Divinity: Original Sin walkthrough

Released on June 30, 2014 after many delays, Divinity: Original Sin is the fifth installment of the Divinity license, developed by Larian Studios. It is a prequel to Divine Divinity, released in 2002. Stalk You control two-Sources, sent to the city of Cyséal to investigate the mysterious murder of Councilor Jake. But very soon, you'll find that powerful occult forces threaten the equilibrium of the world, and could even destabilize over time.

The world of Rivellon is a vast and dangerous place. Also, DTG Reviews offers the complete solution for Divinity: Original Sin, to guide you safely to the end of the adventure. First, you will get information on creating your characters, and a list of features that can be obtained in cooperative dialogues between your two heroes. You will of course access to the full walkthrough of the main and side quests of the game's more, you can consult the list of characters that can be recruited on your way, the location of all the hidden treasures, as well as detailed maps of each place you are visiting. Finally, we conclude this guide with explanations of the creation of objects, along with a list of objects that you can make. Follow our complete solution for Divinity: Original Sin to not miss your exploration of this world.

Table of Contents

Character creation
List of character traits and their effects
The main quests
Side quests
The recruitable characters
Hidden treasures
Maps and points of interest
Making articles
Residence of the End Times

Character Creation

Name and Class
The first step in creating your character is to choose the name of your heroes and their class. There are 11 classes available, each with different characteristics and different approach to fighting.

Cleric: Allows you to attack in hand-to-body and heal your allies.

Enchanting: Ranged attack with magic. This class control the Aérothurge and Hydrosophiste.

Fighter: Warrior equipped with a one-handed weapon and a shield.

Knight equipped with a two-handed weapon and a talent for Command Warrior.

Ranger: For ranged combat specialist bows.

Thief: Specialist stealth of pickpocketing and lockpicking.

Shadow blade: Assassin mixing sneak attack and magic. Master stealth to surprise opponents.

Traveler: For ranged combat specialist crossbows, and magic Hydrosophistes and geomantic.

Witch: Uses invocations and sorcery to fight.

Mage: Ranged with his mastery of geomancy and Pyrokinétique.

Fighter Mage: Magician can attack the body-to-body or remotely through Witchcraft and Pyrokinétique.

Specifications represent the basic attributes of your hero. Base your characters have a score of 5 for each feature, but you can add 5 points for every increase. These attributes have a direct influence on your character, so choose good ones you want to increase depending on the class selected in order to obtain a viable character in combat.

Strength: Determines the chance to hit with weapons requiring strength, improves skills Man weapons, increases the weight of the items you can carry, move and throw.

Dexterity: Determines the chance to hit with weapons requiring dexterity, improves skills of elite and expert shooter Rogue, and influences the index of defense.

Intelligence: Enhances elemental spells and witchcraft spells.

Constitution: Determines the total vitality and action points.

Speed: Affects the speed, the initiative and the number of action in combat points.

Perception: Affects the critical strike chance, the initiative, the initial points of action combat, the ability to detect traps and accuracy when shooting at long range.

Abilities are separated into six categories, each containing different skills to assign.

Weapons: Includes all weapon skills. Each point increases damage attributed with a crossbow, a bow, a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon.

Defense: Includes all skills related to physical or magical protection. Each point awarded increases your physical strength, your magic resistance, your armor rating and displacement or your chance to block with a shield.

Skills: Includes everything that is related to the use of skills. By increasing these elements, you are able to learn and use more magic spells (Aérothurge, Geomancer, Hydrosophiste, Pyrokinétique or Witchcraft) of Rogue Male or weapons' d.

Personality: Gather everything about the way you are. Each point increases your Charisma assigned, your ability to command, your talents or your Haggle rates Chance (Lucky).

Address: Includes everything on the Craft, the Forge, your Know where your donations Telekinesis.

Abuses: Collect interesting skills for thieves and murderers, namely picking, Stealth and Pickpocketing.

You are not less than 45 Talents proposed. You must have specific characteristics and basic skills to be able to choose some. You can take only 2 for each character creation, but you can choose others when you move to higher levels.

Starting skills
Depending on the class you choose, you have access to some starting skills. You can select those you want to start the game, but you can unlock other during the game.

Here, you can change the portrait of your character, choose gender, personality, his voice, his skin color, his face, his hair cut and color, and finally the underwear you want it bears. The only point really interesting regarding the personality, because it allows you to choose how your partner will react when discussing cooperation.

List of character traits and their effects

During the game, the yellow exclamation marks appear regularly over your hero. Let them enter into dialogue and choose the answers you want. At the end of the discussion, you get a point character that depends on your answers. Here are the character traits that you can get, and their effects:

Pragmatic Crafts increases by 1
Romantic Lucky increases by 1

Altruistic: Reputation increases by 2
Egotistical: Haggle increased by 1

Independent: Will increases by 1
Obedient: bonus will in the presence of a character with Command

Intrepid augment Initiative 1
Prudent: Stealth rose by 1

Right: Command increases by 1
Rebel: Pickpocketing increases by 1

Franc: Immunity against Buff
Courtois: Charisma increases by 1

Compassionate: Critical Hit increased by 3%
Pitiless chance to hit increased by 20% with sneak attacks

Spiritual: Immunity against Fear
Materialistic Teacher knowledge increases by 1

Indulgent: Immunity against Curse
Vindictive: chance to hit increased by 20% with opportunistic attacks

The main quests

This section of the complete walkthrough Divinity: Original Sin brings together all the main quests for adventure. You will discover there the progress of each quest and the various possibilities for validation.

The journey of a Hunt-Source
This quest takes place alongside the other main quests and some events during the adventure.

Follow the same path as the main quest for a mysterious murder. Once in the city of Cyséal, do the side quest Stone and Apprentice to be teleported to Zixzax. After the discussion, he asks you to interact with the telescope behind him. After this action, talk again with the devil, then take the portal to its sides.

You find this in the middle of several inactive portals. Follow Zixzax, then talk with Weaver Time. When you read all the dialogues, the devil speak again to advance the plot. He tells you a rune stone that allows you to teleport to Rivellon, and a pyramid that serves teleportation too, but differently. Using the pyramid, you automatically travel to her twin pyramid, very useful if you want to avoid too many detours.

Return now has Cyséal and use the pyramid in your inventory to locate her twin. She is in the bathroom Cecilia, a young lady naked in the process of washing. You can try to persuade / intimidate / ... but at your level, it may be difficult. Just make sure you pick the blue pyramid on the ground, then leave the room.

From there, the quest will update after some events, the occurrence of certain quests or during your visits to your residence of the End Times :

- Whenever you find a stellar stone or use a Bloodstone

- When you discover a new part of your den with obtaining a stellar stone

- During the main quest Woman Advisor - When the main quest A mysterious murder - New update for the side quest The undead scourge

- When you meet with Samid, arriving in the area Luculla

- Speaking with Arhu transformed into chat, on your arrival in the city of Val money

- At the secondary quest Initiation

- In meeting Leandra in mine Luculla during the side quest Mine Exploration

- In reading old letters Leandra in mines Luculla

- Leaving the hut of the Witch in Luculla

- After defeating the King Boreas to Hiberheim at Quest Eternal Winter

- Speaking with Oracle, at North Hiberheim during the quest Eternal Winter

- By releasing Icara, The Witch, during the main quest In search of the Witch

- Recovering the vial of blood and Leandra log in immaculate library during the main quest Infiltration of the Immaculate.

- Speaking with Icara in your home of the End Time, when the main quest The Witch home.

- When you create the poison of Death Knight by combining the blood and the fate of Leandra Leandra.

- Upon entering the area Oree Hunter

- In talking with Arhu to the Edge of the hunter

- Speaking with Hunter rats in the village of L'Oree Hunter

- When you discover the servants of the mage in the quest Hunting the Edge of the hunter

- Finally the quest Closing the loophole

- Recovering Ritual repair Forge soul at the end of the quest Forge of Souls

- At the end of the quest War stones

A murder mystery - Part 1

Having spent creating your characters, then the opening cinematic, you start your adventure on the beach, not far from the city Cyséal. Head to the north-east of your location to find the corpse of a man. Pick up the parchment rain with him (which we will use later), and retrieve the Journal of the traveler on it. Open your inventory ("i" key by default) and read the newspaper to get your first side quest: The talking statues . Continue your progress via the only way to get three mages who flee. After the little scene, you will participate in your first fight between you and three skeletons.

At the end of the battle, you get an update of your main quest. Go then the old stone gate to the right to discover and explore your first dungeon. Inside, loot and destroy the vases chest near the altar leaving press the "Ctrl" key and clicking with the left mouse button. Note that the objects are random within the containers.

Move a little to be blocked by crates and barrels. Dig all to pick various objects, then hold the left mouse button while pointing a container and move the cursor to move the crate or barrel. Keep this method in mind as it will serve you throughout the game Just after you distinguish a mine that is blocking your path. Send a box or barrel above while remaining relatively far to detonate in receiving damage.

A little further up, you will see a locked safe. Pick up the key right next to open it. While in the South, you find another locked chest next to which is a kit for hooking. Pick it up and use it on the chest to open and empty its contents.

You finally interested in the king's tomb in the center of the room to get an Old parchment on which describes the location of a secret button. Then go to the East to discover the hidden button that allows you, when activated, continue your exploration. Finally destroy the wooden door to enter the next area of the tomb.

Down the stairs, grab the parchment rain landed on the altar, then use it to extinguish the fire in the middle of the zone. You can also destroy the barrels filled with water to dissipate the flames, if you want to keep your recipes for later. At the top you are protected by a mine you need thanks to defuse kit defusing traps placed next boot. In one of the vases, you get the key to open the safe.

