A Cracked ver. of Modern Combat 5 (MC5) is now available for download

A Cracked ver. of Modern Combat 5 (MC5) is now available for download.

A cracked version of Modern Combat 5 (MC5) is now available for download. The game, which will be released only on the 24th (Thursday), landed in the torrent sites this weekend at the hands of a winner of a contest held by Gameloft, the developer of the game.

Earlier last week, Gameloft held a promotion on Facebook that awarded winners with an early copy of Modern Combat 5, one of the mobile FPS games the most anticipated moment. However, some of them not content with that, and tried to provide the game on the internet.

The development team of the game was furious with what happened. "As you can imagine, I'm really upset. For those who already have the MC5, what a shame! We're making games for you and all you can do is to pirate them? "Wrote Florian Weber, the director of the Modern Combat 4 HUB community.

"Any person who is talking to me and somehow show that already has MC5 will be banned immediately. Seriously, this is why we can not have nice things," added Weber, showing all its indignation at the fact.
Gameloft reacts.

In an official statement, said that Gameloft is already taking steps to block any copies of the game leaked. The company said it has tracked illegitimate games unofficial version, making them unable to be played.

"Those who have used this pirated version of the game you only need to wait for the official release of the game that is on Thursday, July 24. We will continue to stay alert and respond appropriately to all hacking attempts," Gameloft mentioned in the statement.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout will be released for Android and iOS. Yesterday (21) the company presented more of a promotional trailer for the game.