Wildstar - game guide

Wildstar Game Guide is the perfect introduction for new players. Describe here are issues such as the interface, the process of character creation and combat mechanics in the game classes and skills, crafting and home building and PVP.

This guide describes the basic mechanics that are included in the Wildstar game. The reader will learn a description of the interface and the classes and paths that can take form. Furthermore, the text explains the differences between the Dungeon and Adventure, in which your every choice is important on subsequent action. We talk about PvP instances, and of purposes that there are wining conditions. We also show you around the Housing, that the system allows you to build your own house and the craft system, which gives you the ability to create different things with excavated materials. The guide contains a description of the mechanics of the fight, along with tips. Wildstar MMO is released by the studio NCsoft.

It is largely a sci-fi game, which focuses on dynamic combat and a funny story. In the game the player can play as belonging to the Exile, or Dominion. The first faction wants to build his new house on the planet Nexus, a Dominion wants to conquer and incorporate it into their galactic power. An interesting confusion between developers was to create adventures, which offers you many choices, and each of them will change the course of the task. In addition, the game offers an interesting system of building your own house on the sky-rock, where the player has total control limited only content wristwatch.

Currently tutorial shows the possibility of the game to level 15 and was created on the basis of beta game.

Wildstar Game Guide includes:

Glossary of Concepts
Description of Interface
Description of creating Characters
The basic combat mechanics
Description of Classes
Descriptions of Skills and Paths
The most important information that you should know about building a home.
General description of the exercise of crafting
Differences between PvE instances
Description of instance PVP

Glossary of Concepts

In the handbook and in the game there are certain phrases that may not be familiar to MMO beginners. Therefore, the basic concepts are explained:

DPS - Character creation in asking a lot of damage.

TANK - Character creation in the survival and maintenance of monsters for yourself.

HEALER / HEAL - Character Creation of the other members of the treatment team.

Mob - Monster.

Skill - Ability.

Taunt - Skill provocative enemies to attack you, and not the rest of the team. One of the most important skills a tank.

Buff - Spell reinforcement, lasting a certain time.

Debuff - Spell debilitating, lasting a certain time.

Tradeskill - crafting paths are such as "Mining".

PvE - Players fought against the AI.

PvP - Players fighting with other players.

Adventure - PvE instance in which at some time a player makes choices.

Path - is elected by anyone at character creation. You can choose one of the four.

Description: Wildstar - Interface

Mini Map

Official tasks

Missions with and pathway

The inventory

Back to home / Back to the assigned portal

Skills Paths

Energy bar - needed to use some skills

Life bar and shield

Icon dodging

Timing Skills

Strap utility items


Menu bar - From left: Search Interface, Form, information about the world, GroupFider (search team), Skills, Social (Social Options), Equipment, Bug Report.


Interface in Wildstar is fairly simple, but comprehensive. In the upper right corner there is a minimap (1), which shows everything that is not far from your position. A little below is a list of current tasks (2), what has your character along with the numbers that translate to the locations on the map. Further down, in the task pane appear on your path (3). These are all requests for the construction of something, or discovery. Next you have the gear icon (4) with the displayed amount seized in the middle of the space, and next to the icon to return home or to the portal (5), to which endear his character.

In the central bottom of the interface, starting from the top you have the energy bar (7), which can charge during the fight, and below your life bar and shield (8). Next, the circle is displayed for about how many dodges you can do at the moment (9). Below is your timing skills (10 and 6), and under the belt objects (11).

On the left side there is a chat (12), with an additional tab on the information displayed in the comb. In the upper left corner of the screen quick menu icons (13 to 21).

Creating Characters

Creating a character in Wildstar is relatively simple because you do not choose any skills, and not give away any points in the statistics.

The selection of Nationalities and Races

At the beginning, right after you click "Create a New Character" will be moved to the window creation. At the beginning you need to decide which side of the conflict you want to play. You can choose from:

Exile - who are by nature rebels, and they want to create on the planet Nexus new home.

Dominion - who wield half of the galaxy and are technologically advanced.

It is a choice so important that choosing one side of the barricade you can not fraternize with the other party. Obviously Exile starts the game characters in a different place and at another Dominion.

Then you have to choose a race. Same race does not give any bonuses to individual stats or skills, however, each is assigned a class that can take. Each fraction has four playable race, which differ mainly visually.