Just left you distinguish green steam blocking a passage. Take the parchment fireball on the ground, then use it on the green smoke to dissipate. Open the chest at the bottom to get the Key metal door of the temple. Go to the South of the area and interact with the hidden to open the heavy stone door and continue lever.

In the hallway, put barrels or vases on the three buttons to stop the spread of poison and gain access to a safe and following the dungeon. Enemies talk a little lower. Go stealth ("c" key by default) and pick up the Scroll of fireball on the ground. Use it on both mummies buried to eliminate them easily. You can also engage in combat conventional way if you wish. Once you collect everything that can be, place a vase on each pressure plate to open the door. Collect items placed on the altar, then climb the stairs. Put a character on the pressure plate, then separate the portraits in the upper left to move to the second freely.

Once the two protagonists on the other side of the door, ready to face your first boss: Ragequin. Although it is accompanied by two henchmen, the fight should not be too difficult. After your victory out of the tomb by the passage at the bottom. Return to the surface, go south to meet Ishmashell, a shell that speaks. You get to her side quest on the deserted beach.

A little further up, you unlock your first tag Sanctuary that allows you to teleport to sanctuaries previously released. Also pick up the shovel used to dig in some places. Use it also immediately to search the sand mound located close, and so find a chest buried.

Head now to the bridge to speak with Bibius and Junius. During the conversation, you get the side quest guards the bridge. In any case, at the end of the dialogue, move forward to reach a beach invaded by Orcs.

Fight them with the help of soldiers present to validate the side quest We shall fight on the beaches, then head to the left of the entrance to the city to find a chest. You finally approach the front door to meet Arthus. Exhaust the topics of conversation to finally enter the city of Cyséal. Visit this page to read the main quest.

A murder mystery - Part 2

Now that you're in town, go immediately to the west to see sailors trying to extinguish a fire on a ship. As you approach, you unlock the side quest Fire! Fire! Fire! . Advance on the platform to speak with Philip who will inform you that he and his comrades seek a new job. He then tells you the side quest Homelessness boat.

In the North, you find a new Sanctuary tag and the port warehouse. Cross warehouse to meet Marius and Ninnius, in discussion about a woman enchanted orc. Then you get the side quest you see me charmed.

Head north and take a series of steps to get into the city. From the fountain, go south to find the home care Thélyron. Especially not dig at the headstone, or die in agony ... Instead discuss with Thélyron and ask him questions about his assistant Evelyn. Will now speak with Eveline to obtain the side quest Stone and apprentice. At the end of this quest, you are teleported into a place that allows you to advance the main quest The Hunt-a Source trip.

Back in Cyséal, continue exploring the city to the East from the house Thélyron to find a little show. You can talk with Reginald to the stage to listen to her "incredible story". But you especially interested Gallagher near him to start secondary quest Atmosphere. Just north is installed the city market. Enjoy to do some shopping, then talk with Bertia for the side quest Little Bo Bertia lost her sheep , Captain Jack to advance Homelessness boat to Kelvania to trigger a new cooperative dialogue at the end where you can get a point in Intrepid or Prudent, and finally Gérome to buy him his treasure maps . Leaving the market by the West, you trigger the secondary quest The Thief of fish.

Just north of the market, you find yourself in front of the Tavern Crab. As you approach, Mendius calls you and asks you to join his guide called The Fantastic Five , which allows you to create a new side quest. Inside the tavern, you can get the side quest A love cat with feline named Sam resistant, if you have the Talent Friend of animals.

Upstairs, watch items Shereth to trigger a discussion between your two heroes. Prefer pragmatic side and let live to enjoy his store. Before leaving this place, talk a bit with Madora. Following the conversation, you will be able to recruit to complete your group.

Exit this Tavern and enter the building on the right: it is the Town Hall (image13). Mayor Cecil tells you the side quest The big stick Cecil. Ask him also questions about the library so that it presents Victoria. Interested you then Charlene who offers the quest Tom apprentice adventurer. Finally, you can recruit the mage Jahan located upstairs.

At Northern Cyséal, will meet the mortician to trailer. Him asking questions about the death of Jake, you seem nervous, which will update your main quest. On the walls to the right of the morgue, converse with Eglandaer to start secondary quest Bloody Vendetta.

Just to the right is the cemetery of the city. If you have the talent Friend of animals and you have recruited Jahan, talk to the dog Murphy for a conversation with the mage. It turns out that Murphy was the pet of Jake and he does not recognize the scent of his master. So dig at his tombstone to discover that the corpse of Jake is not within: This action will update your primary and secondary quest quest Little Bo Bertia lost her sheep . Complete this quest also before continuing investigation.

Before leaving the cemetery, dig the grave of Nemris and converse with him, to obtain the side quest, The Philosopher. Finally, dig in the center of the cemetery to find a hidden passage. By exploring, you come across zombies to eliminate. The north exit will take you outside the city, Southwest output allows you to retrieve a chest that was inaccessible until now, and finally the southern exit leads you into successions of trapped after which you get parts in an abandoned house in the city.

Now that we've finished sightseeing, head to the east to find the barracks and talk aureus. Exhausting all lines of dialogue, you get permission to investigate the crime scene, but you also get four new side quests: The undead scourge , Wet Hen , The Lost archaeologist and Legionaries church . Upstairs, talk to the white cat who is none other qu'Arhu. Again, exhaust topics to get an update of your main quest and side quest to start the failed experiment of Arhu.

Now, return to the Inn of King Crab and ask the guard to let you access the crime scene. Upon entering the stellar stone ground reacts and you unlock a new room in your residence the End Times. Crochet the chest in the room to retrieve the letter of the Duke of Ferol, triggering the main quest of the woman councilor. You need to advance this new quest before continuing a mysterious murder.

When your doubts will be cast on Evelyn, go in Thélyron. You notice that the girl is no longer there. Talk to the healer to inform you that she left her purse in the room next door, and it tells you where it can be. Pick up the key in his bag, then enter the house of Evelyn which is right next door. Search the shelves and read the newspaper Evelyn and pick up the fate of revelation in the trunk.

Get out of the city by the West door and go through the cave to the north side quests instead of the failed experiment of Arhu , The Fantastic Five and Tom apprentice adventurer . On the other side, head over to the West to meet Dietmar, you need to remove the side quest The big stick Cecil. Place yourself at the marker and use the spell of revelation to reveal the entrance to the hiding Eveline.

Inside, remove the first enemy to take his key. Move a little to meet a group of orcs seeking Evelyn. Try to convince them to the end of the discussion or kill them to continue. Fight worshipers in the next room, then go through the door to the east.

Go down the stairs to fight Evelyn. It will invoke multiple enemies that you must also be eliminated. At the end of the fight, talk Jacquou zombie who is none other than Councilor Jake. Ask all your questions, which will end this quest and start the main quest Seeking the Witch.

Women (Esmeralda)

When the main quest A mysterious murder, open the chest on the scene of Jake to find a word and start this quest. Head to the store Esmeralda, which is just next to the town hall and talk to the suspect. Show her the letter you found. Of course, she denied any involvement in the death of her husband.

Go upstairs from her shop and steal the key to her house. Exit the building, walk around and open the back door with the key. Pick up the book The perfect murder in the first room and safe key from the hostel and the key at the bottom of the tub in the second bathroom. Open the chest to find two objects then go through the door bottom.

In the basement, go right at the bottom to get another key and use it on the gate opposite to access safe.

Stay a while in the basement and remove the hams near the entrance to discover a hidden button. Enter the secret room and pick up the bloody dagger on the desktop. Confront Esmeralda again with these elements, but deny any block. By cons, it will reveal suspicions that it has on Evelyn, the apprentice Thélyron. Simply complete the main quest A mysterious murder to end this quest.

A search of the Witch
Get out of the city by the city Cyséal the East door, cross the inflamed area to the east and cross the bridge near the Sanctuary of beacon Northeast. You will reach a new area: Luculla. Just arrived, a Samid will tell you, which triggers the main quest Infiltration of Immaculate. Go east to find the witch's hut. To access it, you must first complete the side quest The party to fungi.

Enter the cabin and interact with the mirror. You are then transported into the cave of the witch. Take the key on the table and open the cabinet in the next room. Pick up the newspaper and read it damaged to learn the existence of a hidden chest.

You approach the exit to find a button, then turn it out of here. At the intersection, turn right to get the side quest The Lady in the Lake. Return to the intersection and take the other path. Below, you see a boar being bullied. Save him from his captors before he gets killed. If you have the talent Friend of animals, talk to him and ask him that helps you find the treasure of the witch.

Bring him now south-east of the cave so that shows you the location of the safe. If your perception is not enough, just use your shovel to dig in front of him the treasure. Now go all the northern cave to the poor knowledge of Vaélanna and Immaculate accompanying. When you have destroyed a conversation begins with the mysterious voice of the Lake.

Collect the light amulet that will be useful for the quest Infiltration of the Immaculate and the Fate of worshipers that you must use in order to enter Lake. Advance in the new area to be blocked by a stone wall. Teleport one of your characters close to chest height, so he can follow the path to the lever to lower the wall.

Continue west to find a divot. Dig to pick up the tiny golden key. Go slightly left, then unlock the lever. You find Almina after the new area you just opened.

After the conversation, you receive a new quest: Eternal Winter . Leave all East area, then move the explosive barrel to the top of the slope in order to unlock a new passage. You are now in Hiberheim. Start by heading to the East to meet Arroka and start the side quest Prisoners crystals.

A little further, you have Hilda, an Immaculate Enchanting and languid Mound. As you approach, try to avoid combat through persuasion, then follow them to camp near. Speaking with Enchanting, you entrust secondary quest A dark matter. Once you've been around this area, go west to find a clod of earth to dig in front of a large head carved in stone. Finally, go through the door to enter the underground.

