Boom Beach: Learn Defensive Weapons and Its Advantages

Boom Beach has several defensive weapons that are ready to defeat any foe that dares approach. But, after all, what weapon is best against tanks? What is the ideal weapon for large armies? The DTG Reviews answers these and other questions in this tutorial. Check it out: '

Tower Shooters

This powerful tower has a sniper, having a great range and great damage from a distance. It becomes the ideal weapon to delay the enemy, because of the damage it caused, after all, experienced enemies prefer finish them before leaving for another defense because they know that these towers can easily kill his army.

Land mine

Mines are the guardians of their headquarters. It is very effective against Marines and Zucas and can easily kill them. When someone enters her reach, it will explode. An interesting strategy is not put mine as close to each other, or place them near their defenses because its best use is to slow the enemy so that other defenses can shoot them from a distance.


Machine guns are great weapons support other defenses. They are excellent against infantry having little energy as Zucas and Marines. Having better efficiency at short range, the guns are ideals to stay in the front line, and have great performances against large amounts of soldiers since they shoot everywhere. If you don’t want to put them on the front line, place them supporting Boom Cannon, they will delay the enemy attack.


The best place to put a mortar base is behind his or her center. The mortar is very effective at medium range, but can not target troops are very close to it. Besides having considerable damage, the mortar has splash damage, and is great against troops of low energy. If you feel necessary, protect it with guns to slow down the enemy.


The gun is the best weapon against resistant low cost troops. It has great damage and is great against Heavyweight and tanks, causing double damage to the latter. Due to its low rate of fire, the cannon is ineffective against massive amounts of troops. Please don’t leave a lot next to another cannon, because the enemy can easily kill them with Artillery and Missile Barrage his Gunboat.


Although it has one of the shortest ranges of the defenses of the game, flamethrowers are extremely deadly against large amounts of troops and can easily kill low-power soldiers. If nothing else its powerful damage, enemies hit by the flames will burn for a few seconds, allowing other defenses kill them. Although troops as Zucas can be a problem because of its great range, this is nothing that a tower Shooters put behind the flamethrower can not solve.

Missile launcher

Even with its giant blind spot, the Missile Launcher is a weapon with greater range game, and his absurd splash damage can easily kill several units simultaneously. Position it directly behind the line of defense, and protect it with other defenses. Even if it takes a considerable time to reload, the gun becomes one of the most powerful against the enemy.

Mining Boom

These mines are very similar Landmines in scope, however, their damage is much greater. It causes double damage to tanks, and is ideal for protecting important saves as Missile Launcher, Launcher and Shock Base. Position them wisely.

Boom Cannon

Nothing resists the shot of a cannon boom, not even the most powerful tank resists its double damage. Unfortunately, it is an expensive unit and has a very large load time. Has a wide reach, so be sure to position it at the center of the base, being protected by Flamethrower and Mines Boom.

Launcher Crash

Just as the enemy Gunboat, its base has a powerful weapon capable of neutralizing the enemy: Launcher crash. This weapon has damage in the area and goes to the enemy infantry for a few seconds. The ideal place to put it is near the base, and she shows how the best defense against Warriors.