The Binding Of Isaac walkthrough

The Binding Of Isaac Guide: When Isaac's mother began to hear the voice of God demanding a sacrifice him to prove her faith, Isaac escaped into the cellar. Many enemies await. The Binding of Isaac is an action game, shooting and role. Follow Isaac on his adventure and use the strange treasures that will give him special powers to fight mysterious creatures and find the path to freedom. The Binding Of Isaac is a very good Rogue-Like that stands out many others: unlimited life, the universe, monsters, bosses, characters, history, really compelling and engaging.

In this comprehensive guide Binding of Isaac, DTG Reviews will explain all the game objects influencing the gameplay of your character but also how to unlock all sections of the game, defeat the Boss toughest or pass all the challenges of the game.

Table of Contents

Menu and Characters
The Items
The Boss
The Challenges

Menu and Characters

This part of the guide explains in detail the various menus, the host interface to the game stage.

In these menus you have to select your character, DTG Reviews therefore offers a detailed description of all the characters and their own abilities, and how to unlock them all.

The Main Menu

Isaac, and his Mother, Lived alone in a small house, on a hill ....

That's it, you're there. After watching the small opening cinematic (you will need to hurry to zap your precious space bar), the title screen of the Binding of Isaac appears. This is where you can navigate between the different sections of the game.

Your title screen changes depending on your progress in the game. The first image shows you the screen after defeating It Lives for the first time. The next two show the progress of your race Polaroid, an item unlocked after completing 6 times the Cathedral.

(However, a bug in the game that even after complete Polaroid display on your screen as it always miss a completion of the Cathedral to unlock the precious object.)

Positive ratio? Easy!
From this screen, you would have access to a Statistics section shows your game statistics: the number of items you've unlocked your counter deaths, the number of "kill" Mom, as well as the number of Items you found. You also have a part Endings, which corresponds to small cutscenes that appear every time you finish a game and as you enter the golden chest that appears in your room boss. There are in all 13 epilogues.

Feed the cat, check
Outside the main part of the game you have the Challenges, which appears as a "list of things to do." Each Challenge accomplished, his name scratched from the list. The 10th and final challenge is The Purist, the hardest of this section, which unlocks once unlocked Polaroid. You will find all information on this part in the Challenges section of this Guide.

Am, stram, gram ...
So by clicking Start menu you access the character selection. There are 7 in total, and below you will find all their names, statistics, and start object. Initially you as a single character Isaac, and all others will be blocked. If you have unlocked all the characters, you start a game with a random player by clicking Random. You will find information and statistics for each character as well as how to unlock the Characters section of this guide.

I thought I had it @! # &? Item!
Collections in part the title screen, you will see a list of all the items you have found, with a glimpse of their icon in. If you have reached the stage of Platinum God (finish the game 100%) and you want to restart your game from scratch, simply click Delete Save.

I do not see anything there are too many pixels!
Your screen is small, the quality does not suit you? In the Options menu of the game you can change the level of detail, the size of the window, switch to full screen, or disable game sounds and music. The controls you part details the keys of the game, and cordially invites you to use an external software if you want to play the joystick.

Good! It is the fact that part?
That's the title screen. Once in game, press Esc or P button, you put your game Pause. You can follow the progress of your game: keep an eye on the stats of your character, see the items you have for the current game, return to the game or the Main Menu.

This brief screen will appear each time you start an "Achievement" as an unlockable in-game item, a new boss, or when you finish the game for the 6th time: the game increase in difficulty.

Oh it's all pink!
Small interlude bug, because yes, this game (coded for Flash) is full of little bugs, some less funny than others. This screen buggy load The Binding Of Isaac, when he "Does not meet anymore." In general a small animation appears in Isaac's bubble, and you can see your progress in the story at the top of the screen.

Die? J'connais not ...
And yet, you will die many times before joining the game mechanics, the patterns of boss, or simply because the draw objects in your party will be .... disappointing.

This little page will be displayed after your death. Presented in the form of a diary, you will have the summary of objects collected during the game, kindly bequeathed to your cat Guppy, and the icon of the monster or boss that killed you. You can choose to restart the game or return to the Main Menu.