Progress in underground taking care of the many traps on the ground. At the end, you find a ladder that takes you inside the prison. Now that you're in prison, you have to find the Witch. Dig into the right corner of the cell to pass into the next cell.

In the next room, Sentinel prevents you from advancing. Teleport one of your characters with a spell or casting a pyramid in the center of the room, then run up the stairs a pyramid. Return to the level of your group, then use the second pyramid to teleport the entire group down the stairs. You can also teleport one of your characters in the center and defuse the trap to pass safely.

Continue via the unique path and interact with the ice at the bottom. The Witch is held prisoner here, and you must find a way to deliver it. Finish the side quest Winter eternal order to invoke Sua, a fire elemental will be able to deliver the Witch. The quest ends after the discussion, and a new beginning: The Witch in it.

Witch home
After completing quests Looking Witch and Infiltration Immaculate , combine the blood found at the Leandra quest Infiltration Immaculate and the fate of Leandra recovered during the quest Exploration mines to get the Poison Knight Death. Return to your residence the End Times to speak with Icara. So you turn in the quest Infiltration Immaculate and The Witch home. It also gives you two new main quests: Forge of souls and follow the wizard.

Side quests

This section of the complete walkthrough Divinity: Original Sin brings all the side quests for adventure. We reveal you the progress of each quest and the various possibilities for validation.

Cyséal and its surroundings
In this part of the Complete Guide to Divinity: Original Sin, you will discover all the side quests area Cyséal.

The talking statues
On the deserted beach
Guards the bridge
We shall fight on the beaches
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Homeless boat
You see me charmed
Stone and apprentice
Early Bo Bertia lost his sheep
The fish thief
The Fantastic Five
Love cat
The big stick Cecil
Tom apprentice adventurer
Bloody vendetta
The philosopher
The Lost archaeologist
Legionnaires church
The failed experiment of Arhu
The orc in mourning
Crabs against skeletons
Another mad mage
Headless Nick
Beacon for lost love
The Legionnaires will
The preacher of Earthly Delights

The talking statues
From the beginning of the adventure, when you land on the beach, head to the North East to discover a corpse. Search him to pick up the Journal of the traveler and read it from your inventory to start this quest. Following this action, you have access to a dialogue of cooperation between your two heroes. During the dialogue, the choice you select will influence the characteristics of your character. You will win and be a point Pragmatic (adds 1 Crafting), or a point Romantic (adds +1 Lucky). You can very well choose for your hero opposite to increase statistics that will further responses.

You can find these statues a little later in the game, advancing the main quest A mysterious murder. They are located near the beach in the northern city of Cyséal. Tell them to learn a little more about each. The idea now will be to release their condition. To do this, you must run on each spell, a scroll or arrow of the same element and that fight the demons that appear.

When you have defeated all four, the search is valid and a passage opens. Explore the primitive cave to meet the mage Bellegar, which has a large amount of gold you want to sell your items.

On the deserted beach
On the beach, south of the entrance to the tomb in which you battle Ragequin, you met Ishmashell, a shell that speaks. He asks you to help him regain the sea agreeing to help him, he will reward you with a chest containing gold and a precious item that you can sell. Otherwise, you can still recover the shell to sell it to a merchant.

However, the decision to help or not give rise to a discussion between your two protagonists. Depending on the choice of dialogue for each hero, you get either a point Altruist (+2 Reputation) or Egotistic (+1 Haggle), or in obedience (bonus will if a character with Command is in sight) if one of the two abandoned the discussion to let the other. If your two heroes can not find common ground, a mini-game in the form of a rock-paper-scissors begins: the winner will have the last word.

Guards the bridge
On the way to reach Cyséal, you have two guards slightly tipsy. At the end of the discussion with them, you can agree they escort you to the mage to receive a point Obedient (bonus will in the presence of a character with Command), or refuse to confront. In the second case, you get a point in Independent (+1 will) and a point Compassionate (critical strike increased by 3%) if you regret your action, or a point in Unforgiven (chance to hit increased 20% with sneak attacks).

We shall fight on the beaches
By heading to the beach at the entrance to the city of Cyséal, and after confirming the side quest guards the bridge, you see orcs attacking soldiers. Joining the beach, a ship docks and orcs controlled by a human attack you. Simply remove the invaders to validate this quest.

Fire! Fire! Fire!
On entering the city Cyseal, go directly to the docks to the west to see a ship on fire. Several sailors trying to control the fire but they do not succeed. Besides, if you wait enough, the flames completely ravage the boat and the quest will not be validated. Use a Scroll of rain you have recovered from the tomb visited earlier or near the body at the beginning of the adventure to help sailors. Not only will you earn some experience points, but you also get a point for each character Reputation.

Homeless boat
Finishing the side quest Fire! Fire! Fire! , discuss with marine Louis, Max and Philip on the dock to get this quest. They are currently looking for work, as their ship departed smoked. Head to the market Cyséal and discuss the situation with Captain Jack. It turns out that the good Captain is looking for sailors to accompany him. Go back to the three sailors unemployed to announce the good news, and so end this quest.

You see me charmed
Warehouse in the port, and you meet Marius Ninnius disputing about a woman enchanted orc. After exhausting the topics, you must decide on the fate of the orc. If you choose to eliminate the quest ends. If you think otherwise it might be useful later, opt to keep it alive. However, if you choose to save the two soldiers are killed when you pass the view a little later.

Stone and apprentice
In the city of Cyseal, within the care home Thélyron you make the acquaintance of a young apprentice named Evelyn. It is a dilemma: two good men are seriously injured but it can not cure one with its stone care. It therefore asks you to decide and choose which to live and who must die. When your choice is made, turn the apprentice know.

Following this, you will be teleported to a strange place, which will update your main quest The Hunt-a Source trip.

In the southern part of the city of Cyséal, you find a small show organized by a certain Reginald. Talk with him for a bit about the history of his talking head, then talk with Gallagher close to trigger this quest. It teaches you that it is paid for by Reginald scream and draw a crowd. Now, talk to Cedric, just east. The poor guy is helpless against the phenomenal success of its competitor. Tell him the secret of Reginald, that it has launched a "crier" to spectators come. Go back and talk with Gallagher and offer to move to the competition. Whatever choice you make, you have won a game of rock-paper-scissors for the man works for Cedric. Finally, go break the news to Reginald to end this quest.

Early Bo Bertia lost his sheep
On the market square Cyséal, talk Bertia to obtain this quest. She asks you to find a sheep that is lost. Go to the cemetery of the city, north, dig up the coffin of Jake and search it to retrieve the body of a sheep. Bring the leftovers to Bertia it identifies his lost sheep.

But we must now determine who could do that. Take a ride to the morgue, north of the city, and talk a bit with Roberts. Push it to admit that it has replaced the body of Jake the corpse of a sheep, in exchange for a large sum of gold. You can even get him to give you the gold. Turn the news to the small Bertia to end this quest.

The fish thief
The west side of the market, you see a man trying to steal fish on a stall. You can choose to promote and defend it against the soldier when they get caught, or else convince not commit this crime. Depending on your choice, you can get a point or characteristic Just Rebel during the first phase, then a point Franc Courtois or when the guard joins in the conversation. In all cases, the quest ends.

The Fantastic Five
North Market Cyséal at the entrance of the King Crab Tavern, a Mendius offers integrated guild Fantastic Five. Before accepting, he will ask you a series of questions, each influencing the response attribute points you will receive. Once engaged in the company, he will give you your first mission: to destroy the infamous robot Arhu. Tell the robot Arhu in the barracks, so that tells you the side quest The failed experiment of Arhu closely linked to that of the Fantastic Five. Ending quest for Arhu, return to the inn Crab Mendius only to find that is no longer there. Then talk to the mayor to the town hall that will inform you that the Fantastic Five left the city with their reward ... You have nothing, but at least the quest will be validated.

Love cat
In the Tavern Crab Royal Cyséal, talk with Sam resistant, if you have the Talent Friend of animals. It will ask you to find out why Maxine, he loves her pussy, resist. Enter city hall, the building right next to the Tavern to find Maxine. Talking to him, you learn that she appreciates Sam but she fears it can not meet the needs of any small kittens they have together. Return to Sam that he says you had a precious necklace, now lost.

Now, complete the side quest Crabs against skeletons to get the black key ominous, allowing you to open access to the southern part of the Black Creek. Fight the nightmare of the source and retrieve the necklace Sam on his body. Bring the object to its owner to update this quest. Follow the cat to his sweetheart and watch the scene to end this quest

The big stick Cecil
Inside the town hall Cyséal, talk with Mayor Cecil to obtain this quest. He asks you to find the Pergamon stick for him. Head to the docks to the west of the city, to discuss with Conrad on his boat. This is clearly not the one who has the stick.

Then talk to Marv on the dock. He informs you that a certain Dietmar fled during the attack of orcs, and he thinks it is he who was able to fly the stick. Back again to see Conrad know where Dietmar party. Continue the main quest A mysterious murder to find the thief on a beach north of the city. Remove his band and himself, and then retrieve the stick on his corpse. Finally, return the object to the mayor Cecil for your reward or choose to keep it to yourself.

Tom apprentice adventurer
In the City Hall Cyséal, discuss it with Charlene for you entrust this quest. You find the corpse of Tom during the side quest The failed experiment of Arhu. After the fight against the robot, pick up the letter from Charlene on his corpse, and read to update this quest. Finally return to Charlene and choose to tell him or not what happened to his son.

Bloody vendetta
In the city of Cyséal on the ramparts to the right of the morgue, you met Eglandaer. He asks you to find him in his room at the Tavern Crab. Go upstairs to the hostel to talk to him again. It will require that you assassinate Victoria, the adopted daughter of the mayor, who happens to be a female orc.

