One Piece: Unlimited World Red review

One Piece: Unlimited World Red is the fifth title in the universe based on the anime of the same name franchise. Published by Namco Bandai and released for Wii U, 3DS Nitntendo, PS3 and PS Vita, the game has the responsibility to improve the image of the previous games in the franchise that were not so good and excited about the famous Japanese design. Check out the full review of the title:

History and Game Modes
The game is set in the universe of the anime One Piece, where Luffy and his crew run the world in search of missions. On one of these trips, they meet a curious raccoon named Pato, who has special powers of creating objects from special leaves. During a visit to an island, entire crew - except for Luffy - is kidnapped by the head of Pato. When embarking on a rescue mission, the Straw Hat Pirates - Luffy as he is known - try to figure out what the real plans of the villainous Red, head of the raccoon.

The game has two game modes: Adventure Mode and Battle Colyseum. In Adventure Mode the player will embark on the game's campaign, performing quests, sidequests and mini-games. Already in Colyseum Battle, he can choose one of the heroes of the anime to fight battles against other NPC in mano a mano against the villains of the anime, or fight a horde of enemies to best Musou style.

A computer design
One Piece: Unlimited World Red uses modeling Cell Shading - those graphs that "look like a 3D design." This allowed the game to let the characters and more faithful to the anime scenarios, making the player think you are facing a Japanese design. However, Unlimited World is far from being a beautiful game. The graphics have low resolution and are only acceptable in laptops. In home consoles like PS3 and Wii U, the images are not the most beautiful to behold. Speaking of Wii U, do not expect to see some additional features Nintendo's console as the Gamepad offers no novelty beyond power transfer what is on television for the Gamepad and vice versa.

The frame rate will please most players. You can see some slow motions during battles and cutscenes - parts of the game where the player does not interact. Speaking of which, the game features many long scenes that can brighten a large part of the fans, look like they are watching a unique episode of the anime. In contrast, players who are more interested in action can find so many boring dialogues and scenes.

Besides the number of frames per second, the other plus point of the game are its characters and powers. The creator of the anime, Eiichiro Oda can easily create heroes and charismatic villains as Red Duck and characters which were designed by Oda himself.

The first hours of World Red Unlimited boil down to get into a new scenario, face a lot of enemies, find a magic word that opens a passage to another part of the scenery, face a lot of enemies, and finally defeat the boss. It is true to say that the game offers no challenge in this regard.

Defeating enemies is extremely easy - even with the help of his crew - find the magic word is simpler still, and hardly the player will die during matches, except, of course, in the battles against the bosses. They are really fun and you need to quickly pick up the pattern of their attack, but you can easily die. Even the boss battles, another interesting factor is that the battles have mechanical Monster Hunter, where in many cases it is necessary to deflect attacks at the right time and counterattack at the right times.

Although the amount of enemies is less, fighting against the minions resemble a bit with other Musou games in the genre, like Dynasty Warriors. However the difficulty and fun of fighting were left out in the title of Bandai. Just a few punches, kicks and blows to defeat enemies. And even though sometimes you are forced to fight them, it is almost always possible to avoid fighting fleeing toward the goal.

Voiceovers and Dialogues
Unlike many games for portable, One Piece: Unlimited World Red shows a differential to bring voice dialogues - even in Japanese - official voiceovers and music. You can hear the voices of actors working in the anime cutscenes and dialogue in the game, leaving the tedious gameplay to read long texts. The background music varies for each scenario and not become repetitive as the game progresses.

Hidden points in the map, you can find the famous "Words". Are phrases in reference to the anime that the character can speak during combat and before launching a special ability, increasing, even if subtly, the immersion of the game.

Fun and play time
One Piece: Unlimited World Red has a total of 10 hours of play. Although the campaign is linear and provides a map of the open world very scarce, especially in sidequests, the game has some details that can extend the fun of the player for a few more hours.

One of them are mini games that can be found by scenarios. There are challenges of fishing and hunting the insects that will earn you some items. The Colosseum mode is another guarantee of fun, since the fighting against the villains of the anime will reach the nostalgia the player.

References from game to anime are the strong point of the game. Each character has its characteristics, own attack patterns, and they are a real special mention of scams seen in Japanese design. The player gives the option to choose between a character who is faster, as Zoro; or has greater reach, as Usopp; besides being able to combine the special between them and perform a real brawl.

One Piece: Unlimited World Red is a great reference to the work of Eiichiro Oda Nipponese. Bringing remarkable characters Luffy and his crew, the game is an ode to nostalgia. However, it is far from a good title. Although it has an original story, the game proves to be too linear and repetitive battles. The few hours of gameplay, extended precariously by the mini-games, side quests and the Colosseum mode, make the player think twice before spending too value of the security.