Pokemon Red player finishes in less than two hours and beats world record

We found the opposite of Twitch Plays Pokémon. While the phenomenon of Pokémon Red on Twitch.tv took 16 days and the help of thousands of people to be finalized, Charlie Armitz studied the game thoroughly to complete it in the shortest possible time. One hour and fifty plus minutes played, he surpassed all previous times and got the world record title.

You can check out the entire gameplay video below. During the walkthrough, performed without any glitch, he explains the reasons for taking such a route and even the expectation of damage that he hopes his pets with the level they are. The initial choice of Armitz was Squirtle, and by his observation and other record holders, this is the most common Pokémon for those who want to complete the game quickly.

Other curiosities are revealed along the way, with the player explaining how to quickly go through random encounters and how they can affect your precious time - or how to work with the low life of monsters not to sacrifice the race against the clock going to the Pokémon Center.

The previous record belonged to a user named "Werster", he finished the game in March this year with just one minute more than the current time. If you are interested in checking out the best settings, this link can help you. Who knows you might be the next record holder?