Zelda: The Minish Cap Wii U - cheats, guide to solve all puzzles

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Wii U) is an adventure game developed by Nintendo. In this game, you will explore a huge world by becoming a Lilliputian to save the world from Minish. Link must collect all the pieces of magic stones to solve different puzzles and unlock secret passages.

To complete this walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, DTGReviews kneels to explore the Minish world 100% recover all collectables, fragments of Happiness, all shifts and complete heart the main quest you rid the world of Hyrule and Minish.

Hyrule Castle
The Minish Village
The Forest Temple
Hyrule Town
Foot of Mount Crenel
Mount Crenel
Melari’s Mine
All Collectible
Shifts heart

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Hyrule Castle

Link wake up! Like every beginning of The Legend of Zelda, you will find yourself controlling Link, go to your right and take the stairs. Then go to the right room to find yourself face to face with Princess Zelda will announce the annual festival Minish began. After talking to your grandfather, you will receive the Sword Smith to give the winner of the contest.

Before following the Princess Zelda, open the chest in the north of the room to retrieve 20 jewels. Then Take the left door and then at the bottom of the screen to leave the house your grandfather. You will now follow Princess Zelda to Hyrule Castle. Upon arrival, go to the princess who advises you to talk with all the people gathered to celebrate the feast of Minishs.

Follow Zelda go to the left in the area, talk to him again, pursue it at the top right and then the center of the zone. Talking to him one last time, play a Zelda game where it will have the chance to win rubies, fourth heart or shield. After reflection, the Little Princess will shield you receive after a short discussion. Follow the path to the princess to Hyrule Castle.

On your way, you will fall a market plague attacking Zelda. Take your shield and Propagate the projectile plague mojo on itself. You will then have free way to get into the main courtyard of Hyrule Castle. Upon your arrival, you will speak to Potho me Minister of Hyrule, located to the left of the door of the castle and thank you for reporting the faster the Sword Smith.

You'll see a cutscene where Vaati the winner of the tournament will get his big sword. After locating the Minish Sword, it will destroy and open the chest where many enemies will escape! Unfortunately you can not do anything after trying to protect Princess Zelda, it will turn into stone and you will appear in Hyrule Royal suite.

There is more time to lose, get out of your bed and go to the left room where you will meet the King of Hyrule again. After a short discussion, you will get the Sword Minish broken which you wish to create the sacred and the Sword Smith forged by your grandfather. Finally, you get the Map of Hyrule allowing you to identify. It'll just go in the direction of The Minish Woods!

The Minish Village

After recovering your sword, leave the castle from the south, then go east of your position without worrying about masons on your way again and use your sword on the branches. Continue your journey to the right and then south to arrive in East Hills. Go all the way south of the area and cross the bridge that leads you into the swamps Minish The Forest.

Continue your journey through the right crossing a new bridge then head south to eventually get in front of a strain. Then go to the right until you come across a small river. It was at this time that you will hear a "Help!" In the forest. Before leaving to meet abroad, go to your right and grab the first Piece of Heart in the game.

Retrace your steps, starting north of the strain to see the mysterious individual in the process of being harassed by two octopuses. You simply pull out your sword and hit the two enemies to "save" Ezlo, your future companion. Once released, go to the south. Ezlo ask you three times to slow down until finally jump on your head and turn into your hat.

Return to the strain located south of your position Ezlo explains how to shrink. When you go on a strain like this, you can actually find your original size or size become Minishs. Shrink Link and go to the right area. After crossing the hollow stump, before you land a puddle of water through clearly impossible.

Go to one of the sheets in rotation and go to the top of the map to access the Minish Village. Upon arrival, the Villagers try to tell you ... Without success. Go all the way north of the area and enter the castle-shaped diamond. Inside is found a person speaking a human minimum and asking you to eat nuts Jabber Nut to discuss the Minish language.

Go east of the card. You need to borrow a ladder and push the first box to the right where the left to unlock the passage. Then take the Jabber Nut on your left which will then allow you to talk to all the villagers!

Go straight north-west of the area and talk to the wise located in the house "mushroom". It will ask you the reason for your visit and explain that to restore the Sacred Sword you will have the four elements. Once these elements are shown on your card, return Festari, the priest located in the emerald castle. The Earth element is found in the temple north of Minish Village.

Tell a last time to the priest who will open the passage behind him. Leave the village and take the small road north of your position. After crossing the two small "caves", you will eventually arrive in front of the Forest Temple in which you will recover the element Earth.

