Bluetooth Experience NewLink TC101 review

Bluetooth Keyboard NewLink has special functions and is a cheap option for those who do not want to spend much on a keyboard for iPad. Check out our review:

Costing less than half an original Apple keyboard, the Bluetooth Keyboard Experience NewLink TC-101 looks slim and iPad has shown a good typing experience. The accessory is recommended for people who spend long hours typing and want to join the long battery life of the iPad with productivity that only a physical keypad can offer.

It's almost impossible to look at NewLink TC-101 Bluetooth keyboard and does not realize that its design was inspired by the Apple wireless keyboard. In addition to bringing similar functions, NewLink TC-101, has the same shortcuts and commands the Apple iPad Keyboard.

However, your own set of keys friendlier designs for non fans to the cult of Apple. An example is the home button which mimics the button of the same name in Apple devices and has the same function. The construction and finish of the keyboard are not as refined as the Apple keyboard, but undoubtedly the NewLink TC-101 does not appear to be a weak keyboard.

Keys NewLink TC-101 are the same model as the Apple keyboard, low key emitting little noise and are comfortable to type.

The NewLink TC-101 Bluetooth keyboard has a simple pairing. Just connect the keyboard and press the Connect button to have a blue light is flashing. Then just turn on the bluetooth on the iPad and tap the "Keyboard" device for the system to begin pairing.

The pairing is very fast, needing only enter a numeric sequence. After that, the iPad goes in sync with the keyboard so the bluetooth is on, it is not even necessary to perform some search command by the device.

Compact and handy
Besides typing, Bluetooth NewLink TC-101 offers a number of shortcuts. The "home" button is very visible and serves to illuminate the screen and all other functions involving the "home" button to access the original multitasking and etc.. The F1 and F2 keys have designs that represent the brightness of the screen and serve to decrease and increase the brightness.

Have other keys, F7 through F12 are used to access multimedia commands like: forward, rewind, play, pause, increasing and decreasing the volume. To end the "del" key has a small padlock. It serves to lock the screen without waiting for the unit block alone.

In conjunction with the automatic correction, the Bluetooth NewLink TC-101 keyboard allows a very fast typing that automatically corrects small slips user. The correction accents, cedilla and wrong words contributes to the iPad is the perfect companion for those who like to spend long hours typing.

Long term, but difficult to "wake up"
Like its more expensive cousin, the Bluetooth NewLink TC-101 keyboard brings a range of very good battery. The keyboard actually only uses two AAA batteries. Even if the user forget on the Newlink TC-101 has a system energy saving that makes the keyboard "hibernate", causing the autonomy of the batteries will last up to a few months.

This system of energy savings is quite functional, but unfortunately it slows the response time for the keyboard to "wake up". It is common to chat after a short break and get no response. In our tests, after a break of 10 minutes, to press any key three times for the keyboard to work again. There is something uncomfortable, but this delay to "wake up" could be better.

For those who can not spend USD 100 on a keyboard, the NewLink TC-101 is a great option. The keyboard has the function to replace the official Apple keyboard, providing easy and interesting typing shortcuts. But the system to "hibernate" left to be undesired, making the keyboard "sleep" too much.