Walking on Sunshine review

Directed by: Max Giwa and Dania Pasquin
Starring: Hannah Arterton, Annabel Scholey and Leona Lewis
Running Time 1 hr 37 min.

Taylor is finally finished with her doctorate and flies from England to her sister Maddie who has rented a fantastic house in a picturesque small town in Italy (Apulia region, whose film fund has helped finance). There are also sister’s friend Lil thick and vulgar but lovely and a few other British acquaintances.

Maddie is a little crazy reveals that she is marrying an Italian who she has only known for a few weeks. Taylor discovers that it's the same delicious guy she had a fling with three years earlier. All but Maddie knows the whys but keep quiet so as not to ruin the wedding. For it was not well genuine love between Taylor and Raf that summer?!? "Is this burning an eternal flame?" By The Bangles would have put it.

"Do you want me?" Wonder Maddies as when he shows up at the vegetable market and desecrate The Human League. 14 hit songs from the 1980's used as an excuse to cast over and over again to burst forth into song and dance together in unimaginative choreography.

The model is of course "Mamma Mia!" I do not know what's worse, the women's magazine porn with well-trained male bodies dressed and off the backlight or the insipid taste of an extremely speculative film.