The Forest Temple

Map Forest Temple:

Upon arrival in this dungeon, go north of the room and push the first statue to the left. This will aim to create a passage to the second room where many slugs you wait for. Kill all slugs and press the buttons to the left and right torches.

Once all the torches, you will see a box in which you will get a Small Key. Use this key to open the door to the north of the room. In this new room go north until you reach a lever. You must pull the lever toward the south to show a bridge. Then take the bridge and pull the fungus that will take you right to the item.

Before entering the door to the north of the area, do not forget to push the block north to the right and the second to the south to create a path that will allow you to leave the temple at any time. In the room on your north, go directly to the right and select the slab in order to burn the vines that hold the barrel.

After triggering mechanism allows you to move the barrel, go inside by taking the entrance on your left. Then go to your left to stand at the western room. Avoid the enemies and push the statue to the left and place slab Link on the slab south of the statue. This will aim to unlock the second mechanism of the barrel.

Back in the barrel which can now run and exit at the bottom left. Continue your journey to the left, take the door to get into a room where you will wait for an enemy and a mushroom at the top. Take the mushroom and pull back until the first mark. This will allow you to access the first platform level.

Take the left door to get into a room where you have to push the pot right to left until the slab right. This will create a bridge for you to access the door to the south of the area. In this new room, first push all the left pillar to the left and go to the center of the room...

Push again ... this statue to the right until the first mechanism and the right statue to the left to activate the second mechanism. Then open the chest to get another Small Key. Walk away from the room until you return to where you had pulled the fungus. Push the cube to the south to fight your way to the exit.

Take the fungus on your left but pull it through this time. So you reach the second parcel level. Then go to your right and open the huge trunk to get the Dungeon Map. This will allow you to better identify yourself by going into the game options This card is especially useful when you have the compass of the dungeon.

Return to the main room where the barrel and will go at the top right. Through subsequently recovered key, you can open the locked door so far. In this new work, go to the right and use the mushroom that you can go to the south of your position. Then press the panel on the right to show a bridge.

Then take the mushroom and pull it towards the north to access the second level section, then go to your right, where several slugs will attack you. After killing all the slugs, go to the right of the room and push the right statue to the right.

Go left of the room and push the statue left to right until it reaches the mechanism and open the door closed so far. In this new room, you'll have to defeat three little monsters for a new small key appears. Collect it then go to the left to return to the room previously explored.

Take the stairs to the north of the area, then climb drop down to the right. Then moves left, you return to the room where a quarter core will be located on a platform height. Do not worry about it and open the locked door on your right.

Inside is found a "Mini-Boss" you will have to face to continue the Forest Temple. You will firstly hit his head with your sword to the caterpillar turns red. Then hit the end of its tail to inflict damage. You need to repeat this process three times to eventually finish the beast.

Once the monster defeated, open the huge blue chest to get the Magic Pot. This pot you will attract objects towards you, launch and interact with many elements of decor. Go to your options, place the Magic Pot on one of the buttons and use it directly on the door to the south of your position to snare the spider.

You will get a Piece of Heart taking that door! Return to the previous room where dust was on the floor and draw it with your Magic Pot. You will find two slabs allowing you to recover 20 shells and a slab to the left of the platform creating a teleporter, required to get the next Piece of Heart.

Back in the barrel in the center of the map and use your Magic Pot on the cobweb, then you fall into a new part of the dungeon where find a lily. Use your Magic Pot to attract the lily towards you, go over and quickly press the button on the Magic Pot to move with your new way of locomotion.

Move with your lily south then east until reaching an impassable place because of pillars in the water. Take the stairs on your left and push the pot onto the right mechanism. Then go back to your lily and continue your journey to the north where you have to push a new pot to the left to activate a new mechanism.

Note that you can get the dungeon compass on your right. Push the right cube to the north and the cube left to the west to access the huge blue box that will give you the Compass Wanted. Turn to your left and open the chest that you have revealed the mechanism by moving the pot. So you get a Small Key.

Take your lily and perform the reverse path going south and then to the right to open the door was locked so far. In this new section, first use all the fungus located in front of you to reach the northern part of the room and your Magic Pot which will effectively attract fungus and right and take you right level.

Take the fungus on your left to access the blue boxes that will give you the Key of Boss. It will do more than operate the slab on the right to show a teleporter that you can take. Then take the blue teleporter on your left to reach a platform so far unreachable ...

