Among the Sleep - Complete Guide (PC)


Start gently to put yourself in the shoes of the character, you are celebrating two years of this little girl that you play. Once in the room, move the ball to take the colorful tunnel and climb a little to get out of the park. If you do not feel the soul of an explorer, then go to the vault to find Teddy, teddy bear who will accompany you for the rest of the adventure.

This new friend has a little game: find the pink elephant. For he had time to hide, turn and put the game to pause. You can then find just behind the trunk (not very well hidden). After playing with the music box, listen to his story and turn the train. Catch the bear and then go into the closet and close the door. Teddy squeezing against your arms to reassure you, you can go to explore this before giant closet to find aman for a cinematic ending chapter.

The Nightmare's Begin (Home)

Night, we will explore the house to understand the strange events that take place there. To take the first door, push the table and climb over to reach the handle. Just behind, go to the right in the laundry room, unplug the washing machine and Teddy out there. Then go down the stairs and walk towards the dining room.

If you have not had a heart attack with lightning that struck when you cross the room, go to the kitchen for a new dose of frights with broken glass. Then stand on the kitchen cabinet near the mixer pulling drawers for stairs and crawl to the edge to reach the door handle. Follow after the hallway and enter the room at the bottom.

As before, use the drawers to make you a stairway to the door handle of the room. Even if you have very scared, climb into bed and pull the sheet. You hiding under the bed and then when the door opens, go back to the kitchen. Make then backtracked, take the passage a good dose of stress with the ghostly apparition. Then follow the voice guide you to descend into the cellar: pick the subject of memory and jump into the pipe to embark on the adventure.

The Playground

Then you arrive in a place that is recurrent in some kind of hub for the rest of the game nigh to the machine to drop the object and then close the door and turn the valve. Teddy will then open the hatch and you can jump into the next pipe. Forward in this new environment and release the tourniquet picking the strange object to reach the main area of this level.

You approach the swing and pick the colored statuette then put the two you have to start doing balances: we must now seek other exploring the area. Head to the cabin to find the next but beware, it will once again come ghostly silhouette. Once the door is unlocked, go through the fence and go to the species of wood construction: Move the crate to go under the fence.

Here, navigate to the mini-maze and let yourself fall into the trap. Teddy then use as a light source and keep moving forward, you will see the next statue in the middle of the room and can highlight removing the cross of wood blocking the door. Then you push into the forest towards the lamp flashes to fall face safe. Then pull the tire to push the rock and open the chest to get a statuette more.

For the latest, go to the bottom of the box and go on the rocks next to the turnstile to get the last statue on the back. You can now place them on the swing in order to have the necessary weight but beware, the creature lurks. Climb on and the red tower along the wooden path to reach another memory across the floating bridge and pick up the music box.

The Monster Is Near (Forest House)

After another passage through the house, you arrive in a new environment, a strange mixture of forest and haunted mansion. Down the hall, through the door to find a large room with a rack in the center: Take the puzzle piece on the right and will place it in the puzzle. You can then go to the left to explore a piece of forest to recover one more

Cross the bridge, go to the tree trunk and climb on the windowsill helping you drawers protruding from the tree. On the other side, keep walking in the forest and climb on a chair to re-enter the mansion: cross the room and go through the boards with 4 legs through the vents to find the puzzle piece. Leaving, climb the tree to get a new trunk-slide.

Attention to the creature that lurks: to go ahead after the window through which you came and put the puzzle piece in its holder to unlock the right wing. In the latter, follow the corridor on all fours and enter the room on the right to reach the vent. On the other side, pull the stool under the handle to reach by climbing above.

Do the same to the next stool (note the jump scare!) And go under the table to crawl through an underground tunnel.
Outside, go to the well and turn the crank to raise the bucket containing the puzzle piece and a triangle, it serves you unlock the padlock of the wooden door. So you can head straight to cross the forest, again be careful because the creature lurks and you will probably hide in a barrel time it takes away from your path.

At the bottom of the forest, on the left you will see a small cabin, push boards to get inside and move the wooden crate to climb the barrels and reach the square key. Then retrace your steps to push you over the forest and reach the portal to unlock it with the square key. You can then rush to the manor and pass the windows in reverse to return to the central puzzle.

The last document filed, go in front and cross the library careful not to alert the creature (do not hesitate to pass on the left). In the room, take cover on the furniture as long as the monster goes away then move the chair to pass through the door. Then, as usual, collect memories and bring back to the house to go to the next level.

In The Closet

Get down on the floor and open the door in front of you and climb on the crate to stand on the other side. Then, pull the pin so that the spool can cross the room and climb over to get to the other side of the room. To the right, then continue the route over the clock. The creature reappeared in the area then follows the light and go through the wooden doors to avoid it.

You will eventually reach a large room with violet light: take a tennis ball and throw it on the glass bottle to retrieve the key-shaped moon to open the round turquoise door. You need to present a star shape, go left and enter the closet to find the crazy drawer blocked by a box: pull it and retrace your steps to climb on the dresser.

Then cross the long slide towards and go through the small square door. In this dreamlike version of the kitchen, climb on the central cabinet with drawers and run a fruit to drop the bottle containing the precious star. Then return back in a setting that has changed and go above table then go to the left behind the door. Finally, follow the corridor avoiding once again the creature.

Down the road, have a new door and let yourself fall into the trap to reach your starting point and use the key-star.

Then here you are again in a memory: Use the convenient to climb the shelves and enter the subject. While you are preparing to take the slide-driven, a terrible thing happens ...


In an increasingly strange place, start by picking up the arms of Teddy and follow the light to get to the bottom of this story. Then go again by the house to remove the memory and activate the door with the arms of the bear, and then open the door at the bottom. This returns you to the home, then off to join mom in the kitchen to find Teddy and discover his "problem." Finally, when someone knocks on the door, go to complete this adventure.