You start your game with 3 red hearts, one bomb. You'll additionally D6 once it unlocked It Lives having killed (the final boss of The Womb) with Baby Blue.

Isaac is your basic character in the game It is with him that you will make all your challenges, and you can during your first few games to unlock other characters.


The game begins with 4 red hearts, but no key money or bombs. Your base object is activated Yum Heart. It allows you to regain a red heart on each activation, and recharges in 4 rooms.

To unlock Magdalene, you will acquire a single part 7 containers of red hearts.


You start with two red hearts and a key. The item passive base Cain is the Lucky Foot gives your character well above the other luck. You will therefore be easier to get small items like keys, bombs etc. using slot machines, for example. Your pills can only be positive (no drop of Statistics) said that his luck will play on any items that you find in the rooms or Items Stores.

In return, you will see that Cain has an eye less. Graph is also important in. Like his comrades, when you retrieve an item such Techonology 1 or 2, you team a laser eye detail, you can not draw tears with second.

Cain to unlock you will collect 55 pieces in a single match.


The main difficulty of Judas will survive the 1st floor. You will start with only a red heart, and 3 bedrooms. Having said that your attack will be 4, and your object is the starting Book of Belial, an activatable which increases your damage and makes you take 2 red tears. This will be your main asset to defeat the first boss, if your Item room is not very generous. This item also gives you 25% more chances of seeing a Devil Room at the end of every fight against a boss.

To unlock Judas you will complete your first fight against Mom's Heart, the end boss of the stage The Womb.


Eve is one of the characters, with Baby Blue, less popular players The Binding of Isaac, in the sense that its damage is lower and kill a single enemy on the first floor will be more difficult than others. You start with two red hearts and any other object. That said, you have two liabilities:

The Dead Bird, which will appear as soon as you make a mess. This little bird on dark enemies and help you flush a little faster rooms.

The Whore of Babylon: The liability does you no good at the beginning of your game. His power will not be revealed until you have managed to convert all your red hearts blue hearts (through the Guppy's Paw, for example, an excellent item with that character) or you will have no more than a half- red heart, accompanied by one or more blue hearts (this is not a mandatory requirement).

The Whore of Babylon will increase your damage by 2.16. As long as you stay with a red or blue hearts only half-hearted, its effect will be active.

To unlock Eve you need in a single part to two pacts with the devil through the Devil Room. Both items will be available and you will sacrifice your life (1 to 3 red or blue hearts) to get them. This sacrifice is final, you will also think twice before jumping on the item of your dreams.


You start your game with a red heart and blue heart. Your statistics are quite low and you will quickly find what you are equipped to go further in the game your object is the passive basic Bloody Lust: your damage increases by 0.28 for each enemy killed in the room, turning slightly little red tears in your shots.

To unlock Samson, you will ignore both Treasure Room in your party and kill Mom thereafter. You can enter the Treasure Room, but you are not permitted to take the object.

I need regular. I need regular. I need regular. AKA BABY BLUE

Baby Blue is the last character you can unlock your underground adventure. You start with 3 blue hearts, no item, and your object is activated The Poop.

The usefulness of this is questionable item ... Press your space bar will appear more or less a pile of poo in your room, in each room rechargeable, and if you're lucky will contain a part or heart.

Start with only blue hearts does not guarantee that you get only other blue hearts during your game. Hence the difficulty of this character, because life will become scarce. Machines Bonne Aventure (Fortune Telling Machines) will be your best bet to raise these precious hearts.

It is also with Blue Baby you'll unlock the D6, the main object of Isaac, killing for the first time It Lives.


In this Action Adventure game, you progress through various levels, each having their end Boss. These levels are in the form of floors. Each room category consists of two levels, where you will find several types of rooms populated by monsters and bosses of all kinds, but also filled with objects, necessary to advance your game.

At the beginning of each game, all floors and objects you encounter will be completely random. In this part of the guide we will explain in detail all floors (levels) of the game, and all the rooms that you can cross, and the objects they can contain.

