Review: Munin, puzzle video game

Almost no one will be more excited to look up at the sight of a 2D platform game with puzzle elements. Yet Munin tries again to make by linking to Norse Mythology. Interesting genre, whether that is an interesting combination, you can read below.

Munin puts you in a fantasy world, where you have to solve puzzles. By shifting walls, platforms and other documents setting, this does not sound so special in itself, but all of these levels are a mythological sauce poured by the Portuguese developer Gojira.

This means that you are traveling to the North and to deal with well-known figures like Odin and Loki. You play as Munin, a messenger of Odin, crows-body does need to exchange for a human body. How did that happen? You guessed it, one of the jokes of Loki.

Munin's brief adventure
Let's start by saying that this sounds much more interesting than the concept actually is. Don’t expect heavy story-driven adventure of Munin. It remains a puzzle game and the story is only used to justify the setting. Puzzles of all good

The game contains a number of worlds in each world a few puzzles. The story herein does not go beyond a few screens of text at the beginning of the game and between the worlds, which in a short story is outlined.

We won’t blame Gojira, because the emphasis remains on the puzzles. But as you expected, a fun game mythological it'll get a rude awakening.

The environment makes the puzzle
As we reported earlier Munin has a number of worlds, nine to be exact, including various levels. And each level in this is basically a big puzzle. The goal is always to gather before you go to the next. Springs all in one level But that is easier said than done, of course.

Munin is one guy that dies very quickly and can not jump very far. So the only way to collect all the feathers is set by the environment. To your own Literally.

The screen that you get for every puzzle in front of you, is made up of different platforms, ladders and plots. And that's all subdivided among large square segments (they are barely visible, but they are there). By clicking on these segments can be the whole square block with everything in it a quarter turn.

You know it already Munin, this way you can help to gather. All springs by choosing the correct positions for all your segments in some places to create a landing between platforms.

Variation by setting
This type of puzzle is definitely interesting and has room for quite some challenge. The only problem is that the gameplay is very monotonous, because you are constantly doing the same thing. Fortunately Gojira has found a way to make it somewhat in variation.

The theme of each world again adds its own unique element to the puzzles. The world in which the stone head note, for example here there are large round boulders that move with the rotation of the world. And in another world where water is central, you have to lead the water into the right paths so that you can swim across flooded areas.

Fight to stay alive
In this way, Munin still made some interesting and not boredom all too quickly, but it also brings a variety of worlds less fun element with it. Munin by the majority of the worlds namely very difficult.

Take for example the world with the rolling boulders. One wrong move and you send such a boulder with great speed your way. Another example is the world where lava is central. And why that's dangerous, speaks for itself, we assume.

A little challenge is absolutely not wrong, but the way it does Munin is called. More frustrating you will simply be severely punished for trying some blueprints in the world and it should not. Not if you only need a spring or something like that to collect and thus can start again.

The worlds in which to think carefully centered, instead of avoiding obstacles, are therefore the most. You can participate in this quiet time and obtaining a puzzle therefore feels more satisfying.

Munin is fun for a while
It probably will not come as a surprise. Munin sounded though not as interesting and ultimately turns out to be even moderate title like every indie game nowadays knows. Munin an interesting twist on an existing lot to offer in this case the running environment in a 2D platformer, but its impact is not great.

There are worlds in which this system can bring pleasure, but in the majority it is not fun and you will die soon. It's very annoying when you have to start all over again. The mythological setting, you do not expect much, since it does not go beyond what screens with text.

Munin is available on Steam for 7.49 euros.