WORMS Battlegrounds review

It's time to kill worms yet again and Birch have charged bazooka full and headed out on the battlefield.

Worms games series has a special place in my heart. In particular, Worms 2. Too many of my childhood's happy days were spent in the family remodeled broom closet, which we chose to be styled computer room, in the process of being a worm killer. This was done for the best effect in the company of friends, so more often than we were at least four people pushed into that little broom closet. With loud screaming and sweaty faces thrown the holy hand grenades and banana bombs left and right. A wonderful time that I will always remember with a smile. It has now been 17 years since the Worms 2 was released and Team 17 are now choosing to present their worms for the new generation of Worms Battlegrounds. Is this something to bite on? Yes and no.

Have never liked the show's basic formula with turn-based combat in lagform will teach you not to do backflips of excitement over Worms Battlegrounds. However, if you're a fan of the concept you will probably make a big jump, albeit small, here and there. For the game feels more like a reminder of a retro yummy past than a new fresh start and a step into a new generation. At the same time gratifying as it is boring.

Like the series like Call of Duty and Battlefield is Worms are not just talked about and popular for its single player experience. Yet we are offered a campaign storyline and the whole party in Worms Battlegrounds.

Adventurer Tara PINKLE, a tremendously British woman, collects relics and fine objects into a world museum. A museum that you obviously housed on. The museum also hypnotist Lord Crowley Mesma, a mask with world domination on the brain, which wants to access a magical artifact in the form of a stone carrot (!) That will give him power to rule over all the worms. Throw Also a story of "a select mask" that can withstand Mesmas forces and we have a considerably complicated and hilarious story. Proceeds with the story was primarily due to the actress Katherine Parkinson, best known from the British sitcom The IT Crowd, and her funnily absurd comments by all courts.

Gameplay-wise, it tends singleplayer campaign to be quite stringy. You move from room to room in the museum and enters new eras (the Stone Age, Viking Age, etc..). Each path is, shockingly, out on to annihilate all the enemies on the court. It is not very addictive and waiting for the AI to do their move is almost as slow and fun as watching paint dry. Interestingly, however, the four different classes you are accessing (both in single and multiplayer), scout, soldier, scientist and heavy, whose various properties adds an extra layer of strategy thinking. The little and hefty scout goes instance very fast and jumps far while it succeeds in not to trigger mines, while the great long velvet heavyn administers more pain and have larger blast radius. Unfortunately, the urge to manage the single player campaign long gone when one begins to get something to bite into, and that requires a bit more of you. Pity.

But when it comes down to purchasing it's not a game that Worms Battlegrounds to sit with it myself. It is, after all, the multiplayer section you want to, either to wallop manure out buddies in place or to have firefights online. Location sharing its name with the game's subtitle, thus Battlegrounds, is the newest addition. Here you can start, or join, a wholly own clan along with known or unknown worm killer and then chase a coveted spot on the leaderboard. As usual, you can customize your worms all you want (mustaches, voices, hats, etc.) to get to these personal team, with its own emblem and the whole party. Then there are of course "standard" online games without the requirement of membership in a clan for anyone who wants their action quickly and easily. It is certainly fun to play online but the pace is more than often far too slow and I find myself sometimes downright inattentive because waiting was long. Perhaps it has more to personal taste to it than deficiencies in the game itself.

However, there are two problems that can really be titled game. Two errors to be exact. The first is the graphics, then Worms Battlegrounds actually a pretty ugly game. There is no game that can say that it is for the new generation, but at first glance, one would undoubtedly think that it is a game from early last generation. Water animations are however quite stylish. A small consolation in this context.

The second problem is level design. Once you're out there on the battlefield and to place your extraordinary banana bomb in enemy with an accurate throw, it is a big problem; what exactly is a physical wall and what is the background? Foreground and background flow into each other and confuse one to such a degree that you can happily avoid long-range weapons and betting arsenal that requires proximity, like dynamite and mines. It is incredibly frustrating, and I wonder if this was a clumsy miss or a conscious choice. If it's the latter, I hope that the person responsible for the decision now is fired, tarred and feathered.

Despite the missed chances, poor graphics and idiotic level design - it's still Worms. Certainly, a port of a game that came last year, but still Worms. And Worms Battlegrounds is a fairly entertaining diversion if played in the company of other people. But whether you choose to enjoy Worms Battlegrounds alone, with friends or online to get the exact same thing you always been in every Worms game ever released: worms with funny voices and appearances wanting each other to death with a bunch of wacky weapons.