Heroes & Generals video game review

Heroes & Generals is a game with the theme of WWII available for free from Steam. The game combines first-person shooter with the strategy genre in real time with extremely neat three-dimensional graphics. In it, the player participates in cooperative battles and well balanced with a very immersive explore that dynamic control of achievement points.

Boasting players with better performance in their matches, Heroes & Generals still provides a number of awards in credits and experience points that increase the rank and unlock new classes of soldiers.

In addition, the game also allows the entire arsenal of the player's account is improved, releasing several new weapons and vehicles in accordance with the hierarchy achieved, and allowing them to be purchased, upgraded or customized.

Americans vs. Allies German Axis
Once Heroes & Generals starts, the player will have to choose which side of the Second World War in the European conflict will participate, being part of the American troops of the Allies or join the German Axis forces.

However, the game matches teams leave the fighting forces with well balanced, making this choice of faction one more criteria that will determine the use of weapons, vehicles and aircraft specific of each army.

With several options for upgrading and customizing equipment, the most basic scenarios, for example, you can see that the M1903 Springfield rifle shoots of Americans faster and is significantly less potent than the German Gewehr 43.

As the player is increasing hierarchy and unlocking new classes of soldier and vehicle will be sharper the differences between the technologies of airplanes and armored fighting forces, such as the Jagdpanzer Axis tanks that are powerful and extremely slow, while M4 Sherman Allies are more versatile and less resistant.

However, this difference is very well balanced not only by compensation between the characteristics of tanks, fighters and bombers of the opposing forces, but also by the distribution of resources made by players in the tactical mode Heroes & Generals.

The combination of the game first person shooter and strategy helps to equate their matches, but the skill of the players and team performance are key to master the areas of controls and mark the points that will ensure victory.

A multiplayer with graphics and immersive sound
With a pleasant and very organized, Heroes & Generals interface leaves you free to explore the various details about the graphics of the game models and medals, weapons and vehicles of your player account.

The tactical game mode also has a great panel on the development of the conflict between the Allies and Nazis to the sound of rousing martial track, displaying dozens of cities in time of conflict and the disposition of their defenses and resources.

During the first-person perspective, the player will participate in fighting in extremely detailed three-dimensional scenarios, displaying the marking checkpoints and numerous allies and fog effects and lighting that will make it difficult to see the opponents.

Despite the buildings and plants appear in Heroes & Generals suffer very little damage from the battles, the game has an engine that is extremely efficient, and rarely presents problems of lag or freezing.

In addition, the game matches still have quite varied sound effects and excellent quality, providing an immersive experience so that experienced players can identify the type of weapon and enemies use direction and distance they approach.

Gameplay, customization and rewards
Although Heroes & Generals have an excellent degree of historical detail of their weapons, equipment and vehicles, the game lacked a clear description of its controls and its dynamics.

The training is poor, because only shows how to handle some weapons, leaving out the dynamic tactic control of tanks and aircraft and commands to jump, jump, whistle, etc.

The environment the player's account displays various options to customize and update a number of characteristics of weapons and vehicles and new items to buy, as the unlocks are being achieved through patents.

Heroes & Generals has three types of claims: bronze, received by the performance in matches, silver gain on hierarchical promotions and gold, which must be purchased with the credit card.

However the system of awarding credits in the game is somewhat rewarding, providing very low and insufficient to buy upgrades and new items in the store amounts.

Furthermore, the exchange of the soldier class player who could become a paratrooper, scout and fighter pilot or tank cost excessively high values, as well as buying the squadrons and battalions in the way of real-time strategy, which makes slow progress and little rewarding game.

Heroes & Generals mix very well with its tactical style FPS multiplayer fighting action. Moreover, their battles are well balanced and still have great sound and graphics quality, which greatly contribute to make your gameplay immersive and exciting, despite having little instruction on their commands. Allowing the exchange of class soldier and offering great options to upgrade and customize weapons and vehicles, the game has a mechanical bonus quite insufficient and that ends up requiring hours of departure or the purchase of special credits.