Wildstar review

In recent weeks the Wildstar game received much attention. This new Massive Multiplayer Online game to be the MMO of 2014. Developer Carbine Studios has been working on the game for seven years and thinks the game is now ready for the market. But is the market ready for the game?

The market of MMOs is in fact very diverse. So there are plenty of fantasy MMOs where you can play as an Elf or panda but also there are games like World of Tanks. Furthermore, you settled for an MMO to pay-to-play, while other games are completely free of charge or a monthly fee. In short, the Wildstar must surely have a powerful formula to keep going.

Dominion vs. Exiles

At the base is the great war between the alliances, called the Dominion and the Exiles. The Dominion can be seen as the bad guys. They rule for more than 2,000 years across the galaxy, and now say to have on the planet Nexus, where the story is set.

The Exiles is an alliance of races that have been expelled. Dominion by their home worlds because they now have no home planet, they resisted tooth and nail to win. Nexus Why the struggle for Nexus? Well, that's because the planet has been abandoned by its original inhabitants, called Eldan, but contains a lot of valuable raw materials and many advanced technologies.

Character make

Like every other MMO you need to make before you can enter. Gameworld a character in Wild Star During creation, you can customize many of your character. In addition to well-known elements such as hair style, hair color, facial hair, skin tone and eye color, you can also, for example your nose, eyes and cheeks adjust at different points.

This extra bit depth is so great, because both you and your teammates need a long time to watch against it. Fortunately offer varieties also some variation.


Because both the Dominion and the Exiles each have four races to choose from. In this, the Dominion Mechari; a mechanical race that recoils from anything, but the deranged smart Chua, monstrous Dragons and Cassain, a human race. The Exiles have the choice of Humans, also a human race, the big friendly Granok beer-drinking, tree-hugging Aurin, and the infected Mordesh.

Which class do you play?

Once you are satisfied with the look of your character, it's time to get over your class thinking. Wildstar has six classes. These are Warrior, Spell Slinger, Engineer, Stalker, Medic, and Esper. Each class has its own skills and playing style.

So if you are primarily engaged Warrior to receive a blow and hand out as you like Spell Slinger hounding your enemy at bay with guns. The Engineer also uses an additional charge to robots that assist in the fighting. You read it: WildStar offers something for everyone, whether you want to receive a blow or want to take a supporting role.

Which path will you choose?

When creating your character, you also have to choose. Called a "path" This determines to some extent how you interact with the game world and how other players see you. In total there are four paths: Explorer, Soldier, Settler and Scientist. Every path has different goals, but they will need each other in some cases.

Settlers are primarily engaged in collecting raw materials. These raw materials can be used for example to put it where other players can get out. "Buffs" down temporary stations Explorers will sift through the world looking for secrets. And then when you finally have finished creating your character's time - finally - come to enter the game world.

Adventuring on Nexus!

You arrived at your Nexus mainly preoccupied to hang out. The adventurer Nexus is namely to the brim with assignments. These tasks are very varied; so you need to blow, sometimes a big spaceship and bring other times an object from point A to point B. And of course, in between all possible.

By carrying out the tasks you earn experience points that you rise in levels. These levels allow you to do more difficult tasks and can beat. Stronger enemies The only drawback we have found is that it's not always clear where to go exactly. Fortunately, there is a handy device that you would take by the hand. Yet it is somewhat unfortunate that you are dependent on this.

Strengthen your forces

Currently it is possible to level up to level 50 and while leveling you get called AMP-points. With these points, it is possible to get your character to beg for "Dungeons" and "Raids", which more later. A certain role For example, the items make sure that you are distributing more critical hits, or that you use spell faster.

Knows the AMP system for each class three specific tasks, but if you prefer to create a hybrid that is also possible. Really, it is not advisable unless you know what you're doing. This system is designed to allow for the Dungeons and Raids you. Powerful

Dungeons and Raids

To get the best gear and "loot" to get, you have to participate in 'dungeons' and 'raids'. Part During these dungeons and raids your skills are really put to the test, perhaps more than in any other MMO whatsoever. In the dungeons, where you can use up to five players, you become slightly prepared for the raids. Teamwork is therefore one of the priorities. You do not do this alone; your team will quickly die.

Raids are hardcore

In Raids this is a lot more important. The raids are in fact hardcore. And if Wildstar says hardcore, then it's HARDCORE. Currently there are two raids, one for 20 men and 40 for men.

If not fulfill a number of members participating in the raid a task, then you can assume that you have a tough time ahead. Wildstar does not punish working together on an ex, and that's no disgrace. Raids are in fact the ultimate test in which no error is permitted.

Action Combat!

Refreshing to Wildstar is the action-oriented combat. This means that you are actively taking part in the fighting and no longer stopped to speak. Spells On the floor is a representation of data that your attack - or that of your enemy - will cause damage. By planning your attacks well so you can get multiple enemies at once, or just dodge the attacks from your opponent.

Especially during the Dungeons and Raids this can make for great scenes. When 5, 20, or even 40 people, an attack by a big boss is trying to evade it and exciting to behold. Chaos on your screen, the combat system is also great together and makes no time for boredom.

Monthly fees, or not?

Completely against the tradition NCsoft requires a monthly fee for Wild Star. For $14.99 per month you can be sure that you can play for a month. Although this amount is quite high, it also has great qualities. Thus, the system makes it a less attractive market for spammers.

This also gives a sense of home, because you are sure that the servers get all the attention from Carbine Studios and NCsoft. A disadvantage is that it may be a blockage, because $14.99 in these tough times. Still a considerable for some people.

In addition to paying with cash, you can pay with CREDD This can be purchased on the website Wildstar and exchanged with another player in-game money. Basically it's a glorified way to buy money. Player A sells the purchased CREDD for in-game money with player B, then player B can extend. Been playing a month It's that simple.

Wildstar: a game with great potential!

Wildstar is actually a game that should be experienced. The many features and options would make this review very long, but we can at least ensure that this is one of the most extensive MMOs at the moment. And one of the best.