Several options are available to complete this quest:

- Or you simply obey and you slay Victoria located on the floor of the town hall. Retrieve the amulet once it is dead, then bring it to your sponsor to receive the experience and recoverable objects in the chest that appears behind him.

- Either you tell Victoria Machiavellian plans Eglandaer. Try to convince her to confide his amulet and return it to the elf for the experience and the objects in his chest, without having paid a single drop of blood.

- Either you tell Victoria and you offer to stop the elf by the guard. Tell aureus, which is in the barracks of the city. He asks you a proof to stop the elf. Return to the inn and fly him his bloody amulet if you have a gifted pickpocket thief. Return the amulet to stop aureus elf, and thus complete this quest.

The philosopher
In the cemetery of Cyséal, dig the grave of Nemris to make it appear. It will put you to the test by asking yourself some questions. But before that, he suggest you read the book "Philosophy of Death" that you get at the library of the town hall. However, there is nothing written on the book ... Go talk to him and tell him that you are ready to take the test. Answer his questions with the answer 2, 2 and 1, in order to validate this quest and get a few items in a chest reward.

The undead scourge
Aureus is who tells you this mission, when you talk to him in his office at the barracks of the city. He asks you to find the source of evil undead infesting Cyséal. However, you must have completed the main quest A murder mystery before you start, because you will recover a necessary object once in the church. Get out of the city by the East door and talk Blossius, a skeleton stands a little farther north of the city.

Go east to arrive in an inflamed area guarded by several enemies. Plan some scrolls rain or character can cast this spell to cross safely. So you head to the south by eliminating opponents, and once out of the furnace, veer east to reach the cemetery.

Cross it by destroying skeletons and zombies that will attack you. Beware of Mad cemetery will summon zombies explosives in very large numbers. You can also get the side quest The preacher of Earthly Delights at Ebenezer, in the eastern part of the cemetery. Eventually you will reach the entrance to the church door firmly closed and guarded by towering statues. Trying to enter, they will ask you a question, answer correctly, try to convince them or destroy them to pass.

Inside, you interrupt the rally and worship leader fled, leaving you with a few servants. The battle is over, loot some places to get the key of the great door of the church on a bench in the background. Interact now with four paintings of the church (press "Alt" to identify default) and press the buttons they hide. Finally take the secret passage through which escaped the cult leader.

You enter the Ancient Tomb. If you have completed the main quest A mysterious murder , the amulet that gave you the zombie Jacquou allows you to disable the force field. Moreover, you find behind, along with Thélyron. Talk to them, then go through the back door to be faced with a terrible opponent.

This is the King Rex Braccus you face. This is particularly tough opponent, especially because of the demons that accompany it. After the fight, loot the room to find a stellar stone in a chest, then return with aureus to validate this quest.

The Colossus
Just to the left of the Sanctuary of West Cyséal tag, enter the basement of the house in ruins thanks to the Keys the secret trap set near. Inside, move the coffin lid (requires at least 10 Strength) to the knowledge of Snorri.

It challenges you: you must destroy the ball he shows as soon as possible. To hit the ball, go next, let the press "Ctrl" key and left-click on it (you may need to click several times to destroy it). When it is destroyed, Snorri will reward you with a few items in a chest.

Aureus is who tells you this mission, when you talk to him in his office at the barracks of the city. He asks you to find the men he sent to the haunted lighthouse. Get out of town by the western gate and then head west to always find Mallius and Lucia, the last survivors sent to the lighthouse. Tell them to advance the quest.

Farther to the west, you reach the lighthouse, protect a Ghoul. Get rid of this abomination in order to enter the building. Then go through the door to meet the ghost Samson. This character is also necessary to achieve the secondary quest for lost love Lighthouse. Go back to the two soldiers and choose to tell them whether or not it happened. Finally Tell aureus in the barracks of the city to end this quest.

The Lost archaeologist
Aureus is who tells you this mission, when you talk to him in his office at the barracks of the city. You must find an archaeologist who accompanied an expedition. Get out of town by the west gate and search the houses in ruins to find the archaeologist Wulfram. Offer to escort him into town and defend it against the attacks of skeletons. On arriving at the gates of the vile, go tell aureus that you found the archaeologist to end this quest.

Legionnaires church
Aureus is who tells you this mission, when you talk to him in his office at the barracks of the city. You have to find legionnaires were sent to the old church and are still not returned. Exit Cyséal the East door and talk with Blossius the fearful skeleton just a little north of the city. Now, go back to Aureus to complete this quest.

The failed experiment of Arhu
Arhu gives you this quest when you go see him in his office, on the floor of the barracks of the city. This quest takes place in parallel with the Fantastic Five. Arhu gives you a remote control that is supposed to disable its crazy robot.

Get out of the city by the Northwest door, then head north to find the entrance to the nauseating Tunnel. Inside, you meet Visco, Victor and Richard.

Slightly forward into the cave to fall on the robot. You can either fight fair, or use the remote you provided Arhu to have a little fun.

The possible commands:

- Go-Go-Joie: Berserk Mode

- Go-Go-Sleep: Self-Destruct Mode (Warning, you will not get objects!)

- Sleep-Sleep-Joy: Off mode weapons

- Go-Go-Go: Off mode universal controller

- Joy-Joy-Joy: Party mode

Once you get rid of this enemy, take the opportunity to advance the side quest Tom apprentice adventurer. To validate this quest, you must talk with the guard in the basement of the barracks.

The orc in mourning
Leaving the city Cyséal by Southwest door, walk on the beach to meet a crying orc. Tell him to notify you that he buried his brother with full armor. You can decide to start looking for the grave to get their hands on the armor (+1 Materialist), or compassion and leave the remains of the brother alone (+1 Spiritual). In the second case, the quest simply ends. However, for the most greedy of you talk again to him and try to convince him to show you the location of the grave of his brother.
But in reality, falls in front of the totem where you met. Dig and search the body for a random object.

Crabs against skeletons
Get out of the city by the East door, then follow the coast to meet some orcs. You will fall a little further on a orc leader with his henchmen. Once all these people removed, enter the skull to access a cave. Visiting a little, you witness a battle between orcs and skeletons, which triggers this quest. Miss some tricks to reduce the number of enemies, then kill the survivors.

Continue your exploration by the North to fight an Abomination of Source. Warning, the fight could be quite difficult, especially when it relies on small crabs reinforcement. In one of the huts on the right, you have Billeh Gahr, a character to say the least ... strange. Following the dialogue, side quest Another Mage cracked begins.

Enter the next room, pick up the key port of the creek on the desktop and destroy the painting of a woman to reveal a hidden button. Pressing it brings up a door in the corner of the room. , Opening the gate and heading towards the dock below, you get to know Headless Nick and Lillian, who will entrust the side quest Headless Nick.

Explore this new area to fight some crabs and discover a large room heavily trapped. Go down the stairs to the right and look for the switch bloodstained. This is one that should be enabled to continue.

The head of giant stone blocking the road you more, enter the new passage to fight Pirate Pontius and his henchmen. For this fight, first remove Pontius before you attack others. When all enemies have been destroyed, the quest ends. Do not forget to pick up the black key ominous allows you to open access near where skeletons fighting orcs, at the beginning of Black Creek, and Pontius the key to open the chest on the vessel.

Another mad mage
In the basement you find the side quest Crabs against skeletons, you get to know the mage Billeh Gahr. He talks about a hidden button that you must enable. Do not leave the room and do not move your selected character. Instead, take another hero and detach it from the rest of the group so that others do not follow. Move the box to the left and press the button below to disable the part and validate this quest.

Headless Nick
When visiting the black glass Creek, you have two spectra on the dock edge. This is Lillian and her father Nick. The father has literally lost his head ... and you must find her. Return to Cyséal and go to the festival in the South to find the head in question. If this is not already done so, complete the side quest Atmosphere to discuss with the head without worrying about people around.

But the head seems to thrive away from his body and his daughter, so you must make a choice: either you get her to find her body, whether you leave here and you return with her daughter to inform. In the first case, the search is valid and you get experience points and a safe with objects. But in the second case, when you return to Lillian, the latter will attack you.

Beacon for lost love
During the side quest Crabs against skeletons, you get the black key ominous allows you to open access in the Black Creek. Behind the giant crab that you have to kill for the side quest A cat love, you encounter the specter of Desdemona. She wants to see her husband one last time before leaving permanently. You encounter the specter of her husband Samson lighthouse at the side quest Sissies.

After speaking with him, go back to Desdemona in Black Creek to inform acts of her husband. Return to the lighthouse to listen to the discussion between the two spectra. Desdemona must choose whether or not to forgive her husband to end this quest.

The Legionnaires will
Leave the city Cyséal by the North East door, then head north to meet Blossius. During the conversation, he asks you to bring his will to Marisa, his wife, who lives in Val money. You find the village along the main quest Seeking the Witch. Marisa is in the tavern of the deck, in the city of Val money.

However, you have two options to complete this quest: either give you the will of his wife Blossius without changing anything, or you will read and then use a Quill and ink pot on the will to change, then you turn to the widow for inheritance Legionnaires up to you as you wish.

The preacher of Earthly Delights
In the largest cemetery in eastern Cyséal, you encounter a group of spectra. Talk with Ebenezer to start this quest. He wants to stay here rather than go to the House of echoes. If you have a character with the Talent Friend of animals, return to town and talk with Sam, the cat took up residence in the hostel King Crab. And you will learn some startling revelations about what the character Ebenezer. Go back and talk to him and decide his fate: either you let it wander here forever, or you decide it should be held in the Chamber of Echoes.