The Floors and Rooms

The Floors
Composition levels in The Binding of Isaac is through floors. The more you advance in the game, the more you go down deep in the basement of the house Mom. Each floor is divided into two parts, before reaching the next level.

- Basement / Cellar: 1st Floor of game difficulty monsters is reduced, and the number of rooms is not very high.

- Caves / Catacombs: 2nd Floor. New monsters appear, toughest, and the number of rooms increased.

- Depths / Necropolis: 3rd Floor. Here the difficulty climbs one level. Many new enemies appear, and it is also at the end of this stage you will face MoM, the final boss of this section.

- The Womb / Utero: 4th Floor. Literally Vaginal MoM. The walls are entirely red, and new enemies will now do a full heart damage. Strong resurgence rooms Mini Boss, where you face those previously crossed, sometimes in duplicate .... At the end of these two steps, you'll have to fight Mom's Heart, at first, then after you It Lives Part 9 . This is the end of this confrontation that you should choose if you want to go to Sheol confront Satan, or to destroy your Doppelganger Cathedral.

- Sheol: 5th Floor. If you choose to go to Sheol, you will face a floor composed of a single tier with Satan in the Boss Room. Once completed this fight, your game ends here.

- Cathedral: 5th Floor Bis: A story of peace and light ... at first. The monsters are just as formidable as Sheol. Again, a single bearing with a clash against Isaac key. You will need to complete the Cathedral 6 times to unlock the Polaroid, a Trinket that gives you access to the final stage: The Chest

- The Chest: 6th Floor. A kind of Bonus Stage at the base. Once your Polaroid released, it will appear at the end of each battle against MoM. What was not anticipated by the creator of the base game! The Chest was indeed supposed to be a bonus room not accessible to each party, allowing the player to open a multitude of chests filled with items, to overcome the True Last Boss as it is called in the middle: Blue Baby. A similar battle against Isaac.

Halls say Normals
These are rooms that you will find on each floor (or not) to ensure you (or not) obtaining items that will help in the progress of your party:

-Treasure Room

It is in this locked you will get the item of your floor as passive activated room. We find ourselves in a situation Curse of Labyrinth, where the two Treasure Room are accessible from the same room, while the entrance to the Secret Room was opened by an enemy on the north wall. This treasure room is marked by a Gold Crown on your card.

This is among other you spend your precious pieces. You will find the living, Pick ups, but also liabilities or activated. Some Shop can be trapped, and it is a Greed you face inside. This room is marked by a Penny on the map.

Secret Room
The Secret Room is a hidden room in the floor that contains either money (3 to 9 pieces), or an item or Passive Activate, a Greed / Super Greed. You must open the door with a bomb. This room is typically adjacent to at least two other rooms. It can also be located, as sometimes the 1st floor between the Boss
Room and Treasure Room.

In some special cases, the second room adjacent to the Secret Room is the Super Secret Room.

Super-Secret Room
Super Secret Room operates on the same principle as the Secret Room, except that it is adjacent to only one other card room. It is usually in Room edge and its contents may vary: red hearts, machine teller, Trinket, eternal heart ... It is advisable, as the Secret Room, to wait for discovered your entire floor to find these rooms, under penalty of wasting a lot of bombs. If you have the Spelunker Hat and / or X-Ray Vision, the display of these rooms will be passing near them. Both rooms are marked by a "?" on your Card.

-Boss Room

Boss Room is the room of the final confrontation of your landing / floor. What to say except that here you can access the Devil / God Room if it appears, and you will be able to descend to the lower floor. It is indicated by a Skull on your Card.

The Special Rooms

These rooms do not appear without fail on each floor. Arenas, simple rooms of items or game room, they will offer various objects or pick ups at the cost of some sacrifice sometimes ...

-Challenge Room

The Challenge Room is a kind of arena. It is accessible if and only if you have your whole life. If you play with Baby Blue, this room will be open at all times. There is a gray or gold chest. Once the trunk open, the door locks and you will face three waves of enemies. From The womb / Utero enemies will be replaced by Boss. This room is shown on the map by a Sword.

