Yoshi's Woolly World brings stunning graphics and limited gameplay

Yoshi's Woolly World is a game that is hard to find a word other than "fluffy" to define it. The new game green dinosaur from Nintendo for the Wii U appeared in demo form at E3 2014 and we test it. Check out the first impressions of the game:

Yoshi's Woolly World is a platform game with stunningly beautiful graphics. In it, Yoshi wanders through a world where everything is made of wool - including himself. The whole scenario has the same texture as if it were a giant crochet. And Nintendo knew how to do their job very well: the three phases that are very well played and tied with a flawless look.

The good news is that the company did not rely only on visual to Yoshi's Wooly World work. The game is also very fun to play, even if you repeat the same formula as the previous games Yoshi. There is no watershed: anyone who has played a previous game starring the mascot will feel at home. And anyone who has not played well. The curve of learning Woolly World is short and only takes a couple of minutes of adaptation.

As the learning curve, the difficulty of the game is quite low, at least in three phases open the demo. Reach the end of each route is not the kind of thing that creates frustration, but the player has the option to add a touch of extra challenge if you want to find all the secret passages and collect special items.

Although full of pros, it is interesting to note a gap that Nintendo seems to have ceased to take much of the game. Tested playing with gamepad, and it was fairly disappointing to note that the control screen just reproduced exactly what we saw on TV.

Yoshi's Woolly World is beautiful and fun, and that's enough. Not a bombastic game, not loaded with features, but worth the investment. The title arrives in 2015 only for the Wii U.