In the first case, the search terminates and you receive some reward objects. In the second case, you must fight the spectra.

Well who wanted to find her brother
South of the abandoned church, you can talk with Sam Wells-aux-wishes. He explains that his brother is trapped in another place, and offers to teleport to help. Accept to find yourself in a snowy area.

Talk with William Wells aux wish to explain you how to help. You'll have to wait for the quest A search of the Witch to tread the earth Hiberheim. The first step will be to eliminate the King Boreas realizing Quest Eternal Winter . Where you fought King, talk to the statue in the right wall and answer him "His name is Lurrean". You can then access a long corridor guarded by Sentinels.

Send your character with the best score Stealth scout to pass two Sentinels down the hall. Finally, the lever on the right wall for the rest of the group to join you.

In addition to a stellar stone, you find the message The last sheep werewolf for the quest The Legend of the Werewolf sheep and the Teleport Scroll wells. Now, back in the forest Hiberheim, locate Hilda which is a little north of Sanctuary Forest Hiberheim tag and kill it. Collect Wand control oak languid, then head to the North East.

Use the wand on the languid oak, allowing you to kill him without a fight. Gather four barrels on the sides and bring them up the steps to place the four pressure plates: you have to dig to find the last plate.

Continue until the door closed. Look on the left to find a lever that opens all doors. Finally, talk to the well to inform him that you have the spell. Read it so that it finally finds his brother. Back to Sam in the region Cyséal to end this quest.

Luculla and Hiberheim

In this part of the Complete Guide to Divinity: Original Sin, you will discover all the side quests regions Luculla and Hiberheim.

The sad truth
A Val money, talk with Nadia in her shop to start this quest. You must finish in the first side quest The Swag troll , for the Letter of mining office. Choose bring him the letter or not. But if it has this evidence, she wants revenge Lawrence. Follow her to the house of the man and choose whether to accept the pot of wine that he offers or not. If she refuses the pot of wine, she will scream in the city of Lawrence crimes. Your last choice is to decide if he should be massacred by the mob or if you let live. Your last choice completes this quest.

Beauty and the Beast
East of Val money, you experience Fumble, a troll guarding a broken bridge. Like all trolls, it asks you a sum of money to cross: refuse to pay, anyway it does not hold it against you. By cons, talking with him, he tells you that he would like a pretty lady come to visit him from time to time. Talk with Ruby before the tavern pick and pay the company to fit the troll. Finally return to Fumble to see if they get along well.

Problem goblins
Talk with Lawrence in his office Val money to start this quest. He explains that the goblins took control of the mine, and he asks you to hunt. Exit Val money by Southeast, then follow the road to the Southeast. You cross the awkward troll for side quest Troll angry , you pass the entrance to the cave troll necessary for the secondary quest The Swag troll , and after many battles against goblins, you end up achieving the entrance to the mine.

Inside, move a bit to find a cage in which is enclosed the goblin Dreksis. Tell him to understand a little what happens here. Open the gate by the lever side, then kill the prisoners goblins. Finally pick up the head and bring the Dreksis Lawrence will be very satisfied. 

Care for the frame
South-east of Val money, you experience Bjorn, Mara and their trusty steed Alfie. The beast is wounded and they ask you to find a way to save her. If you still have the blood stone you found in the trunk of pirate Pontius, you can use it on the poor beast. Otherwise, wait until you have finished the side quest Initiation , at the end of which you get two. When the animal is kept, you can talk with Bjorn to trigger the secondary quest The Escort.

The escort
After saving Alfie (or not) during the secondary quest for treatments setting , talk again with Bjorn to start their escort. You simply need to follow the characters to the town of Val money to validate this quest. You can now contact Bjorn to buy weapons and armor, a shop located next to the store of Nadia.

Booty troll
Front of the tavern from the deck, talking with Brandon that you entrust this quest. He wants to seize the wealth of the troll king, and he hopes that you will help. If you agree, go to the South East and discuss the second troll guarding a broken bridge and triggers secondary quest Troll angry. With a little persuasion, you can tell where it is hiding its king.

In all cases, you will find the entrance to the cave troll king even in Southeast Val money. You must have completed the side quest The Bloodstone Frederick to gain access to the lair of the troll king. Place the book Confidential Records Maradino the ground level rays of the sun, then enter the cave.

Move a little to discuss with the founder, and try to convince you that he speaks of his king. Keep exploring to find the King and his guards Gungir. Kill them all, then head to the bottom of the cave to undermine the Ténébrium. Finally back to Brandon to give him the ore, which ended this quest and lets you move the side quest The sad truth .

Note that you can recover Ténébrium in mine Luculla during the side quest Mine Exploration. 

The explosive character Bicky
On the floor of the tavern from the deck in one of the rooms, you'll find an explosive zombie named Bicky that threatens to explode some Bonnie. Exit the dialog stating that you stay back, then make a choice: either you enter the room and the zombie explodes, taking with him the lady, or you cast a spell of rain to extinguish the wick of the bomb, saving at the same time the young woman.

Speaking with Loïc in the Chapel of Val money you entrust this side quest. Open your inventory and read the first part of the Bible if you want to. Talk again to the priest and tell him that you are ready to join.  
Answer the three questions in this order: Exact, Inexact and Exact.

He will then make you spend a second test, which he calls the real Immaculate initiation. Follow the path west of Val money to arrive at some guards. Tell them that you have the blessing of Loïc to pass.

A little further, you will encounter a goblin named Kadraskaz. This is a seller who offers a lot of interesting objects. If you have the talent Friend of animals, you can talk to Ralfie, his horse, who will ask you to kill his master to release. If you do, expect a tough fight because the goblin is a very good fighter. But reward Ralfie you entrust a secret about the goblin camp further: if you go enter the small totem in the center of their camp, you can control them.

Volunteer Now in windy area, and head north. Try to avoid fights, but if you do not have a choice, keep in mind that your characters are under the effect of Slow permanently. Eventually you reach the entrance of the cave, where you expect the second test Loïc. Slightly forward to talking with the statue, then go straight to engage in a long corridor.

The first trial began, and it is apparently to be contaminated by Necrosis. Your characters will lose 1 life regularly until you are healed. Time is short, but knows that you can still heal you, so do not panic! Cross the next room, taking care to present many pitfalls. Locate the four buttons on the ground at the four corners of the room: they are different sizes. You must place each button a certain weight to unlock access to the rest of the race. You will see a small message "Click" appear above the button if the correct weight is installed.

On the largest button, place the heavy barrel you find all left the room. The large button, place a classic vase.

The small button, place a bucket of water that you can find a secret passage on the right side of the area, working with the button on the wall.

Finally, the smallest button, place the Bible Immaculate you find near the library just above. Now go to the next area to continue the initiation.

You are in the presence of four levers, three are gathered online and last farthest. Go on the top left of the room to find information on the position of the levers. Return to their level, put together three levers in the position shown, and then select the last to continue. In case of misuse, a message will warn you.

In the next room you'll find a stellar stone, which unlocks a new room to your den . In addition, you are now treated necrosis. Climb the stairs to the far left to discuss with Loïc. It will be amazed that you're attained by necrosis, but you still require sacrificing hen who wanders around: choose to do or not as you wish. But trying to get out, Loïc and his minions attack you. Collect two key he drops to the ground, then return to Val money.

Enter the chapel, then go through the door to the bottom. Pick up the two stones of blood, one of which can be used for side quest Care for the frame. 

Angry troll
Strolling in Southeast Val money, you find another troll much less sympathetic than you cross near the city.  
Like all trolls, he will ask you to pay a toll to cross the broken bridge, which is absurd, you will agree. However, you can also eliciting information about the location of the cave of his king, if you manage to cajole / intimidate / charm during the dialogue. Choose to pay or not to continue on the path beside him, but know that if e refusal, you must fight.

Exploration of mines
This quest is triggered by entering mines Luculla during the side quest problem goblins. First take the side quests Rebellion of dreadlords and control of minors. From the camp Kaden, go through the small path to the south using spells rain to extinguish fires. At the end, destroy the barricade to advance.

Pay attention to the Death Knight who rode, and then walk towards the main gate of the temple. Give the password that you provided the skeletons at the end of the side quest Control minors to open: Sadakandras! Move a little in the new passage and collect the Ténébrium ground for the secondary quest The Swag troll. By continuing, you encounter some Leandra.

At the end of the discussion, it puts forward three Death Knights and fled. You know, these enemies are indestructible, so to get away, flee fighting by heading north, destroy tables and wooden crates, and then interact with the mirror Astarte. The mirror will ask you where you want to go: the library or crypt. You can anyway visit both places.

Select the library, go simply avoiding making you burn and recovering everything that can be, until you reach another mirror-select "to the office of high priest." Advance to achieve a dome of blue protection where you'll be safe. Delve a little area to find the Spell Leandra, which combined with his blood makes the Knights of the destructible death. Turn back to the mirror and choose to go into the crypt. Interact with the mirror again, and then decide to be teleported to the entrance hall.

Go down the stairs, then hurry you through the burning to reach a final mirror that allows you to get out of the mine area. 

Hide and seek
Upon entering the mine Luculla during the side quest problem goblins , move the crates near the Sanctuary tag to meet Mikas. Talk a little with him to make you a rundown on what happens in the mine. It also allows you to start the side quest The Rebellion dreadlords. At the end of the conversation, he asks if he should stay hidden here or if he can escape. Choose to accept this quest. In addition, if you Madora in your team, it will recognize it and accuse him of helping the orcs to destroy his village. So talk to Madora for more, but she refuses to talk about at the moment.

The Rebellion dreadlords
In mine Luculla you visit during the side quest problem goblins, you meet a man named Mikas, hidden behind a box at the entrance. In the discussion, it will tell you about dreadlords and the quest begins. Proceed through the mine until you see Death Knight on the beat. Do not try to mainly engage in combat against them, they are indestructible... yet. Sneak rather behind their backs using stealth, then head south.

After the wooden bridge, head west to meet Kaden and his band Immaculate. You can kill them or try to persuade the chief that he be left alone. Discuss with Kaden finally to validate this quest. 

Control minors
Exploring mine Luculla during side quest problem goblins, you'll get this quest automatically. Destroy landslide just off the cache for the secondary quest Mikas Cache-cache.

Slightly forward to seeing you confront Jaline and his henchmen. Try to negotiate with or eliminate everyone, as you wish. Destroy the totem, pick up the newspaper and key. Return to the entrance of the mine and discuss with the group skeleton to complete this quest and move Exploration mines. 

Fest fungi
On entering the forest Luculla, go east to meet a Summoner Immaculate guarding the access to the hut of the witch. Use your persuasion that lets you enter. So talk to one of the mushrooms near the dome and ask him questions. It will ask you three riddles before you answer. In order, the answers are as follows: An ear of corn, A rock and a butterfly.

He informs you that to get in touch with the witch trapped in the dome, you need to get an anti-barrier that was hidden in the forest leaves. Go north to fall on a group of goblins alcohol. Climb the slope of left making sure the various traps, then dig the divot at the top to get the Spell removal barrier. Back at the hut of the witch and read the spell to remove the dome, which validates the quest. 

The Menagerie Roy
Cross the windy area forest Luculla and head south to meet Roy accompanied by beasts. In talking with him, you learn that animals are to be sacrificed to Val money. If you have the talent Friend of animals, talk with the cow Doreen to inform that await.

Speak again with Roy and try to convince him to let the beasts. You can also buy if you are not able to persuade him. Talk again with Doreen to tell them what to do: search for legendary pastures or return to Cyséal. 

Like father, like son
Further south of La Menagerie Roy, you encounter the troll Archibald, who learns the ropes of his son Amadeus collector. Choose to pay 1350 gold coins that request or refuse and kill Archibald to validate this quest.

Bloodstone Frederick
In the South and windy desert area Luculla area, you come across the Immaculate Frederick injured. It will ask you to bring him a stone blood to heal. In conversation, it also gives you the side quest Slaves and Masters. Step onto the cliff to the right to find a door that takes you into the secret lair.

Visit the eastern part of the den to fight against a giant plant that has taken up residence in the garden. At his death, looking clod right and dig to retrieve the Key Office.

Turn around and open the office door with the key. Collect different books on the tables and libraries. Recipe sheep werewolf allows you to start the side quest The Legend of sheep werewolf. dated Last search gives you the solution to create the potion needed in the secondary quest Slaves and Masters . Finally, use the book to open a secret passage. Behind, collect confidential folders Maradino essential for the side quest 's Booty troll and Bloodstone.  

On leaving, you are attacked by the Ghost Maradino. The fight may be a little difficult because it is very durable and help many enemies during combat. Once cleaned the room, go back to Frederick to give him blood stone, which ended this quest. As a reward, the Immaculate will attack you, then you defend! 

Slaves and masters
In the southern part of the desert and windy area Luculla, you experience Immaculate Frédérick which empties its blood. In talking with him, he asks you to find her and bring her imp. It also gives you the side quest The Bloodstone Frederick. Go through the door at the top of the cliff next to him to enter the hidden lair.

Cross the cave to the north-east to find Yox, the goblin Frederick. You can ask him to join Frederick outside or stay in the cave. In the first case, return to the Immaculate to see coldly kill his imp, which ended the quest. In the second case, you must continue the side quest The Bloodstone Frederick to find the book Last searches dated explaining how to make a potion of bravery. Mix an apple and a pumpkin and make the potion Yox so he could escape. You then end up with Frederick and then fled. 

The Lady in the Lake
During your visit to the cave during the main quest In search of the witch , you get this quest from a mysterious voice. Just follow the main quest Seeking the Witch to find the mysterious voice in the lake at the bottom of the cave, after the fight against Vaélanna. Then enter the lake after using the Sort worshipers. The quest ends when you meet Almina, during the main quest Seeking the Witch.

Eternal winter
This quest begins when you meet with the main quest Almina in search of the Witch. Start by doing the side quest Prisoners crystals for information on Boreas, King of Hiberheim. To enter the castle, you need a password. Thus realize the secondary quest A dark matter to retrieve the document orders, on which is inscribed a password. Head now to the west of the area to find the castle entrance, guarded by a few basic ice.

Interact with the force field and use the password you found on Orders during the quest A dark matter. You're finally in the castle. Move a little to confront the King Boreas. Although impressive, it is not very difficult to defeat opponent. Collect elemental ground before continuing Stick.

Back into the building at the north of the area and discard the basic stick in the forge, to release elementary imprisoned. If you found the witch in prison, ask Sua help you deliver it. The quest ends well. 

Prisoners crystals
Arriving at Hiberheim, go east and break the crystals to deliver Arroka. Snowmen appear and then you tell the story of the prisoner. You can choose to deliver the prisoner or let his sentence. In the first case, you must fight Arroka, in the second case, you deliver battle against the Guardians of snow. It is better to help Arroka because after the fight, you can persuade him to give you a way to enter the prison.

Further north, break the crystals to deliver Haizea. Eliminate new guards will attack you. During the discussion, it will ask you to show him the way out of here against information on the location of the tunnel to the prison. You've already got the information from Arroka, and it would be dangerous to let this psychopath freedom, so choose to eliminate it.

The last prisoner is further north, near the lava. Read about his crimes and choose whether to live or die. 

A dark matter
In Hiberheim you meet Hilda and Immaculate Enchanting. If you get to convince him not to fight, follow them to the camp, then speak with the wizard. He tells you this quest. Now go west to find another camp. Try to convince you that he says Fabrizio information on Stones Blood higher. It also talking about a way to get into the castle.

Head just north of the area and enter the large building. Go straight to the back of the room to meet the Oracle, then eliminate the enemies it invokes. At the end of the battle, the quest is valid. Collect Orders floor and read them to advance the side quest Eternal Winter. 

Edge of the hunter

In this part of the Complete Guide to Divinity: Original Sin, you will discover all the side quests in the region of L'Oree du hunter.

Revenge of the Hunt-Source
If you Madora your team and you have talked to him after the side quest and caching , talk again to him arriving at the Edge of the hunter to obtain this quest. Then enter in the village of L'Oree hunter along the side quest Infiltration of the Edge of the hunter , then go to the tavern to speak with orc Jahrl. Then go upstairs to the tavern to meet Norok. Madora let him speak to trigger a fight against the orc. By killing, you confirm that quest.

Infiltration Oree Hunter
Discuss with skeleton Hortun front entrance of the Edge of the hunter to start this quest. Then speak with the guards at the entrance and show them the amulet that you obtained in the previous zone, in order to enter the village. Note that you can also persuade them to let you in if you do not have the amulet. Simply enter the village to complete the quest.

Be or not to be
In the village of L'Oree hunter, talk with skeleton Michaelis near the fountain. He wondered whether the Changing Skull impact his soul. Answer him as you wanted to end.

The recruitable characters

Madora: Warrior Level 3 recruited Tavern Crab Royal Cyséal.

Jahan: mage Level 3, recruited in the library on the first floor of City Hall Cyséal.

Once you have access to the room hero of your residence of the End Times, talk to John Smythn it offers you to recruit other companions. A fee, you can choose from a large number of heroes, different levels and classes.

Hidden treasures

On the market square Cyséal, talk with Gerome, the character near the fountain and rooster on a stool. He will sell you 6 treasure maps at different prices. Using these documents from your inventory, you disclose their location on your map. But once on the scene, you need a character with a high score in Perception (8 +) to see the mound of earth that you must dig with a shovel.

Luculla Treasures 
To the east of the windy and desert area Luculla you meet Mrs. Loenestra, which not only can you predict the future, but will also sell you the secret to highlight the hidden chests in the region of Luculla.

Maps and points of interest

In this section of the complete solution of Divinity: Original Sin, you'll find all the points of interest in each area of the game you will find the location of hidden treasures, secret passages, annexes places and places of start and end quests.

South beach Cyséal

1 Start the quest The talking statues
2 Enter the dungeon Schedule: Fight against Ragequin
3 Exit the dungeon Schedule
4 Quest On the deserted beach
5 Buried Treasury
6 Quest guards the bridge
7 Quest We shall fight on the beaches
8 Safe hidden

City Cyséal
1 Boat fire quest Fire! Fire! Fire!
2 Compartment accessible through pyramids teleport or a teleportation spell
3 Start the quest No fixed boat
4 Marv, useful character for the quest The big stick Cecil
5 Conrad, merchant and useful character for the quest The big stick Cecil
6 Warehouse port
7 Quest You see me charmed
8 Southwest door
9 House of Evelyn, the main quest for a mysterious murder
10 Tomb bomb, do not dig!
11 Home care Thélyron for the main quest A murder mystery
12 Evelyn, the main quest for a mysterious murder for the side quest Stone and the apprentice and a stellar stone
13 Reginald, for the side quest Atmosphere
Talking head for the side quest Headless Nick
14 Gallagher, for the side quest Atmosphere
15 Cedric early side quest Atmosphere
16 Door
17 House Boutique Esmeralda and Esmeralda, the main quest for the woman Advisor
18 Bertia, early side quest Little Bo Bertia lost her sheep
19 Gerome salesman treasure maps
Captain Jack for the side quest no fixed boat (if you have not chosen Mendius)
20 Secondary Quest Thief fish
21 Abandoned, accessible from the secret passage in the cemetery of Cyséal House
22 Furnace, and grindstone anvil for making objects
23 West Gate
24 Mendius, early side quest The Fantastic Five and the side quest no fixed boat (if you have not chosen Captain Jack)
25 Auberge King Crab, the main quest for a mysterious murder
Beginning of the main quest The woman Advisor Pierre stellar Madora, warrior to recruit
Unsinkable Sam, early side quest A love of cats and the side quest The preacher of earthly delights. Shereth saleswoman skills Witchcraft Rogue Eglandaer for the side quest bloody Vendetta
26 Morgue the undertaker, the main quest for a mysterious murder
27 Eglandaer, early side quest bloody Vendetta
28 Cyséal Cemetery, the main quest for a mysterious murder for the side quest Little Bo Bertia lost her sheep Nemris, early side quest Philosopher Secret passage to reach the abandoned house, a hidden safe and out of the city from the west
29 Northwest Door
30 Bathroom City Hall, site of the second pyramid teleportation
31 Office of the Mayor Cecil in City Hall.
Mayor Cecil early side quest The big stick of Cecil and the side quest The Fantastic Five
Charlene, early side quest Tom apprentice adventurer Maxine for the side quest A cat love Jahan, mage recruit Victoria, for the side quest bloody Vendetta
32 House Cook Quartermaster, arms dealer
33 Door northeast
34 Barracks - prison for the quest The failed experiment of Arhu
35 Entry Barracks
36 Barracks, Aureus office to the main quest A mysterious murder , the early side quests Undead scourge , Wet Hens, The Lost archaeologist and Legionaries to church
37 Office Arhu for the main quest A mysterious murder early side quest The failed experiment of Arhu

Southwest beach Cyséal
1 Mysterious Stranger
2 Broggnar, side quest The orc in mourning
3 Black Creek, side quests Crabs against skeletons , still a mad mage , Headless Nick , Lighthouse for lost love and a Love of cats

West Cyséal

1 Well, to exit or enter Cyséal through the secret passage in the city cemetery
2 Wulfram, the quest for lost Archaeologist
3 and 4 Caves of 4 elements: you must solve a puzzle to reach chests containing weapons and armor. The order of the items listed on the grave of a cave stone must be followed for the other cave and vice versa. For the most northerly cave, interact in this order: Water,  Earth, Air and Fire. In the cave the most southern, interact in this order: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Then you have to fight an enemy in every cave in which you get two medallions. Go through the doors that appear and place the medallions on the sites before the force fields. You can then retrieve the contents of the boxes.
5 Basement Snorri side quest The Colossus
6 Mallius and Lucia for the side quest Wet Hens
7 Lighthouse for secondary quests Hens wet and Lighthouse for lost love
Fight against Ghoul lighthouse keeper

Northwestern Cyséal
1 Out of the Tunnel nauseous for sidequests The failed experiment of Arhu , Tom apprentice adventurer and The Fantastic Five
2 Camp bandits
3 Statues speaking for the side quest The talking statues Location mage Bellegar, seller
4 Pliers, small crab that you can talk to if you have the talent Friend of animals
5 Dietmar, the main quest for a mysterious murder and the side quest The big stick Cecil
6 Secret Lair of Evelyn for the main quests A mysterious murder and Women Advisor , beginning of the main quest In search of the witch

Northeastern Cyséal
1 Safe who speaks and fled to seeing you, pursue it to retrieve its contents
2 Entrance Tunnel nauseous for sidequests The failed experiment of Arhu , Tom apprentice adventurer and The Fantastic Five
3 Blossius for the side quest Legionaries to church
Start of side quest Wills Legionnaires
4 Inflamed area, use a spell or a scroll of rain to pass safely
5 Fight against Twins bound by fire
6 Sam well-wishes in the beginning of the side quest Well who wanted to join his brother
7 Cemetery of the abandoned church, dig all the graves to find a key and locked chests.
The key opens one of the boxes containing another key, which opens yet another chest containing a key, and so on, until the last objects in chest
8 Fou cemetery, invokes zombies explosives. You get back on his body a book that allows you to communicate with the Troll Zombie highest
9 Ebenezer early side quest The preacher of earthly delights
10 Church abandoned for the side quest The undead scourge Key to the cabin mortician found
Fight against Braccus Rex
11 Zombie Troll, guards the bridge, use the book found on the corpse of Mad cemetery to communicate with him or kill him
12 Road to Forest Luculla and the city of Val money

South Luculla
1 point of arrival in the forest Luculla beginning of the quest Infiltration of Immaculate
2 Pavilion death, depending on your answer, you die sooner or later
3 Bjorn, Mara and Alfie, for quests Care for the frame and Escort
4 Shack Witch, for the quest In search of the witch, Talk with mushrooms to start sidequest Day to fungi
5 Cave Troll King for the side quest The Loot troll
6 Location of anti-barrier draw for the quest In search of the Witch
7 Troll friendly side quest Beauty and the Beast
8 Troll, side quest Troll angry

West Luculla, Val money
1 Chapel immaculate for the quest Infiltration Immaculate, early side quest Initiation
2 Boutique Nadia early side quest The sad truth
3 Brandon, early side quest The Loot troll Ruby, for the side quest Beauty and the Beast
4 The tavern from the deck: Marisa for the side quest
The will Legionnaires, Upstairs side quest The explosiveness of Bicky
5 Lawrence, early side quest problem goblins for the side quest The sad truth
6 Mining Luculla for the side quest problem goblins Quests Exploration Mining , Hide and Seek , The Rebellion dreadlords and control minors

Northern Luculla
1 Meeting with goblin merchant Kadraskaz
2 Place the quest Initiation
3 Fight against the Spider Queen
4 Mrs Loanestra for hidden treasures of Luculla
5 Frederick, beginning quests The Bloodstone Frederick and Slaves and masters
6 Hatch for the quests The Bloodstone Frederick , Slaves and masters and legend sheep Werewolf
7 Goblin Village: You can enter through the hatch at the bottom right of the village to find out how to control the village
8 Roy, side quest Menagerie Roy

Is Cyséal
1 Mare poison, use a spell or a scroll of fire to remove the poison, then a spell or a scroll of rain to remove the fire to pass safely
2 Villa Cyséal trapped containing several locked chests, the keys must be recovered using the Télékisénie or Teleport building, Furnace and anvil to make objects
3 wilted gardens, fight against Diederik, Baron Bones
Two locked chests, the first key is picking up after the fight against Diederik, the second using Telekinesis not to walk in lava
4 Hut undertaker, locked building. The key to access is in the abandoned church at the side quest The undead scourge Trapped, containing letters and a safe building

Is Luculla
1 point of arrival in the eastern part of Luculla from the pristine chapel of Val money
2 teleporters to Maradino, explained in the quest Infiltration immaculate Immaculate
3 Prison
4 Secret Village Immaculate, arms dealer in Ténébrium
5 Flag of life, say that you want to live or you die
6 Cathedral and Immaculate Library for the quest Infiltration of Immaculate
7 Trolls quest Like father, like son

1 point reached during the search Hiberheim Looking Witch
2 Almina, for the quest In search of the witch , the beginning of the quest Eternal Winter
3 Arroka early secondary quest Prisoners crystals
4 Hilda pristine and enchanting for the side quest Well who wanted to join his brother , the beginning of the quest A dark matter Immaculate
5 Encampment
6 Hidden trapdoor to prison for the quest In search of the Witch
7 Hidden Safes
8 Immaculate Camp
9 Haizea for the side quest Prisoners crystals
10 Building for the side quest Well who wanted to join his brother
11 Castle of King Boreas, the quest for eternal Winter
12 Treasures of King Boreas, for quests Well who wanted to find her brother and legend sheep Werewolf
13 Prison Hiberheim for the quest In search of the Witch
14 Antzigar for the side quest Prisoners crystals
15 Goblin Axyx
16 Elementary Forge, the quest for eternal Winter

Western Edge of the hunter
1 Enter in the Edge of the hunter by the bridge guarded by trolls Luculla Quest Like father, like son
2 Entering the Edge of the hunter by the bridge Luculla next to the secret village Immaculate
3 Entering the Ghostly Forest for the quest Follow the wizard
4 Troll and slavery, seeking trolled troll

Village of the Edge of the hunter
1 Output secret tunnel quest Hunting the Edge of the hunter
2 Hortun beginning of the quest Infiltration of the Edge of the hunter
3 Meet Arhu chat, chat to start the quest Hunting the Edge of the hunter
4 Mill for the quest Heart intoxicated
5 Well, for the quest Heart intoxicated
6 Glen House, beginning quests intoxicated Heart and Keys lost the armory
7 Ulor and Olfrig beginning of the quest The star-crossed lovers
8 Michaelis beginning of the quest To be or not to be
9 Secret entrance, for quests Follow the wizard and Hunting the Edge of the hunter
10 NURT beginning of the quest The sordid merchant

Stellar stones
1: Pierre stellar - In the room of the inn King Crab in which Jake was murdered. Accessible when the main quest A mysterious murder.
2: Pierre stellar - At the end of the side quest Stone and apprentice.
3: Pierre stellar - Before the portal tag Cyséal - Route Val money.
4: Pierre stellar - In the trunk of Belongings Braccus Rex, after the fight against him in the basement of the abandoned church.
5: Pierre stellar - In the trunk of the Pirate Pontius at the side quest Crabs against skeletons.
6: Pierre stellar - At the side quest Initiation.
7: and 8: Pierre stellar- In the basement of the chapel at the end of the side quest Initiation.
9: Pierre stellar - At North Hiberheim before forging you visit during the quest A dark matter.
10: Pierre stellar - In the living treasures of King Boreas you visit for the side quest The Pit which wanted to find his brother.
11: Pierre stellar - In the pristine at Cathedral of the quest Infiltration Immaculate.
12: Pierre stellar - In the eye of the statue behind the tomb of Cassandra in the temple of death that you visit during the main quest Forge of Souls.
13: Pierre stellar - Breaking the totem in the village of goblins Luculla.
14: Pierre stellar -  In the coffin from the tomb of the knight, visited during the quest War stones.
15: Pierre stellar - By breaking the iron maiden in prison Hiberheim during the quest In search of the Witch.
16: Pierre stellar - Finding the mage Zandalor at Quest Follow the wizard.

