TESO Soft/Hard cap - Tips for the highest level

TESO Guide - Hard vs. Soft cap: In The Elder Scrolls Online you play carefree to the highest level. But then should contact players in The Elder Scrolls Online with the terms and Hardcap Softcap apart. In this TESO guide to the hard caps and soft caps, we offer you tips that will help you to complete the hardest level.

You equip the items that appeal to you the most visually and from the values. But how is it, when you reach the level cap and you have to deal with terms such as Softcap and Hardcap? We show you what it has to in TESO with these terms and how you are well prepared for the upcoming Raid! In The Elder Scrolls Online you can make your own very versatile character.

The storm in The Elder Scrolls Online with a Templar in the melee, while other players play their mage as an archer. Each class in The Elder Scrolls Online can fill each role. This creates a sense of freedom, but all class must submit a principle: "From a certain point, the player will no longer receive benefits". What this is all about and what values should be sought before a raid dungeon, told you this special TESO Guide.

What is the soft and Hard Cap?
Do you want to equip you for a raid or some other dungeon, you must first keep in mind the soft cap for your stats. The soft cap is a limit beyond which you only get reduced bonuses for your stats. Normally a value before reaching the soft cap 1 will be credited to one. If you invest two health points, gets back the value of invested two health points. But upon reaching the soft cap which means that one of two health points may get only the effect of a point. Points will be credited only reduced after reaching the cap. The further you progress in the areas of soft caps, the stronger the effect is reduced.

Once you achieved with your attributes the so-called Hardcap, points are no longer counted. So if one should reach the Hardcap at its values obtained by other invested attributes no bonus. Since these hard caps, however, are very high, it pays particular attention to the soft cap. This is the main limit when you equip your character in TESO with items and weapons.

What are the soft and hard caps?
Basically, for each attribute in The Elder Scrolls Online another limit value above which the effect is reduced. For the armor, there are two simple formulas for the soft and Hardcap:

Softcap = character level * 30 + 100
Hardcap = character level * 50 + 100

The character level must be credited to the veterans ranks. Who is On Veterans Rank 1, which sets at "character level" is a value of 50. There would be 61, the value to veterans rank 12. Now, if we focus on the maximum level of The Elder Scrolls Online, the result for the armor a soft cap of 1930 points - the Hardcap is reached at 3150 meters.

Yet no valid formula known for the health. At level 61 – Veterans 12 - is the soft cap at 2540 meters. The value of the Hard Hat is unfortunately not yet known, but there are always players who have a life pool of 4000 meters. That would mean that the Hardcap is very high.

The soft cap for the maximum Magicka and the maximum endurance is on veterans edge 12 at 1965 points. Who invests more in these values will only receive a reduced bonus. Especially when choosing the classes you should definitely respect these values. The Breton increased its maximum Magicka by 10 percent, here the limit can be more easily achieved.

At the maximum health, stamina and Magicka can therefore establish no general formula, since this is not a linear equation. If you want by deducting values for different levels create an equation that does not come out straight line but a curve. This means that not increase the Soft Caps uniform but non-uniformly adapt to the current level. In addition to the maximum values, The Elder Scrolls Online also lists regenerations. Thus, the soft cap is for Magicka and stamina regeneration to the maximum level at the current 79 meters. That would mean that flow back to your account within two seconds 79 Magicka points. In the health regeneration, this value is 50 points.

The Elder Scrolls Online has even appropriate limits for the weapons and magic damage. While the magic damage has a soft cap of 158 points ranked 12th, is the value for the weapon damage at 189 points. Again, the boundary is formed by a curve, which is why there is no universal formula for this.

Conclusion - What does this mean for the player?
If you want to prepare yourself for the next raid, you look at all your values and compares them with the specified soft caps. A tank should always be at the soft cap of armor to have the maximum defensive. Also, a high value on health is recommended, so that the healers can save him in an emergency. The healers focus on their maximum Magicka, as well as the regeneration of this value. A melee on the other hand focuses on his stamina, as well as some life points. Basically, it always goes down to your own playing style. Who wants to use a night blade with magic damage, pay attention to other values than a night blade that swings her daggers.

The following applies: Aims to soft caps, but is longer than never!
The addon Tip - Softcapinfo

The addon Softcapinfo can currently be downloaded for free and is the perfect companion if you want to effectively equip your own character. The addon has a simple function: It shows you the exact numeric values of when you would reach the soft cap with an attribute. In this case, the addon aligned with the values always at your current level. So who should be at level 23 at the soft cap of armor, can possibly be at level 24 again under the value. The addon calculates the boundaries with every level reached new. You can take a look directly in the character menu of The Elder Scrolls Online the limit. They are displayed in orange font behind the respective attribute. If you have an attribute on the border, you count from the addon how many points have to lose, so that the soft cap is not exceeded.