PS3: Learn how to use DualShock 4 in console without cables

The PlayStation 3 received an update which now allows users to use the controllers of the PlayStation 4, the DualShock 4, the oldest console wirelessly. In this tutorial, DTG Reviews shows you how to do it. Check and follow the step by step guide:
Step 1 Turn on your PS3 with DualShock 4 connected to it by cable.;

Step 2 Go to console settings menu and select the Accessories tab;

Step 3 Now select the Manage Bluetooth Devices menu and add a new device to be paired;

Step 4 Then disconnect the joystick and press at the same time, and PS Share the DualShock 4 buttons to activate Bluetooth Mode it, indicated by a flashing light;

Step 5  Accordingly, the PS3 will identify the control as a device to be paired and will show this possibility in the list. Within seconds, the registration will be done and you can use it normally. Remember that not all functions will work in 4 DualShock PS3. The vibe, the Sixaxis sensor, the Share button and the touchpad, for example, only run on PS4.