Garth Brooks announces comeback album and a world tour

Garth Brooks announced he will release a new album and return to the stage. In the '90s Brooks became one of the biggest names in American music. His albums, which blended country, rock and pop, sold over 100 million copies, and made him a super star.

But since 2000, the singer moved away from career to spend more time with his family. His last studio album was released in 2000. Brooks said he would only resume his career around 2015, when his daughter turned 18.

The new album will be released probably in the last week of November - to take advantage of "Black Friday" - as the first date of the tour will be announced on the 14th the first person to know when and where the show will take place, will be a fan who "can share this news with the world the way he sees fit," said the artist at a news conference.

The musician also spoke about the canceled shows in Ireland in July. These concerts serve to mark his final return to the entertainment world. The Brooks scheduled to perform two shows at Croke Park to 80,000 people per day. But the demand for tickets was so high that three other concerts were scheduled.

The problem was that the city council only authorized to perform three of these concerts. Brooks said he will perform all the five shows or nothing.

Thus, all the shows were canceled. The singer said he is willing to crawl, swim or fly to Ireland to meet the Prime Minister Enda Kenny to discuss this issue.

Listen to one of Garth Brooks’ biggest hits "The Dance":