You will come across ... the second of Heart of the dungeon! Take the teleporter that takes you to the beginning of the dungeon then use your Magic Pot on the left door that lets you recover some jewels. Back in the entrance hall and use the Magic Pot on the door on your right.

The end is near, use again your Magic Pot on the central mushroom to access the left side of the room. Then go south of the room and use your Pot last time that will take you directly in front of the door of the Boss who will be other than a huge green blob. Basic enemy when you have a human size but much tougher in size "Minish".

Boss: Green Blob:

The first boss of the game is fairly easy to overcome. You will first need to suck his "foot" with your magic pot until it eventually loses balance. Then wait until his head falls to the right or left of the screen to the beat just with your sword.

The Boss then tries to jump on you. Perform rolls to dodge his attack and do not forget to scrub the pots located in the room to retrieve hearts. After knocking three times on the head of poor Green Blob, you get the first game Earth Element and a receptacle Heart. Then take the teleporter which will take you directly to the entrance of the dungeon.

Hyrule Town

Return to the Minish Village and talk to the old lying in the house just to the left of the village, you have already met once so that tells you about the quest for the Forest Temple. It will show you a path to follow on your left. Once out of the village on the left, go to the mushroom house in the northern zone.

You are now in front of Belari, an inventor. Talk to that person it gives you a Bomb Bag. Get out of the house and find your human form with the strain at the bottom of the zone. Then take the passage to the north across the small river to find yourself in front of a slab, by interacting with a symbol will materialize on the ground.

Go to your right and then south of the area to find yourself facing an impasse. Go into your inventory, equip Link bombs and place. And you will blow the rocks and you can continue your journey on the right through the bridge on your right. Keep moving to the right then north to arrive in the City of Hyrule.

Upon arrival, a street vendor will tell you about different emblems located in the game you can collect to create secret paths. Listen carefully to his speech and take his bags Happiness, you will then make you guided by his instructions to assemble the emblem.

Once this sequence is complete, go to the bottom left of the city and enter the house. Inside this home you will encounter Swiftblade, the Master of the Dojo. After following his advice, you will get the Tornado Attack and the Summary Fencing allows you to see all the techniques learned during the adventure via the menu.

Get out of the Dojo and then go at the top right of the map where you wait for a guard. You must use your Tornado Attack so that you pass. Once outside the city of Hyrule, take directly the scale at the bottom of the zone.

And now? Equip yourself with your bombs and place one at the right wall. This will create a new passage to the right where you will find a Business Scrub. Equip yourself with your shield and launch the projectile on the individual before speaking. Through 20 jewels, you will need a bottle for the rest of your adventure. Then get out of the cave and go to your left to reach the "Foot of Mount Crenel".

Foot of Mount Crenel

Upon your arrival, you can place a bomb on the cracked on your left wall. Inside is found a Mojo Plague that will give you clues about following your journey, and speaking of an inhabitant that can help you and located in "a cave south of Trilby Highlands". Get out of the cave and collect water in equipping you to your previously retrieved vial.

Then use your bottle on the plant north of your position to grow. Then borrow the same plant allowing you to continue to the north and then to the left. Note that you will have the opportunity to destroy a new wall on your left to get some rubies and Fairies giving you back all of your hearts.

Keep moving south then place a bomb that will destroy a wall, enter the cave and arise the ladder north of the area. Then place a bomb on your right and jump on the rock to change the size of Link.

Then go to the right where you will find a small road accessible only with a small. Go north to the hot spring. Then you have to leave your bottle and grab some water Crenel that you will eventually grow to a green plant, essential for your climb Mount Crenel.

Perform the route in reverse and use the rock to find a new human scale. Please note that your right to find a door in which a Business Scrub will sell 10 bombs against 30 jewels. Go north of the area and bomb the wall with your explosives.

Enter the cave and use the fungus on your left to reach the northern part of the room, then take the stairs on your right. In this new section, you will encounter rats with masks, so use your Magic Pot to suck masks and strike or even to fully absorb before throwing other enemies. Then go to the right where find the exit door of the cave.

Once outside the cave, go south. You have to jump into the whirlpool then go to the left which found a second vortex, allowing you access to the platform on your left. Continue your journey to the left and then take the ladder to the north of the area. You will then arrive in a place filled with white patches removing hearts you if you touch them.

Use your Magic Pot on the plates north of your position to reveal a hole in the ground, then go south of your position while taking care to remove the plates then use the rock to shrink Link. It will do more than go through the hole in which you can now fall.