Depending on breed classes are shown below:


Human - Esper, Medic, Spellslinger, Warrior, Engineer, Stalker

Aurin - Esper, Spellslinger, Stalker

Granok - Medic, Warrior, Engineer

Mordesh - Medic, Spellslinger, Warrior, Engineer, Stalker


Cassian - Esper, Medic, Spellslinger, Warrior, Engineer, Stalker

Chua - Esper, Medic, Spellslinger, Engineer

Mechari - Medic, Warrior, Engineer, Stalker

Draken - Spellslinger, Warrior, Stalker

Choosing Classes and Paths

After choosing a race waiting for you selection window class. Depending on what race you chose earlier so you now have a choice available. This means that you can not be Aurin warrior, because the developers have blocked it this class (People can take all).

The creators have done them so that each of them could play one of two roles. Anybody can be DPS'em, and thus inflict great damage during the fight, but also three classes can do for the tank, and three for a medic.

-Tank can be:


Medic can be:


The next window is the choice of paths that you want to be your hero walked. You can choose from four possibilities (More in the "Path"):


The final step will be to determine the appearance of your character. In most of the options you can choose one of the options already available components such as ears, skin color or hair. After this step, you can click the "Accept" button, enter the name of the form and enter the world of the game.


Fight in Wildstar is very dynamic and there is no time to stand around. No matter whether you're a-tank, DPS'em or medic, you must always be in motion. Primary ability to bounce here is "dodge" (or dodge), you can use twice in rapid succession. If you use up all loads, wait a moment to strip dodging again loaded. The icon is located next to the bar of life and is symbolized by a purple circle with a number that tells you how many times you can use it. Skirmishes are not simple, but easy to get used to them and learn the basics.

The main factor in any fight is that most of the opponents is very mobile, and fights using the skills that first show its reach and appearance before being thrown. So you can try to avoid them.


In addition Wildstar your character race and class must also take one of four paths that allow you to receive more missions with what you like. In addition, for receiving levels in the path receives special skills. These paths are:


The path that they should choose those who like to fight. As a Soldier you will receive tasks mainly involving the killing. Sometimes you get the order for the murder of a certain individual, or for the protection of another. You happen to also save the innocent civilians at the hands of cruel creatures or mercenaries.


Back Into the Fray - You can heal up to 100% hp. For use only outside of combat.

Tactical Retreat - Allows you to take you and your team to a safe area.

Combat Supply Drop - Allows you to dump the boxes next to arms for you and your team. This weapon allows you to use abilities such as stun, etc.

This path should choose those who like to gather resources to build one then constructs that help others. Thanks to it you will receive a task asking you to help someone build a building by finding the materials, and the same will build machines giving temporary improvement (buffs), as well as shops and mailboxes. This all of course in specially designated areas.


Settler's Campfire - Allows you to create fire, which supports the treatment, and increases the maximum life for an hour.

Summon: Vendbot - Allows you to create a store for sixty seconds, which buys goods from you all.

Report Home - Allows you to open a portal to your home.

This path should choose those who have the time to explore this interesting phenomenon. To perform the test you will usually need your Scanbot. Typically, you invoke it and then click on the desired object you use the function "Scan" to examine your find. Missions determine what you should explore.

You can get a commission consisting in finding and examining a plant or animal. Not just flora and fauna researcher lives, you'll also studied the artifacts that you find playing in the archaeologist.


Holographic Distraction - Allows you to create a clone, which distracts enemies.

Summon: Group - Allows you to call the group together.

Create Portal: Capitol City - Allows you to open a portal to the capital.

This path should choose those who like to explore the whole map and wander around the ruins of forgotten or caves. In one mission, you can climb the big trees, and others fall into a cave inhabited by dangerous creatures. You can also get a job to track down some artifact that has long been hidden somewhere, or you can do as a cartographer and draw maps for your faction. Explorer sometimes plays a spy camera breaks and tracking animals or humans.


Explorer's Safe Fall - Injuries resulting from falling from great heights are reduced for some time.

Air Brakes - Stops in the air, allowing you to admire the views and take the next leap.

Translocate beacon - Allows you to save your current position, and after you use the teleport skill for this item. Not available during PvP.


Crafting can start being at level 10 by receiving the appropriate task. Going to myself at the NPC up to two paths tradeskill. It should be borne in mind that you need to create weapons such as stones. To bring out the stones you need to know how to extract them, and therefore you have to start tradeskill Mining and need to buy the right tool at the dealer. The above example shows that some paths are interrelated and need it to look for when choosing.

Remember that you can always replace your tradeskill one track once per 24 hours.

