Castle of Illusion (Android) review

Disney: Castle of Illusion is a classic 90s platform for Mega Drive and Master System that gets a remake for Android that went beyond mere graphic reconstruction. The whole was reconsidered gameplay to adapt to the new platform, even though the controls still leave something to be desired.

Story pattern, but okay
The Mickey and Minnie lovebirds were enjoying a happy summer day until a storm came unexpectedly. The wicked witch Mizrabel was behind everything to kidnap Minnie, and jealous of her beauty, stealing his youth. Mickey then has to save his beloved, following the villain to his castle and crossing the traps of illusion.

As is common in the platform genre, the story is quite simple and serves only as a backdrop to justify the action. Anyway, the introduction is short and well made, but can be skipped at any time.

The classic and modern
When Mickey arrives at the castle faced with a similar structure to Mario 64, a room with several doors, most open and locked. Each one is a phase and according to the performance it opens other worlds. The doors also serve to record how much was collected at that level, to influence the replay factor, since some items accumulated serve to open more doors.

Disney Castle of Illusion is a platform game in classic style. Despite the re-mastering bring 3D graphics, still a 2D side-scrolling gameplay. In some instances there is an exchange of view, such as walking around a hat by a flap, but it remains a movement forward or backward dimensional.

Despite this focus there are some small patches with depth, which is where the 3D really shines. At these times the control is almost impossible and it is possible to lose several lives walking in the wrong direction.

This is an issue that permits and for many other phones that adopt controls via touch. The player takes some time to adapt, which may already be somewhat frustrating, and yet there are passages in which physical control would make all the difference.

This ends up leaving Disney Castle of Illusion in limbo between casual and something for experienced players, because the controls require a bit of practice or at least patience, while it is essentially a simple game.

Disney Castle of Illusion remains very similar to the 1990 game, with the player moving forward and jumping on top of enemies. Apples continue to exist, and they are thrown at enemies and obstacles, but they are a limited resource.

It is notable that although the essence is the same and there is a quest in bringing a sensation similar to that of the original play, there was also a freedom in recreating some levels, which in this case was positive.

The puzzles that permeate the game are very interesting, but not completely hard can generate some repetition. Most did not mistake punishes with a life, but with a little repetition of a stretch and give a good varied in the atmosphere. Some involve finding the right path on a grid or play with the phase structure, all elements turning upside down and thus changing platforms.

Graphics and Sound
The pattern of Disney quality is impeccable in terms of graphics and sound, especially when it comes to a classic title re-mastered. The animations are also very fluid and smooth, as one would expect from a giant entertainment. The environments are colorful and varied, each world with a different theme such as a forest, the inside of a toy box or a library.

The original songs were rearranged and re-recorded in high definition. A pleasant surprise to discover that you can play the classic or modern listening audio and can even alternate the two for gambling. In addition there is also the option to enable subtitles, even in English only.

Price x Cost / Benefit
Disney Castle of Illusion can be purchased at a fixed price of $ 10 (approx AU $ 22.10) on Play Store, and this value is buying a full game without DLCs, no coins to complete a level easier without timer to retrieve lives. A proposal that appeals to more traditional video game fans, who care for this type of product.

Disney Castle of Illusion was re-imagined to please old fans and bring possible new admirers. The feeling of playing a classic walk along with new options that technology brings, such as audio and sound to the gameplay. The quality standard is very high in all respects. Unfortunately there is a strong weakness, which may discourage some fully, that is the difficulty in adapting to a platform game controls on the touch screen.