Magic 2015: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers review

Magic 2015: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers or simply Magic 2015 is the latest title in the publisher of cardgames Wizards of the Coast's. With versions for Android, iOS, Windows and Xbox 360 and Xbox One, are due to the news of a new story and new cards. In the field of gameplay, the game continues to have the same problems from previous versions. Check out our review below:

The hunter is on the loose in the Multiverse
Garruk is a hunter who specializes in hunting creatures travel the Multiverse. Doomed by another Planeswalker, Liliana Vess, the witch's death, the hunter instead of dying, was dominated by the curse and became increasingly evil and deadly.

Now, instead of hunting other creatures, he will hunt Planeswalkers. Thus, we need not say that decks with black mana will have some powerful cards like "The Awakening of Garruk," a spell capable of destroying all creatures and planeswalkers opponent. But to the relief of many, this card has a high mana cost.

An easy way to learn Magic
Magic 2015, and its earlier versions, still the easiest way to learn to play Magic The Gathering. On the iPad and Android tablets, the game is free to download and play. The console versions and PCs are still paid.

Quite instructive to the tutorial, teaches various techniques of control plans, the use of mana, and even the synergy between the cards. There are five initial missions, teaching all the basics like evocation of plans, colors of mana and everything.

At the end of the tutorial, the player is invited to stroll through some planes of the Multiverse. Mode against the AI of the game, it presents a small button with tips to beat. Even after going through the tutorial, the player can still reactivate all the initial instructions to be walked every turn.

The game is practically the same card game which is original. Even the way he turns the cards after use was kept to instruct players. There are only a few small tricks to beautify the struggles, such as blood and effects of spells. But do not expect a lively game as Hearthstone.

Sluggish compared to competitors
One of the main problems in Magic 2014, remains in the new game. Magic The Gathering is one of the best card games in the real world, but in the virtual world lack dynamism. In other words, the game is very good simulator like the experience of playing Magic, but for those looking for a casual experience, Magic 2015 will test your patience.

The evolution of the shift is very slow compared to competing games. There are four cycles within a single turn. And the player can stop the clock in the final parts of the turn to cast surprise spells. On the iPad or an Android tablet, play "anywhere" is not an option because the duration of duels. Many of them will spend the 20 minutes easily, and playing against other players, spend 30 minutes is common.

With the release of games like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, it was thought that Magic 2015 would bring changes to streamline gameplay. But the game remains closer to the real game of cards than its predecessor.

Another thing that will away casual gamers is the high difficulty. The title is merciless to those who err, even in the early fighting. Furthermore, using the decks standards, which say, in passages are good, luck may not be on your side. Therefore the construction of own decks and study the synergy between them is important.

In campaign mode, one of the most frustrating things is to start with a deck and then verify that it is practically useless against an opponent. And this is something that happens very often. Even if the idea is that the player testing other decks, the result is nonetheless frustrating, since learning the game will be based on tens or hundreds of defeats.

Another thing that is noteworthy is that 2015 is a Magic Card Game Tranding and not the Collect Card Game as Hearthstone. What does this mean? Basically means you can not build the letter that you want as Hearthstone (using arcane dust). You will need to buy cards from time to time. This microtransaction system is something that is often not well regarded in the gaming world. And here is no different.

But before anyone, remember that any card game is based on microtransactions. And as the virtual version of Magic seeks to emulate the real game, you will need to shell out real money quickly boost your deck.

Few changes from the previous game
The changes in gameplay compared to version 2014 are few. Among them is the least intensive of the "continue" button. The building system Decks became more intuitive, allowing the player to ride with a few screen taps or clicks, if you're playing on PC.

Magic 2015 has no news regarding the game modes. The game features multiplayer mode, Campaign, duels for training and only. Little improvement in the visuals was increased. One thing that draws attention is the new table where duels happen. With less detail, the table was "lifeless".

Magic 2015 does not do enough to present a quick gameplay - which, incidentally, does not exist. Quite apart from competitors in the virtual world, the game has a high difficulty, making it unreceptive to new players. However, interestingly, is still one of the best ways to learn how to play Magic with letters of truth.