Hands on with Sony MDR-10RBT Headset

The Sony MDR-10RBT is a headset with excellent audio quality, control playback by the buttons on the top speakers, function answer and make phone calls, various connectivity options and a very bold design. Understand the reasons so many compliments on our full review below, but be prepared for the high spending if you want to buy it.


Visually, the Sony MDR-10RBT already shows that it is a differentiated product. There is a headphone exaggerated in size, uses a very light finish, has a coating that warms the ear speaker and is extremely comfortable. The choice of colors is very sober, traditional with black, gray, silver and red.

The weight is 210 grams, but neither seems all that. The leather details are extremely tasteful, the headphones turn, it comes with an interesting hood for storage, and has several buttons on the headphone itself, causing your user does not need to use the phone to control it.

On the left side, it has the Power button to turn on or off the phone, reset, so it unplug all appliances, a microUSB input to load it, another 3.5 Jack for connecting a wire, and also a LED indicator to show whether the phone is on and indicates the connection via Bluetooth.


This is a device that you can use as you wish in terms of connectivity: wired, wireless, or Bluetooth via NFC. What matters is listening to music with good quality, and this is possible in all forms. We tested the MDR-10RBT in five different gadgets: a Dell laptop, a Nokia Lumia 1020, iPad, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

Connection via NFC is perfect. Just enable connectivity on the device, tap the headset and pair. Via Bluetooth, you must press the "Power" button to activate the pairing and then find it in the gadget. With wireless, you can connect it to any device. Therefore, in terms of connectivity and functionality, the user will be well served.

What is interesting is precisely this versatility. For example, if you want the convenience of using it wirelessly when you are on public transport, if you are in the office and not need it, or if your phone is out of battery and you want to spare the Bluetooth and NFC shutting down, just connect the wire and ready.

Quality Playback

However, none of that matters more than the quality of music playback and the Sony MDR-10RBT also does not disappoint in this regard. As with the vast majority of wireless headsets, it has a better performance when connected. This, however, does not mean that it is bad via Bluetooth.

On the contrary, it surprised by having an excellent sound quality even when connected wirelessly. In the test we performed on a smartphone or other, it did very well. The MDR-10RBT has frequency of 5 Hz to 40 kHz in cable and 20 Hz to 20 kHz in Bluetooth.

The difference is remarkable, with your headphones 40mm power of 1000 mW and sensitivity of -100 dBm, but nothing to bother much in play. Especially because there is no noise cancellation technology in it, but even so, with the volume at maximum, it is able to ensure that your experience is not interrupted.
Price and Availability

The Sony reported that the accessory would cost £ 999 and would be available from April. In online stores, however, the availability of the phone is not the greatest. We did searches on various websites and could not find the MDR-10RBT.

Disclosed by the company as an intermediary headphone, it has a price premium. Although its features are also the first level, the value ends up being considered high. The 10R itself, for example, costs $ 699 and DR-200 BTN, which is also wireless, goes for only £ 399.


The headphone Sony MDR-10RBT has everything you need in a headset. It is beautiful, light, comfortable and especially has a good sound quality. You can connect to any device with Bluetooth or NFC wireless, wired and also to those who have the Wi-Fi technologies but the price is too high for the average user, and this is its main drawback, especially for an intermediary product.