Blues Guitarist Johnny Winter dies at 70

The guitarist and singer Johnny Winter died in his hotel room in Zurich in Switzerland. The musician was 70 and continued touring and recording even with serious physical and health problems.

One of the biggest names in blues rock of all time, Winter lived the peak of his career in the late 60 and 70, when he attended the Woodstock festival and launched a series of successful albums. He also recorded some classic albums with the legendary Muddy Waters in the second half of the 70s.

Unfortunately, his career was also marked by problems with drugs, unpaid numerous copyright recordings released without his consent - for which he has not received a penny. Even worse are the stories that former manager Teddy Slatus kept for decades addicted to hard drugs and away from many friends and colleagues as a way to maintain control over the guitarist.

Winter got rid of Slatus in 2005. A year later he died falling from a staircase.

Johnny Winter was in Brazil in 2010 and scheduled to perform in Sao Paulo on Oct. 12. His last concert was held in Austria on July 12. Recently a deluxe box set with four CDs covering his entire career was launched.

View Johnny Winter playing the classic "Mean Town Blues"