In this hole you get a Fragment of Happiness in the chest on your left and talking to the little Minish you will learn how the seed of Mount Crenel works. Normal water used to grow the blue seeds and hot water will help you to grow the green beans. Get out of the hole and go to the right where you can borrow a rope leading to a new cave.

In this cave, battle enemies in your way and go through the door north of the area. In the next room to find a chest, open it to get a new Fragment of Happiness. Get out of the cave and go to the left where find a new path.

Go north and lift the seed. Get out with it and position it at the far right of the area. You will then find a human scale and use of water Crenel thereby grow the seed. Climbing on it, you will reach the top of Mount Crenel.

Mount Crenel

Just before climbing the vine, go to your left to find a recess without issues. Then place a bomb near the wall to create a door leading to a small cave. Inside it you must destroy three blocks with bombs. The left chest will give you a Fragment of Happiness, chest right 50 rubies and finally you can retrieve a heart Quart located north of the cave.

Climb the vine that you've grown and go to your right. You will arrive in front of an impenetrable wall and you will again use your bombs on the wall north of the area. Inside the cave find a chest in front of you that you will get a new Fragment of Happiness.

Continue your journey using the stairs on the left to land in a room where you'll meet Blobs metal. You must hit in viscous form and you will be away when shaped picnic not to be touched. Then place a bomb near the blocks and move the right block up and then the middle block up to get out of the first room.

Coming out of the cave you will again use the tornado at the bottom of your position to access the right side of the level. Then take the ladder on your left and use a bomb on the wall at the far right of your location. Inside is found a new Business Scrub will stun you with your shield.

Then talk to the Mojo Plague that will give you a ring allowing you to climb walls with rock walls. Go to your left until you reach a wall climb. Attention, many rocks fall and you must avoid in order not to end up crushed. Climb first to the north then go east while continuing to avoid the boulders.

Any right to find a small recess without issues. Take a bomb and use it on the wall, you will enter a cave guarded by the fairies. Then you have to take a bomb and throw it in the lake, so you wake up a great fairy. You will tell him that you have not thrown a bomb in gold or silver spray to get an increase in your Bomb Bag.

Get out of the cave and start to climb to the top of Mount Crenel. At the top you will go to your right and use the mushroom to you right from the card. Then use the rock to become small. Once shaped "Minish", take the right path.

In this section you should avoid water droplets then reach the right side of the level. Then come a puzzle where you have to move the rock from right to left to close the gap and move the rock on top of the map allowing you to take the ladder taking you directly to the Melari’s Mine. Watch the video below to understand how to move the stones.

Melari’s Mine

After spending the scale, you arrive in a new cave. You have to push the cube from the top to the left and push the cube on the left to the left. Will follow a small puzzle where you have to move.

Enigma Cave:
Exit the cave and take the door on your right. Kill the rat on your left and then use your Magic Pot to the north of the room. This will draw a fungus that will give you access to the north of the room, then take the stairs on your right. In this new section you will throw a bomb down to activate the mechanism that creates a low bridge.

Get out of the cave through the newly built bridge and take the left door you will face a new conundrum. You need to move a rock to the hole then move the statue on to the north to access the second part of the cave.

Enigma of Mine:
In the second room, push the left block to the left and the top one up. You will then push the middle block to the left to access the boot that will give you a Piece of Happiness. Solving this puzzle will be in the video above. Once out of the cave, take the rock on your right to shrink Link.

Take the path on your left and battle enemies on your journey. Taking the door at the bottom left of the path, and you will reach the Melari’s Mine. Take the stairs until you reach the center of the area and talk to the blacksmith. It will help to shape the sacred sword while you will get the second element located in the Cave of Fire.

After talking to the Blacksmith, go to your left and talk to the person keeping the door that lets you. Once out of the mine, find a human scale by taking the rock on your left. Do not forget to activate the pillar on your right before you go to the north where you wait for the second dungeon of the game: the Cave of Fire.

All Collectibles

In this section you will find descriptions of all Collectables. It will be possible to recover during the adventure. To obtain these figures, you will first of all have the stick jumper you will get in the Fire Cave. Then go southwest of the City of Hyrule, enter the coffee and use your stick on the vase.

Inside the store, the seller will offer to redeem against Shell Surprises collectables. You can get your figures once the object seen in the game Once all the of Collectables recovered will give you the "Carlov Medal."