Relationship shown in the table below:

Weaponsmith - Mining

Armorer (Chevy armor) - Mining

Outfiter (Medium Armor) - Survivalist

Technologist - Relict Hunter

Architect - Survivalist

Tailor (Light Armor) - Without steam

Cooking - Without steam

To create more and better items you advance to higher levels of crafting. To do that create new items. It does not matter what these items are, because for every produced get adequate exp.

Available to get three panes:

Schematics - Here you can preview what schemes have divided according to the type and the information you need to produce a given subject. With everything you can click the "Preview" button to start to produce, but only if you're close to the table for crafting.

TechTree - It is a kind of tree of tasks, saying the things you need to exercise many times to earn stars and new recipes. Stars are needed to the third tab of talent. Often, tasks are connected and to do that, either from the bottom you have to do all the previous ones, which are connected by a line. At the top you also have the name of the tree, which now creating. When you expand it you'll be able to move between successive levels, and in addition you will find information unless you have experience in the field. When you reach the level cap it unlocks when you next level. New recipes you discover while doing the task of TechTree and found them during the exploration of the world.

Talents - skill tree that supports you while crafting. Each level requires a certain number of stars to unlock. For example, the first level requires four stars. Stars are earned by completing quests from the tree "TechTree". You can select only one of the talent level.

Create Crafting


To create an object you have selected the appropriate tradeskill that will give you the initial schemes and adequate resources. Some materials can be purchased from the merchant near the table but others must bring with tools or buy from other players.

Having already required raw materials can go to create. By clicking on the selected diagram simply press the "Preview" button to see the Crafting window.

You must fill all the slots that have "+" sign on it. A distinction is made here on the subject slot and a slot for a bonus to stats. If you have a slot for an object such as Powercore is a must have in your inventory. This can usually get from a buyer who is standing nearby.

Having already selected the all note the belt power level (the orange at the bottom). If you is not full you can increase the bonus to stats until reaches the limit. If you exceed it gradually will increase the chance of failure.

In addition to basic track is still Cooking, which everyone can use, and Rune Craft relies on creating a Run, which you can use to strengthen your inventory.

To create a rune, you must first find the right components. The whole list is always displayed in the window crafting runes when you use the table to create them. When you create a run on the right side will show you the items to which you can put runes. You have to look at what type of rune you can stick to the space object.

For example: Water rune type can not be inserted into the slot of Fire.
Recovery and tools

Some items can not be bought, or can not be found. To their acquisition is the "Salvage", which is located in your inventory. Any weapon or armor can be broken into pieces and try to win them raw. Just drag this thing on the appropriate icon, which is located next to the "tradeskill bag".

Tools are needed to collect the materials, if you have a tradeskill such as mining or Relic Hunter. You can buy them from merchants. There are three tools:

Laser Pickaxe - Mining

Relic Blaster - Relic Hunter

Laser Chainsaw - Survivalist

You can use them to extract materials outside the city of respective fields. Are marked with a blue icon on the map when you get close.


Everyone would like to have their own piece of land somewhere in the wilderness alone to construct a small house. In Wildstar is possible and everyone who reaches level 14 can obtain their own backyard.

Meeting the relevant requirements simply go to the hologram home in your capital and you go with him to interact. You will then be transferred to their soaring backyard.

Build and Edit

The first thing you need to do is to put your home. In the lower right corner of the screen you should see options for what you can do:

Landspace - the whole building structures on their land. Using this panel, you can build your first home. Most of the houses that you build is level dependent, so at the beginning you have only a few options. There is no possibility of building a wall you alone I alone determined what is the arrangement of the rooms.

In addition to the house you can have a garden here, a place for a festival or some mines that at some time they will renew deposits of raw materials. Very useful for crafting. Of course, such things go bad and at some time you have to put them on again.

In addition, you can afford to put the place to the challenges that when you go get the prize. Challenges recharge time to time.

In addition, you can also improve. To improve a structure such as mine must have adequate FabKit. Fabkity can get you explore the world, for the job or the most common of crafting.

House - that is, you set the look from the outside. Appearance of the roof, walls, doors and sky. You can make all the time were shooting fireworks in the sky.

Crate - it is your inventory of items that you can bet on all of your property. If you have decorations in the normal equipment you first have to right-click the object flew into the new inventory (crate). Then just now and click the "Place" to set an object on the ground.

Vendor - a shop with various items which you can put in your house. Usually little cost.

List - a list of all items that you have placed on your property.

