MouseCraft review

MouseCraft, game for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, we have the mission of conducting an experiment with rats. The challenge is to stage the rats arrive until cheese but for this to happen, the player must use pieces of "Tetris" to fill the most difficult parts of the experiment. A simple fold that reveals the casual nature of the game, check out our review.

Little history and cartoony graphics

MouseCraft begins with a story where a cat who is also a scientist is conducting an experiment with rats. To keep his research, he uses all his resources until he is helped by a stranger sitting on her back on a couch.

The story is not the most important part of MouseCraft. In fact, it gets to be forgettable, since even the game does not focus on this aspect. Few cut scenes during the game that help to break down only a little game play which tends to maintain the same throughout the game.

The look of the game is lightweight and does not require much of your PC. Running with all visual effects turned on, the game runs smoothly even on a computer with built-in graphics card. Perhaps this is why the apparent game is identical to the versions for consoles and PlayStation PS Vita table.

The game's soundtrack was composed by the composer Mikolai Stroinski, who worked on games like Dark Souls 2 and The Witcher 3. However, do not expect anything epic. How is the tone of the game "for all ages", needless to say that the soundtrack will be composed of lightweight and fun themes.

Focus on gameplay

MouseCraft the game, the fun is punctuated only by the gameplay, since the story only exists to justify the way he plays. In a mix of Tetris and Lemmings, the goal is to make the rats reach the cheese. The structure will vary depending on the experiment, but basically it consists of pieces of "Tetris" positioned at the top and the player will have to put them in the right places.

At first, the player will use his "Vision Tetris" and will want to fit all the pieces so not about a single space. However, this is not very important in the early stages and has all learn it. The important thing is to use reasoning there may be a way for the rats. As a secondary challenge, the player also makes coletores mice, besides cheese, diamonds that are scattered throughout the stages.

As with any puzzle and reasoning, the idea is that the phases will be complicated along the way, and that's exactly what happens in MouseCraft. At each stage, more and more blocks will be available.

New features are also added, such as pumps that can be used to explode the blocks after they are no longer useful. Works well, as the mice go fairly linear fashion, you use the blocks for them to access an area that results in a dead end. Once they come back, you use the pump to blow up the block that prevents recurrence.

These new mechanics that are added to arrive at a certain stage, enable new puzzles and new ways to solve them. However, shows a certain limit to use them. The game has 80 levels, which is not much when it comes to a game where the puzzles are solved in a few seconds.

The difficulty of MouseCraft is moderate and the first time the player run the game, you can get to the stage 20 without difficulty. The final stages store the most difficult phases, but they are not "almost impossible".

In a world where physical puzzles are scattered to the four corners of the gamers world, it is surprising that MouseCraft not have any mechanics of this type. Just blocks to cushion the fall of rats. It is possible, for example, mounting blocks obliquely to form a slope.


MouseCraft is game that looks, smells and tastes of casual game. Its visual appearance and gameplay are good, but the game's story left side and might have to invest in a wider range of mechanical. Besides the story mode, the game has a constructor phase. Ideal for releasing creativity. Not the most inspired game of the genre, but is also far from being a bad job.