Figures 001-020

Link (001): Young boy of the Kingdom of Hyrule. He is friends with Princess Zelda since they were toddlers.
Link & Ezlo (002): Young boy on an adventure with Ezlo to reforge the Sacred Sword to save Princess Zelda turned to stone by a sorcerer.
Princess Zelda (003): Princess of Hyrule. She is always cheerful and full of life. She is a childhood friend with Link. She leaves the castle often secretly go for fun, causing much concern to the Minister of the King who is responsible for monitoring.
Ezlo (004): Being strange that resembles nothing so much as a chapeau. Looking for a way to break the curse of a powerful wizard. It is not very friendly and treats Link as a kid. But deep down, he loves very much.
Vaati the sorcerer (005): Vaati in the evil form that has given him the hat manufactured by Ezlo. He wants to seize the Force to become the most powerful being.
Daltus, King of Hyrule (006): King of Hyrule. Formerly, it was a fine lame. Il participated in the tournament's Day Minish when he was young. Faced Smith in the tournament but they were unable to decide.
Potho Minister (007): Minister pillar and the Kingdom of Hyrule. It is also the tutor of Zelda. She gives him the wire retorde at any time out of the castle in secret.
Smith (008): This is the largest smith Hyrule. He was also very good at fencing. It is near the King who was his rival to the sword in their youth.
Hagen (009): Mayor of the City of Hyrule. This is a fan of masks he made a collection. He built a shelter in the garden in case of invasion of monsters.
Marcy (010): Second postal employee, hired to help Stamp has too much work. Antithesis of his colleague, he likes to take his time and is a little slow.
Stamp (011): serious postman who performs numerous tasks quickly. It uses only a certain category of stamps with which it works best.
Rem (012): Shoemaker of the City of Hyrule. It makes shoes in his sleep. His shoes are known for their comfort and impeccable finish. Princess Zelda is also part of its loyal customers.
Dr. Left (013): unfriendly scientist who dedicated his life to research on Minish. Blinded by passion, he did not realize that there was under his roof.
Carlov (014): Patron of the Nintendo and best sculptor in the world figurine Gallery. He collects shells surprise.
Borlov (015): Patron of Paradise box. Younger brother Carlov. He dreams of a balanced life without vice, but he holds a gaming establishment.
Stockwell (016) a shopkeeper and proprietor of the City of Hyrule. He is very busy and regrets not having enough time to spend with his little dog Fifi.
Monty (017): Boss Monster Hall. Its establishment is very popular because it offers an attraction that gives impress fight real monsters in a real dungeon.
Gorman (018): He would rent his house in town, but his arrogance quickly away potential customers. He did not realize his caractéristiques and wondered why everyone avoids.
Anju (019): Enne a breeding casseroles city. It offers a reward to anyone who is willing to help him catch casseroles.
Brocco (020): The vegetable merchant in the city. Vegetables are always fresh. He always fights with his neighbor Pina to know what is the diet from fruits and vegetables.

Figures 021-040
Pina (021): The fruit market in the city. She did not like him for the auction. She hates vegetables and does not sell watermelons she does not consider fruit.
Beedle (022) Funny People gifted to find Nectar Minish although it is not a child. It also has a gift for customers so they buy him a lot.
Postman (023): very conscientious factor that always delivers the mail on time.
Hermit Crenel (024): hermit living in Mont Crenel. It has full Fragments of Happiness. He is very proud to have won the tournament once the feast of Minish.
Monster Lady (025): Old lady is installed without permission in home Percy, on the Trilby Highlands. She refuses to enlighten. What could she hide?
Dampé (026): Guardian of the cemetery in the Valley of the Kings. It communicates with spirits. It offers their assemblies fragments it is sometimes digging graves.
Spirit of Gustaf (027): Spirit of an ancient king of Hyrule who still worried about his kingdom. He was in very good terms with the Aeolians peupele that once lived on the site where now stand the ruins of the Wind.
Syrup (028): Witch who lives in Minish Woods. It sells mixtures and objects with strange powers. it seeks an apprentice who transmit secrets of magic.
Great Fairy Butterfly (029): Great Fairy Minish Woods. It can expand your Exchange.
Great Fairy Mirage (030): Great Fairy Mountain Crenel. It can expand your Bomb Bag.
Great Fairy Dragonfly (031): Great Fairy of the Valley of the Kings. It can enlarge your quiver.
Percy (032): Poet who lives on the Trilby Highlands. He is back from a long trip. To his dismay, he found his house occupied by a stranger.
Nayru (033): She came to live in the City of Hyrule where it is looking for a home. It would be the descendant of a priestess of the region Labrynna.
Farore (034): She came to live in the City of Hyrule where it is looking for a home. She is always happy and knows not refuse service. She wants a little for it as it sometimes seems to be having.
Din (035): She came to live in the City of Hyrule where it is looking for a home. It is a famous dancer of the Holodrum region.
Butterflies of Happiness (036) Butterflies very few who bring good luck to those who capture. If you ever encounter one, catch it again!
Ghina (037): peaceful Ghihi that seeks to assemblies Fragments of Happiness. It also has several.
Festari (038): Priest of the village of Minish Wood. He has a passion for the human he speaks a little language. That is why he immediately realized that Link was.
Gentari (039) Ancient of Minish Scots. He has very long lives in the human world. This is a great scholar even knowing the location of the 4 elements. It is the twin brother of Librari, the Ancient of Minish citizens.
Scots Minish (040): Like all other Minish, they are invisible to adults. Their passion is to please the people for whom they manufacture many handy items they settle near the town.

