Inazuma Eleven Go light and shadow- Unlock new Players / Characters

Passwords to unlock new characters in Inazuma Eleven Go light and shadow - In the table below we offer you all the passwords for new players / characters in the role-playing football game series for Nintendo 3DS at a glance. Nintendo released gradually via Facebook new passwords for Inazuma Eleven Go: Light and shadow. The following passwords in the table are exclusively to new players.

Inazuma Eleven Go: Light and shadow - passwords for new players

Characters Password
Grandpa Danger dsIHHKCBo
Damon Valiant lpfITZI3A
Everard Valiant WVJuU6OVr
Avery Rare Card iz7kP3v4U
Spot Barkley e7ao8hLCb
Esau Tariq PJPkEhMnV
Corvus Cardson DvS1nLdKn
Jew Sharp (young) fej5E4gFw
Nathan Swift (young) Ph9pYDwpQ
Shawn frost (young) nOWVoA0qz
Caleb Stonewall (young) yhJpfkSQJ
Jack Wall Side (young) f3wBfGa3x
Flam Berger i0viw3bTQ
Fletch flashes GVxM7GiYi
Shortcake Holmes Cu6H4N3AD
Lawrence Leepson SqvSSePMY


  1. Done the password for Nathan Swift but where do I recruit him, as he is one of my favourite characters. Please help


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