-Boss Challenge Room

Boss Challenge Room, it will only be accessible when you no longer have a red heart of life. As the Challenge Room, if you play with Baby Blue, it will always be open. This is not a safe but an item (passive or activated) which enthroned in the middle of the room. As soon as you pick it up, the room will be locked and you will have a wave 2, then 3 Boss to face following your progress in the game

In the particular case below your life counter is at its maximum. You had access to the room or from the Secret Room, exploding the west wall with a bomb, either you randomly teleporting through Telepills. If you leave the room it will close behind you.


The Library is a room that will offer two books (same or different) choice. These books can be changed through D6. Once you have made the rounds of all the books discoverable in this room, and you recycle D6, the room will offer two objects instead of books.


Room Arcade is the second room where you can spend your money galore. 3 activities are available:

- Slot Machine: Give a room and you will be in exchange for a pick up. The chances of receiving pick ups is increased if you have the Lucky Foot. You can also have access to a machine Bonne Aventure instead. After a moment, the machine will explode you with several pick ups or Troll Bombs.

- The Bonneteau: small NPC in the middle of the living room you will, to give you a pick up random or a Troll Bomb. It does not work every time, and if that little beggar is capricious, it will invoke a fly instead. (NB: the side that you touch to get your potential reward does not matter and will not affect in any way the draw Bonneteau)

- The machine Blood Donation: Consumes half red heart to give you one or more pieces in exchange. If you have a PHD, the number of parts obtained is more important. When you come to a red heart half life, it is your blue hearts that will be consumed. After a certain amount of hearts, the machine explodes to offer either Bloodbag is the IV Bag.

Sacrifice Room
The Sacrifice Room is a little room used by players of The Binding of Isaac in general. You will find pics in the middle. To sacrifice many hearts may show a gray box or a golden chest. Fall to half a heart of life does not guarantee the appearance of the chest. Also, if used method below is the most recommended if you still want to use this room. Equipped with an item making you invincible for a period of time (here My Little Unicorn) you activate the object to pass on the peaks safely without losing an ounce of life. So you see with a little Luckily, your chest appear. This chest does not guarantee contain an item.

The Curse Room is a room whose entrance is lined with spikes, causing you half a heart of damage to the input as the output. Arrived in The Womb / Utero, this room you will inflict a whole heart damage (2 in total). This is a room where you will find either a red box, or an activatable or liability item.

The red box may contain bombs trolls, spiders, 3 Attack Fly (killing enemies and disappear from them), blue hearts, a Guppy item, pills, but it can also teleport you to the Devil Room / God Room in Error Room. The Curse Room is represented on the map by a red moon with a star.

If the Secret Room is adjacent to the Curse Room, then a second door lined peaks appear in the room.

If you fly, you will not take the initial damage on entering the room.

-Devil Room

The Devil Room is a room that appears randomly at the end of a fight in a Boss Room. You will have the possibility of two pacts with Satan share your precious receptacles red hearts against liabilities or activatable objects, generally offensive. Sacrificed hearts are permanently lost. Some items cost 3 hearts, others only 1.

Enter a Devil Room having the Trinket Judas' Tongue reduce the cost of all the objects one heart. The Devil Room appear after the fight against It Lives, but will offer only a hatch to access Sheol.

-God Room

The God Room operates on the same principle as the Devil Room. It may appear at the end of a fight in the Room Boss and will offer a unique activated or passive item, often defensive, without consideration. The chances of a Devil Room is replaced by a God Room is 50% if:

- A Devil Room has already appeared in previous stages
- No pact with Satan has not been done before.

The Room God can not appear on the 1st floor.

Here you can see the proposed Bible. You can also find the Guardian Angel, the Mitre, The Halo, The Relic or the Sacred Heart and the Dead Dove example.


Error The Room is a rare en The Binding of Isaac in which you have 1 chance in 15 to teleport using a Telepills. you can access it using the Teleport item or Tarot Card. In this room, which is a reference to the character Error in Zelda 2, you will find a choice:

Random pills
Liability or activatable object
Parts and other pick ups you can buy
Two random free items
Two purchasable items
One or more trunk (s)

The door of this room leads directly to the lower floor. If you want to teleport you out of this room you can do so via a Telepills a Tarot card, the item Teleport, or a red boot you back to the floor. Once you leave this room you can not go back.