Do you have a house and now want to decorate it. Just then enter into a backpack with decorations (crate) choose what you want to bet. Click "Place" and the item is already on the ground. We recommend that you click on the item and drag it where he wants to generally locate, and then enter in the "Toggle Control-Advanced" should then appear advanced editing window and you can instantly adjust the volume of each object, move and rotate in detail in its sole discretion.

House besides the beautiful appearance can also give you a couple of bonuses that will surely assist your character.

Table of buffs - this is always next to the teleporter on the outside. Once a day, you can choose whether you want to buff a larger exp dungeons, with quests and monsters or maybe extra exp from PvP. Works 23h, but if you die you lose it forever.

Rest EXP - anywhere you do not get more exp than the rest in his own cabin. The more you have there items to increase the "comfort" of your character, the more you will get that extra experience points during the absence. When you return you will not get it right away, but it will be visible in the bonus for killing monsters.

Additional materials for crafting - on your property you can afford to put mine excavations or other places, of which at any time, you can obtain raw materials without having to fly all over the map.

Places to challenges - you can bet on the plot itself as a place where every now and then you can receive challenges. Behind these challenges receive random prizes as in the world outside the home.

PvE instances


All Adventures, you have to find by doing quests that were available in the "Group Finder". Only then you can subscribe to the queue specifying your role. During this time, you can further explore the world and perform tasks. When the system finds a team you will be informed. After accepting take you to court.

Instances Adventures are five people and you have to perform tasks that appear in your quest log. What distinguishes Adventures of dungeons is that the monsters do not get to experience, and from time to time the team will be in front of the selection dialog. Every choice makes the quest slopes on the other tracks, and the instance will proceed differently. Each Adventures choices are making a couple of times, so rarely is such that experiencing the exact same thing every time.

Pick up a decision by vote. And the option dialog, for which he receives a majority enters into force. Award gets after the entire job, as well as prizes that are adequate to the number of murders, your death, and the amount of treatment. Everyone gets their items, so there is no sharing drop.

In addition, during the fight you get a reputation, for which you can buy interesting items in the shop, which is located in front of the entrance to the instance.

It is a very good way of promotion, because at the end receives a lot of experience points.

Dungeons in the beginning you have to find that were in "GroupFinder". Typically, most of them run quests that you do in the land. During this time, you can further explore the world and perform tasks. Only then you can subscribe to the queue specifying your role. When the system finds a team you will be informed. After accepting take you to court.

Instances Dungeons are five people and you have to perform tasks that appear in the quest log. Here you get normally experience per kill the monster, and in addition there are optional tasks that exercise increases the chance of getting better items at the end.

During the fight with the boss most important thing is to rip, because those are usually stronger than in Adventures. Tank and Medic must still perform its role well, because otherwise the whole team will be scored. If the tank falls then the rest of the team usually die within half a minute. Medic must have forgiveness mostly just on the tank, which keeps wearing agro.

There is no election that were in adventure and questlog leads you and your team from one boss to the next. An important difference is that here can fly epic items.

PvP Instances


Battlegrounds is nothing like PvP instances in which it can compete against each other to ten players per team. The condition for victory is here perform a certain task.

On the map you Walatki Temple five times to take the mask from its place of spawning, and take it to your base. However, the adversary can you mask your base, so you need to protect it. Remember that as you catch a mask that it appears over your head, and everyone will see it. This means that the opposing team throws the whole for you, so you had better be next to each other many allies.

Map Hall of the Bloodsworm need to keep control of the points. Jenda page weapon points and other attacks. For everything there is a time limit imposed, and the attacker must take three rooms during this time. The room takes up through the activation and maintenance of terminal control. In one room there are always two terminals.

When the red bar at the top of the screen will fill up then open up another room. After the passage of time or a change in all the points. To prevent the acquisition of the terminal shoot so worth it to have to target the terminal.


Arena is a place where you can fight in organized groups. Modes are: 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 and 5 vs. 5 to start a fight you need to save your team. You can not go solo to yourself you were a partner. Once you have registered you can enter the group queue.

Remember that you can only be in one team for each of the modes. The system selects those enemies of the same level. Research your level on the basis of the points that has your team.

The struggle lies in the fact that each team has a certain number of rebirths. The struggle lies in the fact that you have to force your opponent to wear them by killing them. Battles are fought on a small stage, because the developers everywhere want to bet on dynamism, not hiding in the corners.

You decide on the composition of the team, so you can decide whether you want to have three healers, or three tanks or odd tricks with other settings. On the arenas you fight only against the players, and there is no additional purpose.