Civilization Revolution 2 Review

The series of the mobile version of the game has managed to adapt very well to the limitations of the Mobile Devices. Check out the full review!

Civilization Revolution 2 is the latest installment of the famous simulation franchise and strategy shifts Civilization. Developed for mobile devices ( iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and fully adapted to the touch screens, the game has a more simple and fluid mechanics, making its rapid and dynamic games.

Displaying a great dimensional look but with a more playful air than other games of its series, 2K Games and Firaxis produce this game exclusively for mobile devices, unlike the previous title that had been adapted.

In addition, the game features new units, buildings and technologies, three types of different match and a lot of buzz in its gameplay that leaves the gaming experience more swift and sophisticated.

Game modes and victory conditions
With a more practical and fast dynamics, Civilization Revolution 2 has three different game modes, but does not have support for online multiplayer matches against other players.

The "Random Map" and Scenario Generator ", reachable in the Single Player menu options are quite similar, differing respectively, as the only randomness or customization of the characteristics of scenarios.

Both alternatives pose a more traditional mode of Civilization series, putting the player in the role of a leader who needs to develop his civilization and dominate the cultural, scientific, economic or military world.

However, Civilization Revolution 2 has simpler goals of the game, simply by conquering certain milestones to win the game, how to create monuments or personalities accumulate certain amounts of credits or dominate all existing technologies.

Another way to start is the "Play a Scenario" in which the player can choose any leader, but find maps with special characteristics that can only be met under very peculiar conditions.

The last mode of Civilization Revolution 2 is in the "Live Events" option, then the home screen of the game. The matches in this way are provided by developers and are based on specific historical events.

The player must control a unique leader who needs to face the enemy according to the rapid initial instructions. Not counting options to save progress, the matches of this type are faster, but have a challenging level of difficulty.

Appearance and sound effects
Civilization Revolution 2 features three-dimensional cartoonish graphics, but much better developed than the game that preceded it. With new graphics models, their animations have more fluidity making the gaming experience quite enjoyable.

Prepared exclusively for mobile devices, its interface has buttons and commands located in an organized and functional manner, making the gameplay and controls as simple and practical touchscreen.

With more limited controls, Civilization Revolution 2 leaves more free player to enjoy their scenarios and plan their strategies. To facilitate this dynamic, the counsel of their leader will inform and present all the news early in the round, becoming the most dynamic games.

As in more classic titles from the Civilization franchise, this game has a sound set that stands out enough. Combining with the most irreverent air their environments and graphical models, all units, leaders and advisors reproduce speeches funny and ridiculous manner.

Moreover, their matches are packed by a set of exciting and varied music, and quite a number of characteristic temper its mechanical sound effects, sounds of fighting up from discrete beeps cities to manage or coordinate units.

Commands innovative and dynamic
Changing very traditional controls and mechanics of the series, Civilization Revolution 2 features a special gameplay that resembles the dynamics of other titles, but is characterized by clarity and practicality.

The player can rely on the content and interaction buttons on the left side of the screen to access the "Civilopedia" view cities or display the interface of diplomatic relations.

With spices failing to do so much importance to the game, the top matches of Civilization Revolution 2 displays a bar with the date, the list of resources and a display on the scientific research in progress.

Finally, on the right side of the interface, there are two buttons, one to quickly access their cities and to mobilize other units that are idle in turn. When the player completes all their movements, the latter command will be replaced by a bar or terminating the shift when dragged.

The movement of troops and vehicles is performed by touches to sort the displacement or the attack, while special abilities may be triggered by a discrete command over your figure. However, miss the game with an interface statistical tables and a mini map to help visualize the scenario.

The dynamics of matches Civilization Revolution 2 is extremely simple, constantly displaying the few resources that may offer land for cities and allowing new settlements settlers fuse anywhere.

Facing the rapid resolution of the game, the game does not present the typical economic and social challenges of the franchise, putting the player in a more objective and systematic accelerated, leaving the construction of uncharacterized monuments, no longer unique buildings in each city and civilization.

Moreover, the fighting also present a more practical way, showing the numbers of defense and attack each unit and their bonuses. However, the game does not offer commands to upgrade your troops and obsolete vehicles.

With five different difficulty levels, modifying enough tenacity artificial intelligence, Civilization Revolution 2 still has a number of medals and achievements that are received in accordance with the victories and achievements of the player.

Civilization Revolution 2 explores well its dynamics and simulation gameplay with turn-based strategy, managing to attract fans of the Civilization series and please new players. With excellent graphics and great sound together, the game still has a good variety of game modes and numerous medals and achievements to reach. The game manages to provide a fun and exciting mechanics, but lacked a multiplayer mode and a more thorough review of the need for certain innovations.