Review - Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Guacamelee! is back, bringing a range of new features in its new version, titled Super Turbo Championship Edition. The game tries to flesh out the original product with new stages, a new skill, a new boss to be faced and more, which is always welcome. On the other hand, a frustrating experience affected playability.

Luchador vs Skeletons of hell
The story begins with Juan, the protagonist, going to visit his passion, the mayor's daughter. A quiet day turns disastrous when Calaca, an evil skeleton that escaped from hell, decides to kidnap the girl. Juan tries to stop and is killed by the villain in the process. When you find yourself in the world of the dead, the hero gets a legendary Luchador mask that gives him extraordinary to be used to defeat Calaca and rescue his beloved powers.

The narrative is simple, but very fun. Throughout the adventure, Juan will find both allies and enemies that stand out for being charismatic, funny and visually interesting. Jokes about Mexican culture and fighters are constant, keeping the weather mild, although a plot involving army of hell.

New version with sustenance
The Super Turbo Championship Edition introduces you to the game Intense skills, which gives additional power to the character for a limited time, and Shadow Swap, allowing a cooperative game in which both players exchange between the size of the living dead and the actual independently. Moreover, new costumes are available, as well as a new boss to tackle and two new levels to explore.

The new content gives the survival game for those who played the original, especially with the new skills that significantly alter the experience as a whole. Moreover, the narrative is not affected by changes of the new version.

The game has only one game mode, which is the main narrative and it can also be played with two players. However, has a cooperative online mode, but only allow joint matches on the same console.

Gameplay is a double-edged sword
The gameplay Guacamelee! is simple in the beginning, but is gaining more depth as the player gains more skills and moves to use in combat. The party platform is generally well executed, with a considerable level of difficulty, but not to the point of being impossible. The challenges are made so that the tests are repeated and encouraged, giving a sense of achievement by winning a series of obstacles.

Unfortunately, the combat is where the game finds most of its complications. Perform combos with the protagonist is relatively easy as well as use special moves that are learned along the way. But the biggest problem is some of the rooms in which the player gets stuck to defeat all the enemies present.

Often the game creates an absurd number of enemies, each with a different type of attack. Instead of challenging these meetings become frustrating, since it is almost impossible to dodge and counteract such a large amount of opponents. This only gets worse throughout the game, when enemies come to in a coup only, take a quarter of the protagonist's life bar.

The game also features ways to evolve the character, but his life bar, stamina and Intense. Those who seek secret boxes by the map will be rewarded with these benefits, encouraging exploration.

Graphic and Sound
Guacamelee! Adopt a cartoon-style that fits well with the 2D gameplay. The game runs at constant 60 frames per second, regardless of the number of characters present in the scene. Scenarios are well detailed and colorful, bringing the world to life. The enemies also draw a lot of attention, thanks to its picturesque design, which fits well the theme of Dia de los Muertos.

The sound also does not lack, with a soundtrack that includes music and traditions of Mexican culture, creating an authentic experience that harmonizes with the struggles that occur throughout the game.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is a game with plenty of potential and mechanical interesting. But while part of the platform is well executed and its narrative is unique and fun, the level of difficulty and extreme confusion of combat becomes a challenging experience that should be something frustrating.