The Items

In order to move appropriately in the game, and beat the most recalcitrant Boss, you have at your disposal a whole range of objects (198 in total) fall into several broad categories:

- Activatable: those that you can operate with your Spacebar. Some are directly available in the game, others must be unlocked by performing parts with multiple game characters to a given stage.

- The Liabilities: These objects give you a passive effect (flight, invulnerability etc. ..) and are active in the background. No key is necessary to benefit from their (s) effect (s). Liabilities are also considered the Familiars, those little things that follow you through the halls and help you to overcome the enemy / Boss. The orbital objects defensive gravitating around you are also part of this category.

- The Trinkets: So called "Accessories" and "Jewelry". These objects often provide an attenuated effect of certain passive or activated. They are 33 in number and can be very useful depending on the characteristics of your character in game

- The Tarot cards: Twenty cards are available during the game. They all have their own effect and can be activated by pressing A. You can only carry one card at a time.

- The Pick Ups: These are really important to your party to move over the floors objects: keys, bombs, spare ... displayed at the top of your interface. A single key can change the course of your party, so you will it think carefully before opening the first box came.

- The Books: You will find them in various venues outside the library. They are activated with active effects such liabilities.


Hint: if you are looking for a particular object in this table, use the CTRL + F and type the name directly from your subject to find it faster in the list

<3 - Gives you a receptacle additional red heart and restores your life.

1 up - Gives you an extra life.

3 dollar bill - Give your tears a random effect for each room.

9 Volt - Give your two load bars activated after use. When you pick up this item again, it
will be fully charged.

The Ankh - Gives you an extra life will change you Baby Blue.

The Battery - Recharge your activated in the room during every 15 seconds. Stacks 3 times.

The Belt - Increases your speed by 2.

The Black Bean - The effect causes the Bean / Bad Gas whenever you are hit, which poisons the surrounding enemies.

Blood bag - Increases your total life of a receptacle heart. You heal 4 hearts and slightly increases your speed.

Blood of the Martyr - Increases your damage by 1. Cumulative with the Book of Belial, the damage will be multiplied by 1.5.

Bloody Lust - Increases your damage for each enemy killed. Capped at 3.3 compensated.
Is unlocked by beating Mom's Heart or It Lives with Samson.

Bobby Bomb - Gives you 5 bombs. All your bombs therefore lead to enemies once asked.

Bob's Curse - Gives you 5 bombs and grant all your bombs a poisoning effect.

Boom - Gives you 10 bombs.

Box - Shows 1 bomb, 1 key, 1 room, 1 map, 1 pill and 1 trinket.

Breakfast - You add a receptacle red heart.

Brimstone - Turns your tears into a loadable laser that pierces all enemies in its path. Can extinguish fires. Multiplies your damage by 3.

Bucket of Lard - Decreases your speed by 1, you heal half of your life and you add two empty receptacles hearts.

Cat - O-Nine-Tails - Increases the speed of your tears 23%.

Celtic Cross - Gives a 20% chance that a shield of invincibility displayed for 7 seconds, when you kill an enemy.
Is unlocked by killing Isaac with Magdalene.

Charm of the Vampire - Makes you half red heart all 13 enemies killed.

Chemical Peel - Tears from your left eye do more damage.

Chocolate Milk - Allows your character to load his shots, making its larger tears and chocolate color. You can not take continuous still pressing the fire button.

Common Cold - Gives you a chance to poison your enemies for 2.5 seconds.
Is unlocked by collecting two items syringes in the same game. Speed ??Ball does not count for this achievement.

The Compass - Reveals the location of the Treasure Room, the Room Boss and other special rooms. Does not reveal the Secret / Super Secret Room or other normal rooms.

Cupid Arrow - Allows your tears will pierce your enemies in order to reach those who stand behind. Cancels the effect of recoil enemies.

