Will.i.am talks about the Black Eyed Peas future

In a recent interview with the British radio station Capital FM, producer and singer will.i.am spoke about the future of the Black Eyed Peas, who is on a break since the end of 2011, and revealed that the return of the group could delay a little longer.

The frontman of the quartet explained that the band need to understand the direction they want to go on their next album. "We're still setting things on what to do Peas’ next album," said will.i.am .

"Just know that either we have to bring up something completely new or do something that nobody has thought. "Either it's amazing or I don't get it. If it doesn't spark that conversation, then there isn't any point," the musician explained why that would soon record a new album.

Currently, will.i.am is promoting his new single, "It's My Birthday (Feat. Cody Wise)".

Watch the video for "It's My Birthday (Feat. Cody Wise)" below: