Fates Forever review

Fates Forever is considered the first MOBA developed exclusively for mobile devices. It features dynamic gameplay and optimized for the touchscreen quite simple and fluid manner. With three game modes, the game puts its players in one of two trios characters who will battle for victory in an arena, destroying the main structure of the opposing base, called "Gyro".

Offering a very distinct group of avatars, Fates Forever also offers an excellent sound set, scenarios and graphics 3D models very neat and a great reward system for credit.

In addition, the game has an efficient engine that ensures players online matches with precise controls and few lags, achieving deliver an experience almost as fun as the battles of DOTA 2 and League of Legends

A well adapted MOBA and rewarding
Totally free, Fates Have Forever matches that start extremely balanced way, conditioned wins the team bonding, development and performance of the heroes of its participants.

Featuring fine MOBAS genre, the game mixes the mechanics and controls of Action RPGs with multiplayer matches and battles between teams, requiring players to knock down defense towers and buildings of the enemy, but with greater goal of reaching the center of its basis for destroying the main structure.

Despite having an excellent intro animation, the game does not have a specific story about its fights, showing only a small explanation about the history of each character in the selection menu.

Each avatar of Fates Forever has the appearance and attributes of a different animal, attack characteristics and very specific special powers. These unique skills will be developed according to the points that are acquired by the elimination of heroes and helpers, called "Tributes" of the opposing team.

However, players will find almost all the characters being blocked, should access the "Store" option to buy them with credits to Dim received for participating in matches, or Jade, acquired via credit card.

Possessing a mechanical quick and fairly fluid battles, the game always better reward the winners, but also offer a package of daily achievements that reward the player with credits in Dim.

Battles with engaging graphics and sounds
In Fates Forever, the player will find a soundtrack with a very exciting fantastic medieval theme, battles with a huge diversity of sound effects and voices and characters with very distinct lines.

In addition, the game matches are still animated by a great story, which in addition to constantly announce the opponents attacks, destroying enemy buildings and some of the conditions of the battles, yet will congratulate the players who defeat their enemies.

Centering the image of the interface in avatar chosen by the player, Fates Forever offers extremely immersive and easier fighting display, while leaving its most dynamic and well organized gameplay;

Although still only rely on a scenario like the arena, the game has practical indications of commands, excellent lighting effects and animation and immersive three dimensional graphics and extremely neat.

Also featuring an incredible level of detail, the game features characters and their powers fairly clear and instructive manner, also providing short videos about their characteristics and performances.

Optimized commands and varied matches
When starting Fates Forever for the first time, the player will find a quick interactive tutorial, which presents a number of details about its gameplay dynamics and very didactic way, such as: the operation of the store, the indications of attack of towers, distribution of experience points, etc..

With simple and smart controls, the game interface presents practical and organized way, leaving much of the free to be viewed screen, while facilitating the coordination of movement and orientation of the attacks avatars.

The game has three types of matches: "Play Online", which is the multiplayer against players chosen randomly, "Co-op Match" to join friends to confront AI controlled heroes, and "Bots Match", in which playing individual matches with a group of characters allies and adversaries also AI controlled.

All forms begin their fighting fairly evenly, conditioning the development of the relationship of their teams players and the management of their resources to buy the equipment and more than 30 items in the store base, using gold coins obtained by eliminating opponents.

Moreover, Fates Forever provides a number of minor improvements to the profile of the most dedicated players as well as rewarding with Dims for each game played, the game still provides increased "Proficiency" level of the characters, improving them according their use.

The game also features a level of experience the player's account, which increases according to the performance in games and unlocks artifacts called "Relics". These items can be equipped by the heroes before the start of matches, ensuring improvements in their different attributes and abilities during combat.

Fates Forever is a totally free MOBA, with well balanced matches and developed exclusively for tablets and smartphones. By providing a gaming experience fun and slightly cloying, the game has a great engine, graphics and sound effects of the highest quality, simple, efficient and with excellent response and lively and dynamic and varied gameplay. Although not yet offer many heroes, their developers have already promised future improvements and additions of new characters, items and equipment.