Guide Ultra Street Fighter IV: Who suspected that Street Fighter 4 would succeed in taking as much momentum after Street Fighter 3.3? With the removal of the "Parry", Capcom was the whole community began to back up include the number of opportunities offered by the "Focus". This skill can indeed absorb a blow of the opponent, stopping an attack and create opportunities to juggle on most characters. Capcom continues to refine its little baby with this version "Ultra", offering players the chance to play Elena, Rolento, Hugo, Decapre and Poison. Moreover, all of the characters are changed.

In this guide you will find the complete description of each character, its history, special moves, combos and all basic shots for you to handle at best.

Find the rest of the characters in the Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Guide.



Decapre is a "Doll" Dictator. It is a Shadaloo Elite unit under the command of Vega and M. Bison in America and Europe. They form a group of thirteen young girls kidnapped in all parts of the world, packaged and genetically improved, then in charge of Psycho Power. Cammy is one of them which is the number Zero, created as a clone of M. Bison. Decapre essentially the same gameplay as Cammy: very fast, extremely effective in close-custody and can easily break the custody of his opponents with many low attacks as well as "cross-up". Decapre will also have unique elements in its gameplay and combos coming directly from dicator.

Special Moves:

Special Moves - Handling

Target Combo 1 - Punch M -> F Kick
Target Combo 2 - Punch M -> F Punch
Fox Tail - Kick down + right M
Psycho Sting - Down, Up + Punch
Spiral Arrow - (In air) Left, Right + Kick
Rapid Dagger - Hammer Punch
Scramble - Left, Right + Kick
Scramble Break - Left, Right + Kick -> Punch
Scramble Razor Edge Slicer - Left, Right + L Kick -> Kick
Scramble Cannon Strike - Left, right + M / F Kick -> Kick
Strafe Dagger - Left, Right, Left, Right + Punch
Psycho Stream - Left, right, left, right + 3x Punch
DCM - Anti-soil - Left, right, left, right + 3x Kick
DCM - Anti-air Bottom left, bottom right, top right + 3x Kick


Elena was born in the African savannah, where she learned Capoeira. Daughter of an African tribe warriors, combat is an important aspect of its culture. She appears in Street Fighter 3 where it appears to make new "friends". Elena says in her letters to Narumi how Japan lacks, tells his story vis-à-vis his parents and invites Narumi to visit his country. She then returned to her studies. Elena is a character of "zoning" can stay out of the fight due to her enormous reach and can make small combos managing to inflict heavy damage if you ever manage to break the guard of the enemy.

Special Moves:

Special Moves - Handling

Handstand Kick - Before M + Punch
Handstand Whip - Before M + Kick
Round Arch - Kick back + H
Sliding - Down, right + Kick H
Target Combo 1 - (In air) Punch L -> M Kick
Target Combo 2 - (In air) Punch M -> H Punch
Target Combo 3 - Punch H -> H Kick
Target Combo 4 - Kick M -> H + Low Punch
Mallet Smash - Rear half-circle + Punch
Scratch Wheel - Right, Down, Right + Kick
Lynx Tail - Left, Down, Left + Kick
Spin Scythe - Quarter circle back + Kick (x2)
Rhino Horn - Half-circle + Kick
Spinning Beat - 2x Quadrant before + Punch
Brave Dance - 2x Quadrant before + 3x Kick
Healing - 2x Quadrant before + 3x Punch


Prominent member of Mad Gear, Hugo is a wrestler known and recognized in the community. Realizing that crime is not made for him, Hugo decides to participate in the third World Warrior tournament organized by Gill, he will accompany Poison, his friend Mad Gear. During the tournament, Hugo struggled against Ryu, a traveler never ceasing to improve his fighting skills. Hugo is inspired by the famous French wrestler Andre the Giant. The rest of his family is also inspired by the wrestler.

In the manner of Zangief, Hugo is a wrestler making many taken hand-to-hand combat. Although very slow, all his attacks are devastating and can take a large part of the screen with its long tankards and its "normal move" very powerful.

Special Moves:

Special Moves - Handling

Body Press - (During a vertical jump forward) F + Punch Down
Hammer Hook - Before F + Punch
Leap Attack - Down, Down + Kick M
Giant Palm Bomber - Quarter circle back + Punch
Moonsault Press - (Near opponent) Stick 360 + Punch
Shootdown Backbreaker - Right, Down, Right + Kick
Meat Squasher - Kick Stick 360 +
Ultra Throw - Rear half-circle + Kick
Monster Lariat - Quarter circle forward + Kick
Hammer Mountain - 2x Quadrant + Punch (Feint maintaining)
Gigas Breaker - (Near opponent) 2x 360 + 3x Punch
Megaton Press - 2x Quadrant before + 3x Kick


First appeared in Final Fight, Poison is a character from Street Fighter that comes to us in its Ultra versions. Member of the group, Mad Gear, for dealing with the problems of fighting a woman, Capcom made this character a "Transgender". After the Final Fight series, she later appears alongside wrestler Hugo, acting as manager for the development of their own wrestling league. Poison is a rather acrobatic character with many combos. Its basic strokes are also powerful enough to mix your patterns in the manner of a Chun-li.

Special Moves:

Special Moves - Handling

Elbow Drop - Before M + Punch
Backflip - 3x Kick
Whip of Love - Quarter circle back + Punch (x3)
Love Me Tender - Quarter circle back + Kick
Kissed by Goddess - Right, Down, Right + Kick
Aeolus Edge - Quarter circle forward + Kick
Thunder Whip - 2x Quadrant before + Punch
Love Storm - Quarter 2x + 3x before this circle Punch
Poison Kiss - Rear semicircle + 3x Punch


Born November 15, Rolento Schugerg is an American officer renegade special forces. The purpose of this character is to achieve build the most powerful military nation in order to ensure peace in the world. Military illuminated, it is helped by Sodom, an old friend as well as his private army. Rolento fights with a long baton, fast and mobile, this character will be based primarily on a series of quick combos as Claw and may also use knives in the manner of Ibuki.

Special Moves:

Special Moves - Handling

Stinger - Right, Down, Right + Kick -> Punch or Kick
Mekong Delta Attack - 3x + Punch Punch (landing)
Mekong Delta Air Raid - Quarter circle back + Punch -> Punch
Mekong Delta Escape - Quarter circle back + Kick
Patriot Circle - Quarter circle forward + Punch
Mine Sweeper - 2x Quarter circle back + Punch
Patriot Sweeper - Quarter circle forward + 3x Punch
Take No Prisoners - Quarter circle forward + 3x Kick
Trick Rod - Before M + Kick
Spike Rod - (In air) Down + M Kick
Trick Landing - (A landing) 3x Kick


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