Daddy's Love - A foot Daddy Long Legs follows you in the halls and trample enemies randomly.
Is unlocked by finishing the challenge: The Purist

Dead Bird - Whenever you make a mess, the Dead Bird will appear and attack enemies.

Dead Cat - You dropped a tray of heart, but gives you 9 lives. If you die and you had collected new containers, you'll lose them forever. Item used to become Guppy.

Dead Dove - Makes you fly and you imparts spectral fire.

Dinner - Gives you a receptacle red heart.

Dog Food - Gives you a receptacle red heart.

Dollar Bill - Gives you $ 99

Dr. Fetus - Your tears are replaced by bombs.
Is unlocked by killing Mom's Heart for the 5th time.

Epic Fetus - Your tears are replaced by a guided missile that landed after 7 seconds.
Is unlocked by finishing the challenge Dr's Revenge.

Fate - Makes you fly, and you add an eternal heart.

Growth Hormones - Increases your speed and damage by 2 each.

Guppy's Tail - Increases your chances of seeing a gray or gold chest at the end of a room.

Can be unlocked by finishing the challenge 9 Deaths

The Habit - Allows you to recharge your activated by touching twice.

The Halo - Increases all your stats (including your life) 1.
Is unlocked by killing Mom or Mom's Heart with the Bible.

The Holy Grail - Makes you fly and added a receptacle empty heart.

Infection - 1 to 3 flies appear every damage taken.

Inner Eye - You fired a trio of tears. Your attack speed is reduced.

IPECAC - Replaces your tears by balls of explosive poison.

Jesus Juice - Increases your damage by 0.5 and your reach.

The Ladder - Takes you through the pits to reach inaccessible platforms in certain rooms.

Loki's Horn - Give a chance that your tears are drawn so cardinal.

Lord of The Pit - Allows you to fly. Increases your speed by 1.

Lucky Foot - Pills you pick are necessarily neutral or positive. Increases your chances of
getting Pick Ups at the end of a room, in the arcade. You now have a 50% chance to win
the game and get the Bonneteau Skatole. Also increases the probability that an item is
contained in the golden chests.

Lunch - Gives you a receptacle red heart.

Lump Of Coal - Your tears spend more time in the air, the more they will damage.
Is unlocked by killing for the first time in a Krampus Devil Room.

Magic 8 Ball - Increases the speed of your tears. Shows a map.

Magic Mushroom - Increases all your stats except the rate of fire, makes you fat head of
your character and you heal completely.

Magneto - Attracts pick ups and trinkets to you.

The Mark - Increases your damage by 1, speed and gives you a blue heart.

Max Head - Increases your damage by 1 and multiply by 1.5

MEAT! - Increases your damage and gives you a receptacle red heart.

Mini Mush - Increases your speed and scope 1.

Miter - Greatly increases your chances of seeing blue hearts instead of other hearts.

Mom's Corner Urse - Gives you four random pills.

Mom's Contact - Allows your tears freeze enemies for a short time at random.
Is unlocked by having Mom's Eye + any other item "eye" in the same game.

Mom's Eye - Allows your character to draw tears behind his head.

Mom's Heels - Increase your reach 7.75.

Mom's Knife - Replaces your tears with a knife whose range increases if you load the
item longer. As effective in melee.
Is unlocked by killing for the first time Sheol with Isaac.

Mom's Lipstick - Increase your reach 7.75.

Mom's Purse - Allows you to carry two trinkets instead of one.

Mom's Underwear - Increase your reach 7.75.

Money = Power - Increases your damage based on your number of items.
Is unlocked by killing Mom's Heart for the 8th time.

Mister Mega - Gives you 5 bombs and increases the damage and the radius of your
Is unlocked by destroying 30 blue rochrrs.

The Mulligan - Chance to summon a fly during a shot
successful, which will load your current target.

Mutant Spider - Gives you a quadruple shot, but greatly reduces your rate of fire.

My Reflection - Returns your tears in your direction. Good business if you already have
Dr. Fetus ...

Number One - Your scope becomes minimum but your rate of fire is greatest.

