Sonic Jump Fever (Android / iOS) review

Sonic Jump Fever is the latest game from the Blue Hedgehog for Android and iOS mobile systems. It is a free version of the game with similar gameplay, but bringing changes that directly affect the enjoyment of the player. Check out the full review of Sonic Jump Fever.

Previous Game
Sonic Jump Fever is a free-to-play version of the game, the mascot of the game Sega released in 2012 also for mobile devices. The basic objective is quite similar: jump across the platforms and climb as much as possible. However, while the ultimate goal of the previous game was to reach the top in the Fever player must reach the higher altitude before the time runs out.

The new version has made everything much more frantic, more action, explosions and enemies. The main addition was the "Fever Mode" that fires fill the bar after the game. In this way, short-term, the player has the possibility to increase his score and number of golden rings.

Fever also brought the Chaos characters from the main series. You can find them in the forest, and each of them offers some kind of advantage in matches. You can choose which you want to use Chaos, but to stay with them forever, should win their friendship. Each has a period to be conquered. The rarer the Chao, the harder it is to keep it forever.

Another new feature of the game is for the rank amongst friends, creating a race to see who gets the best score. According to Sega, the more friends are on your list, the more chances to win lots of good prizes.

Content Expanding
Early in the game the only character Tails is available. Open Sonic is something easy, the hard part is to unlock the other characters, Knuckles, Amy and Blaze, requiring thousands of red rings or hundreds of cards of heroes.

The game currently has three different areas, which are available for a few days until they are exchanged for another. However, Sega promises that new scenarios will be included. Other promises are the inclusion of special missions and in-game events.

To Infinity and Beyond?
The great defect of Sonic Jump Fever is how they applied their strategy free-to-play. Although not the worst, it has several problems found in other games that follow this strategy, giving few opportunities to play and charging too much to buy items with the various currencies of the game, directly affecting the fun.

The player has only five lives, recovering every 30 minutes. You can get extra life (and other bonuses) watching advertisements during the game. The golden rings, main currency of all Sonic games are virtually irrelevant, served to buy some boosts and searches for Chaos in the forest. There are still, more rare to find, and the main "Coins" to buy the other characters red rings and cards of characters.

All this bureaucracy ends up affecting the fun. First by not being able to play much, since every life lasts just over 1 minute; second per require a huge amount of red to open some of the characters rings.

Sonic World?
Unfortunately, Sonic Jump Fever only reminds the world of the blue hedgehog due to sound, either the rings or the songs and obviously the characters. However, if you take those two things the game would be pretty generic. Even the villain Robotnik gives the guys - at least for now, maybe some future update to include in the game.

These features let fans of the franchise extremely disappointed, even more so seeing that Sonic gained few decent games in the last 10 years. It is a pity that many old characters are also being used in games that don’t reflect the "soul" of the classic games, serving only as a gimmick to try and sell generic apps.

If we look at the technical issues, the game is very well executed. Offers solid gameplay and precise with good interface. The menus are a bit confusing at first, but everything makes sense with some playtime.

Sonic Jump Fever is a game worked well but bearing the name of the famous mascot leaves much to be desired, with the only link to the classic games characters. Purchases within the game are not the worst found in free-to-play games, but still end up spoiling the fun part, making everything very bureaucratic. The Sonic fans may find in the future a game that saves the great games of the past.