Ultra Street Fighter IV review

It is now five years since Street Fighter IV released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Capcom still not finished with this version. To the current generation console owners to have quite pampered, it comes with Ultra Street Fighter IV.

It is the third major update for the Street Figher IV, and it is expected that this is the last one as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One anxiously awaiting the fifth.

Capcom has done in terms of issuing different this time. The game has been released digitally, while the physical release will be in August. In stores, the game is already in their possession, can purchase the game for a lesser price. That's pretty smart Capcom addressed. It must be the only real "Ultra" edition.

New characters and locations in Ultra Street Fighter IV

Especially for the diehard fans, it is a very fine update but here we go later in more depth. First, let us keep the overview. In total there are 44 characters, including five new characters. The word 'new' can be taken with a grain of salt, since four of Street Fighter x Tekken coming.

Is that a shame? Yes. As a true fan, you still hope for some more all-new playable characters or persons from Street Fighter II or something like that.

Then there are also six new sites, all of these are also comprised of Street Fighter x Tekken. The locations include Pitstop 109, Cosmic Elevator and Halfpipe. And Jurassic Era Research Facility hope somewhere a hint is given to the game Dino Crisis, has already seen the undersigned no concrete evidence for this. But you never know.

The Gameplay

Now is the time to go deeper into the game. It is not a game where you simply have to button bashing to win a game. Who does that, there will soon discover that this game is purely about tactics. Let's start with the first. You have the Delay Standing, what might have been a little betrays what it means.

This can only carry out attacks against hard knockdown by pressing when you're falling, and you continue to lie on the ground. Eleven frames longer two buttons, if you have done this well will also be the word 'technical' comes out, so you can see if you can do it right. A handy addition, because you can slow down, so that the wakeup attack the opponent still take some late follow. Itself the wakeup time.

The Red Focus Attack is also a nice one. Advanced than the focus attack; by pressing the medium stroke and kick buttons make sure that you can absorb. Multiple attacks, however, the option is still not immune to break the armor-like attacks, but does 1.5x more damage than a normal focus attack. And that's lots and lots. Because it's so much, three feet away, there will need to perform. 'M.

Ultra Combo Double

Then the last major addition. The Ultra Combo Double is one that fans of the first hour will really love. You know certainly the Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV; this is just the double.

The feature ensures that a player can use both. Ultra Combos at the same time so you can all of a sudden the Lightning Cannonball and Shout of Earth do with Blanka. It is true that the damage is much less, but the option does ensure that the competition is more unpredictable and more focused on tactics.

New Characters: Rolento, Hugo, Decapre, Poison and Elena

Above are the five names of the new characters for Street Fighter IV Ultra. The former was a pain in the ass for many Street Fighter x Tekken player, given its military arsenal that was hard to beat. Fortunately, Rolento in this version not so very strong, and he should have more of his speed. He can still peerless escape from oppressive situations where you will be beaten a thousand times in a row.

Then there is Hugo. And not our Hugo, but Hugo from Street Fighter. He is a real grappler, which means he's a grappler. With his huge muscular body, he is a welcome addition to the sparse occupied muscles in the arsenal of Street Fighter IV.

Decapre perhaps very soon is one of your favorite characters. She has to rely on her teleport moves and very special button combinations, which sometimes you stick for more than one second in one direction to press. Unfortunately, it is not yet succeeded with her to perform an Ultra but it is definitely super skill.

Poison is the woman with the whip, with a relatively wide range. Many projectiles, and lots grabs.

This flexibility ensures that some players can perform quite a useful strategy with its. It has also Elena, that flexibility. With its samba-like moves they can perform extremely smooth attacks, for player who like fast characters is a real winner.

Online training!

Because success in Street Fighter x Tekken is also back online training, which means you can enjoy a game of training together with your friend and all those combos may try. The good thing about this is that you train the fight while offline requests accept. Now, you don’t have to send a message to someone to agree. Very flexible, and that's very fine.

The new training mode also ensures that you can set. The delay that you can run into online games you can play from one to twenty frames delay, to the training mode can also mimic. It's Online real feeling

Like pretty much in Ultimate Marvel vs.. Capcom 3 . Like the fact that you can save (using the Start button), so your position if you fail it can do by simply pressing Select exactly the same.

Even more online!

And speaking of online, there is now also the Elimination mode. An improvised variation on the Team battle mode, but one that is similar to the King of fighters series. More three-on-three survival game, though it has not yet been tested due to the fact that we have an earlier version of the game.

What is not yet succeeded but it is an awful nice feature is the ability to have all your battles - to put on YouTube -. Both offline and online, that's for fans among us a great addition.

Expanded for the Street Fighter fan

On paper, Ultra Street Fighter IV does not seem to be such a huge increase, but for lovers among us is just that great expansion. There are many small new details and new details that just make sure Ultra Street Fighter IV for advanced players a more exciting game.

In multiplayer, the delay-class is a very useful addition for people who are in trouble during a fight. A must for the experienced player.