yet it remains a game like MotoGP mainly for lovers of the sport just as F1 is a game where you have to keep. Games like Forza, Gran Turismo and the upcoming Drive Club and The Crew are reserved generally for a larger audience. This can be expressed in your gaming.

Some find minutes driving in circles on a track with opponents who hardly get closer or distancing could be very boring. Despite being one of the few options available in the field of racing, MotoGP is not a game for everyone to play.

Where is my backup?
If you don’t buy MotoGP 14 as a lover, you can still do that as a challenge. Like previous games MotoGP 14 is also extremely difficult. You could say that the engine realistically reacts, but sometimes this is not exactly beneficial with regard to the gameplay. Perhaps there is too much tweaked the settings of the engine. In any case, the engine is sometimes uncontrollable.

You give too much gas around a corner, you brake too late, and you send the wrong, all situations where you end up with your face on the virtual tarmac. You ask yourself whether the level maybe less or that you turned off assistance. On both questions, the answer is no the MotoGP is just hard and you don’t get used quickly. If you finally can keep your bike under control you will be caught up on all sides.

Licenses make the difference
Something that really is of great importance for sports games gaining licenses. MotoGP 14 also has to address licenses from all motorsport All Grand Prix circuits of the party, including the Dutch TT in Assen pride. Also, all riders are in the game. Lorenzo, Pedrosa, still unbeaten Marquez and of course the Italian world star Valentino Rossi, who often dominates the circuit in Assen.

For the fans it's a must have license, but also the non-enthusiasts have clearly benefited from being able to ride with famous drivers. If you put a motorcycle suit, you want to ride with riders on racetracks you know MotoGP does this well. Everything is therefore worked to perfect detail, both the drivers and circuits.

It's all in the details
Visually, MotoGP 14 is not sitting more detail in the gameplay. Quite strong and numerous modes, lots of career options and great animations predominate. If you threaten to hit another rider flies that full braking.

But it does not stop there. Just before a race you first get information about the country and then analyzed for the whole circuit. Incidentally, it is also possible to drive away. Into the service car on a circuit Codemasters has a great detailed game put away, including Forza and Gran Turismo can still learn a lot. Of course, those two games in other areas are well ahead of other aspects, such as visuals and greatness.

Self-Assembling your bike
Besides that your ego can customize your own alter quite extensive, you can also customize your bike in career. The appearance of your motor is determined by the sponsor where you at that time for driving, but the performance of the engine can be put entirely at your own hand. During races you get data packs which you can try. New settings think of brakes, tires, engine and much more.

It is even possible to draw your driving performance. Ask your techie you make to yourself that you are often late braking or bad comes out of a turn, you can indicate that. The technician will give you tips to MotoGP engine 14 can adjust. This is very cool and gives a new activity in the career mode.

Finally a good racer
Asked whether MotoGP 14 can convince only one possible answer. Yes, if racing is an absolute topgame, that feels great, has an eye for detail offers all possible licensing and countless options. However, MotoGP 14 shooting in some areas which lack. The game goes largely a specific audience, making a certain group of people may not feel at home when they play the game.

The difficulty is sometimes on the high side, but if you put many hours into the game it should be fine. Many hours you can at least easily lost in MotoGP 14. Many modes, comprehensive career and all the famous drivers and circuits provide that. MotoGP 14 is a very good racer that makes PlayStation 4 owners very happy.