Figures 041-060
Librari (041) Ancient of Minish citizens. He lives in a book. It is the twin brother of Gentari, the Ancient of Minish Scots. His pen belonged to a casserole that beat duel was young.
Minish city (042): Minish who left the forest to the city by human passion. They do everything to make their service but sometimes it bothers...
Melari (043): The specialist metals! He lives in Mount Crenel with 7 apprentices. It is a little rough, but he has a great sense of duty.
Mountain Minish (044): Minish who left the forest to the mountain service Melari. They have an original song which is the symbol of true Minish mountaineers.
Goron (045): People eating stones and iron who lived in Mount Crenel. Their number is now very low and they live in a secret cave.
Vaati the Minish (046): Vaati, in its normal form of Minish before its transformation into a witch. He was fascinated by the dark side of the human heart.
Subjects of the King (047): The faithful servants of the King of Hyrule. The good and just reign of their lord makes them pleasant people and rights.
The library (048): The Royal Library of Hyrule, very popular with city residents. Employees are struggling to find books that make people forget.
The brothers Swiftblade (049): Fencing Masters who all won the tournament's Day Minish. Recognizing the potential of Link, they accept him learn new techniques provided they pass certain tests with flying colors.
Baker & Powder (050): The couple bakers Hyrule. Their bread is very apprésié Surprise. It is a bread that sometimes contains a small surprise gift.
School (051): The school children of Hyrule, which was also that of Zelda and Link. The teachers are twins who call Tina and Dina.
Coffee Mama (052): Resting place of the inhabitants of the city and melting pot of many rumors. We can hear customers tell their life or valuable information.
The innkeeper (053): She gives gifts to people who sleep in the inn. There is a quiet room upstairs.
Jill and her friends (054): Jill is at the center. He always walk together. They know the city very well and sometimes have interesting information.
Carpenters (055): The severe but competent master carpenter and his apprentices. Apprentices have the manly air but quite feminine intonations.
Lovers (056): Rex and Felicia. They are neighbors. They would get married, but their pet hate.
The people of Hyrule 1 (057): Series # 1 of the series "The peaceful people of Hyrule."
The people of Hyrule 2 (058): Series # 2 of the series "The peaceful people of Hyrule."
The people of Hyrule 3 (059): Series # 3 of the series "The peaceful people of Hyrule."
Casseroles (060): This is the favorite animal of the inhabitants of the city with its beautiful red crest. They are nice, but should not be too much bother ... chicks crazy about earthworms.

Shifts Heart

Quarter core No. 01:
The first quarter core will be in the Minish Woods. Browse the forest to arrive in front of a strain and continue your journey on your right. You will hear a bird ask for help before that, go to your right to recover the first quarter core adventure!

Quarter core No. 02:
The second quarter will be in the heart of the Forest Temple. After recovering your Magic Pot, use it on the door to the south of the room. By taking this path, you will fall directly on the new quarter core.

Quarter core No. 03:
After recovering your Magic Pot, return to the room where dust has been deposited by the red mushrooms. Use your Magic Pot of dust to the left of the visible slab. Activate this panel to create a teleporter. Back at the beginning of the dungeon and use the blue teleporter allowing you to access this quarter core.

Quarter core No. 04:
Just before entering the mine melari, go left of the green seed to discover an inaccessible recess. Drop a bomb and enter the cave to find three blocks cracked. Place a bomb on the block north to retrieve the Fourth of heart that will be just next to the water.