Warehouse 11-men of the tribe, for quests Hunting the Edge of the hunter and the mage Follow beginning of the quest War stones
12 Hunter rats
Tavern 13-orc, for quests Revenge of the Hunt-Source , Heart intoxicated , Keys lost the armory , the star-crossed lovers and the sleazy merchant
14 Grutilda
15 Temple Knight, for the quest The war of stones , beginning of the quest The guard arrives
16 House of the Magician, for quests Follow the wizard and Hunting the Edge of the hunter
17 Key location to get into the secret entrance into 9

Northern Spectral Forest
1 Temple of Death, for the quest Forge of Souls
2 Bellegar beginning of the quest barrels Bellegar Cassandra 3, the quest for souls Forge
4 Mysterious Tree, instead of the quest legend sheep Werewolf

South of Spectral Forest and Temple of the Source

1 You find animals Menagerie Roy , if you have advised them to follow their dreams
2 Greal for Quest Follow the wizard , start the quest The agreement sinister King Jahan is if your team
3 Fight against the demon Raazen Ax'aroth
4 Enter the Temple of the Source, to the quest Follow the wizard

Making Articles

Dagger + = Buche Wooden pole
Sharp weapon + Whetstone = Weapon Boosted
Sharp weapon + Grindstone = Weapon Boosted
Anvil Iron Ingot + = upper Sword
Anvil Steel Ingot + = upper Axe
Grand iron ingot + Anvil = Sword two upper hands
Large steel ingot Anvil + = ax two upper hands
Dagger + Dagger = Anvil top

Scraps + = Anvil Handmade Boots
Scraps of leather + Needle and thread = Armor refined leather
Dagger + Pumpkin = helmet pumpkin
Hammer + kitchen = Marmite Marmite battered kitchen
Metal parts + = Anvil Boots Upper metal
Leather scraps Anvil + = upper leather boots
Pieces of flat + Armor = Armor boosted
Nine Inch Nails + = Boots Boots immunity against slips
Hammer + Armor Metal parts = higher flat

Arrow shaft + = Boom Boom Head
Arrow shaft + Arrowhead slowdown = Arrow slowdown
Arrow shaft + Head poisoned arrow = Poison Arrow
Arrow shaft + head = Arrow hauntingly mesmerizing arrow
Arrow shaft + Arrowhead silver = silver arrow
+ Arrow shaft head arrow poison cloud to cloud poisoned arrow =
+ Arrow shaft arrow head smokescreen = Arrow to smokescreen
Arrow shaft + head = Arrow stunning stunning arrow
Arrow shaft + Arrowhead Fire = Fire Arrow
Arrow shaft + Arrowhead Electric Cloud Electric Cloud Arrow =
Arrow shaft + Arrowhead to vapor cloud = Arrow to vapor cloud

Ingredients and tools
Dagger + Branch = Barrel boom
Axe or Pickaxe + = Steel Ingot Furnace
Iron Ore Furnace + = Iron Ingot
Two-handed sword or False + = Large Furnace iron ingot
Silver Ore + Silver Ingot Furnace =
Needle + thread = Needle and thread
= Ax + Buche insert wood
Mortar and pestle or Skull + os = bone dust
Dagger + Skin = beast Scraps of leather
Wooden figurine needle + = voodoo doll inert
Quill pen and ink pot pixie dust + = Quill and magical ink pot
Hammer + Nine Inch Nails = Lockpick
Scraps of leather rope + = Backpack
+ Wire Scrap fabric = Doll
Deer antler dagger + = head assomante arrow
Potion of fire resistance + Resistance Potion = water bottle empty potion
Resistance Potion earth + potion air resistance = empty potion bottle
Hair + Hair = Wire

Voodoo doll inert + Pixie Dust perfect voodoo doll =
Quill pen and ink pot magic + water Parchment, fire, earth or air virgin = Scroll of water, fire, earth or air
Air + virgin parchment scroll of pristine air = Book of virgin air skills
Virgin parchment fire + fire = Blank Parchment Paper skills blank fire
Parchment Parchment virgin soil + earth = blank book skills virgin soil
Water + virgin parchment scroll of the Book of virgin water = water skills virgin

Hammer + = Tomato Tomato Sauce
Flange poison + Food = All food poisoned
Glass of water + tea = Poison Teacup
Flour + water = dough
Pulp + Cheese = Cheese Bread dough
+ Paste Tomato Sauce = Pizza Dough
Pizza Dough Pizza + Four =
+ Apple = dough pastry apple pie
Dagger + Potato Chips = cold
Milk + Potatoes = Porridge potato
Portable kitchen + Pumpkin = Pumpkin Soup
Portable kitchen + Raw Meat = Dinner
Dinner + Beer = stew dwarf
Portable kitchen + cold = Fries Fries Rivellon
Portable kitchen + = Potato Baked potato
Tomato sauce + Dinner = Stew way elf
+ Paste = Paste Fish pie Fish
Fish pie dough + Four = Pie fish Cyséal
Milk + Honey = Honey Milk
= Milk + Wheat Porridge
Cooking pot + = Campfire Cuisine portable
Hammer + Potato Puree = cold
Portable Kitchen - Cold Mashed Mashed =
+ Paste = Four Cheese bread
Bread dough with cheese + = Four Cheese bread

Apple + Healing Potion = Potion antidote to the poison
Amp Any potion Potion = 1
Vacuum flask potion + Potion = Guépinie fire
Vacuum flask potion + Wood-murmur = Potion magic armor
Vacuum flask + Champigelée potion Potion = air resistance
Empty bottle of potion + fly agaric = Flask Poison
Vacuum flask potion Bolet + = Small potion
Vacuum flask potion + Lactarius indigo = Potion of water resistance
Vacuum flask potion + Potion = Drudanae poison resistance
Vacuum flask potion + Potion = Spathularia resistance to ground
Vacuum flask + = Chrysanthemum potion Potion of Speed
Empty bottle of potion Fahrangite + = Small potion constitution
Vacuum flask potion + Eye = Small potion perception
Flange poison + Eye = Potion penalty to perception
Potion of fire resistance + Resistance Potion earth = Small potion general resistance
Resistance Potion Water + Potion air resistance = Small potion general resistance
Potion Magic Potion armor + air resistance = Invisibility Potion
Small potion of general resistance Drudanae + = Potion telekinesis
Small potion + Small = Large potion potion

Your residence of the End Times
During your first contact with a stellar stone, you are teleported to a gremlin named Zixzax. After interacting with the telescope behind him, you find yourself in a strange place, filled with inactive gates, safety speaker, and inhabited by a young woman: The Weaver of Time. You will be able to return here regularly to converse with your new friends and to discover what is behind each new portal that will activate.

Presentation rooms

Large living residence
This is where you come when you teleport in your den. This is the main room, from which you will be able to move from one room to another via portals located on the sides. The imp Zixzax, The Weaver of Time and Last are safe in this room.

The hall of heroes
Upon entering the first time, talk with Astarte in the center of the room. At the end of the discussion, she fled. This piece is especially interesting, because you will be able to hire mercenaries from John Smythn.

The inner chamber
During your first visit, you meet a demon named The Ornix. This piece is simply made up of two rooms with a storage bin for each of your characters. Note that you can directly send your items in your inventory to these chests at any time of the game. Finally, using the mirror in the upstairs room, you can change the look of your hero.

Elemental Statue
Recovering a stellar fourth stone, elementary statue at the entrance to your area will tell you. Select an item to open the next gate. Inside, you have a basic selling you spells related to their element. You can unlock the four gates when you have collected other star stones.

The secret room
During your first visit, you find Astarte. This room is occupied by the Storyteller Secrets. You will be able to buy information that will reveal the location of treasure or secret places on your map.

The Dark Room
The portal for the hall of darkness is all right getting to the End Times. Advance to the Ornix appears and talk to Moloch the back of the room. With it, you can increase your reputation, improve your stats or redistribute all the points of your characters (Statistics, Talents and Abilities).

The Armory
Use the gate on the right, arriving in your home to access it. For your first pass through this room, you find the Ornix. This room has everything you need to make weapons and armor.

The great merchant's store
Use the portal at the bottom right when you arrive at your residence to get there. During your first visit, Astarte appears to talk. Here you find a dealer who possesses very interesting objects.

The chapel
Access to the chapel is through a gate on the left of your arrival at your residence period. During your first visit, Astarte appears to talk. Deep inside, interact with the altar offerings to buy potions of resistance against the very interesting elements.

The Last chest
In your home to the End Times, a safe challenge you to find a way to open it. At first you have to find four hidden in every region of Rivellon to read the messages they contain four chests.

The first chest is located in the city of Cyséal, right next to the home cook. You find the second in the region Luculla, more precisely in the hall of teleporters Maradino described in our guide in the quest Infiltration Immaculate.

The third is hidden Hiberheim in the cave where you meet Almina in the quest Seeking the Witch. The last safe hiding in the bushes to the right of the house of the magician in the Edge of the hunter.

Once you've tracked down the four chests and emptied their contents, return to the last box. It will ask you four numbers in a certain order. Answer him, in order, 0, 2, 8 and 1, and then retrieve the content.