Odd Mushroom (damage up) - Decreases your speed increases your damage, and your
reach 2.75 attack speed. You add a receptacle red heart.

Odd Mushroom (fire rate up) - Increases your speed by 1 gives you a maximum attack
speed but reduces your damage by 1.

Ouija Board - Your tears become spectral.

The Pact - Increases your damage and your rate of fire, and gives you 2 blue hearts.

Pageant Boy - Shows parts of a random amount.

The Parasite - Your tears splits into two when they hit an obstacle.
Is unlocked by collecting two dead things in the same game (Bob's Rotten Head, Dead
Dove, Dead Cat ....)

The Peeper - You lose an eye that will serve familiar passive, wandering around the room and dealing damage to enemies it touches.

Pentagram - Increases your damage by 1 and the chances of seeing a Devil Room by 20%.

PHD - Heal two hearts. Turns negative into positive pills pills. Machines blood of the arcade games give you more money.

Polyphemus - Your rate of fire is reduced to a minimum. You pull a gigantic larme.Les
damage increased by 4 and then multiplied by 2.

If your tear causes more damage than the amount of life of your enemies, that continues on his way.

The Pyro - Gives you 99 bombs.

The Quarter - Gives you 25 coins.
Is unlocked by killing Mom's Heart for the 4th time.

Raw Liver - Makes you all your life and you add two containers of red hearts.

Roid Rage - Slightly increases your speed but NOT your fingertips.

Rosary - Gives you 3 hearts bleurs augemente and the chances that the Bible appears in the shop.

Rotten Meat - Increases your life a receptacle red heart.

Sacred Heart - Your tears are larger, unmanned but move more slowly. Gives you a blue heart and restores your life.

Sad Onion - Increases your attack speed 0.7.

Scapular - Once a room where the life of your character is reduced to half a red heart, this item gives you a blue heart.

Skatole - You are impervious to flies, hormi s red and green you fire projectiles and explosive bombs fly.

Skeleton Key - Gives you 99 keys.

Small Rock - Increases your damage by 1, your rate of fire and reduces your speed.
50 is unlocked by destroying rocks.

SMB Super Fan - Your character turns red, as Meat Boy. Increases all your stats by 1 and reduces your speed 1.
Is unlocked by finishing the challenge Meat 4 Ever

Speed ??Ball - Increases your movement speed and movement speed of your tears. Useful for example with Polyphemus.

Spelunker Hat - Tells you the location of the Secret and Super Secret Room when you pass nearby.
Is unlocked by killing for the first time a boss Caves 2.

Spider Bite - Your tears can slow your enemies for 2.5 seconds.
Is unlocked by finishing first Basement.

Spirit of The Night - Makes you fly and makes your spectral tears.

Spoon Bender - Your shots are now purple and unmanned.

Squeezy - Increases your rate of fire and gives you 2 blue hearts.

Steam Sale - Objects Shop cheaper.
Stem Cells - You add a receptacle red heart, you heal half red heart and increases the speed of your tears.

Steven - Increases your damage by 1.

Stigmata - You add a receptacle red heart and increases your damage by 0.3.

Super Bandage - Increases your life a receptacle red heart and gives you two blue hearts.
Is unlocked by creating a Meat Boy level 4 during a game.

Techonolgy- Your tears are replaced by a broken laser. Pierces enemies and cancels the lower enemies.

Technology II - Your tears are replaced by a continuous laser but reduces your damage by 35%. Pierces enemies.

Toothpicks - Increases speed of 0.16 tears.

Tough Love - Your character pulls teeth instead of tears.

Transcendence - Only your character's head remains, and you can fly.
Is unlocked by killing Mom's Heart for the 2nd time.

Treasure Map - You display the map but does not reveal the location of the rooms.

The Virus - Your character automatically poison all enemies it touches.

The Wafer - Once in The Womb / Uterus, your sudden damage is halved.
Is unlocked by killing Mom's Heart for the 7th time.

Whore of Babylon - When your character reaches half a heart of life, or if you only have blue hearts, your damage is increased by 2.16 and 0.3 speed.
Wiggle Worm - Your tears now oscillate in the room. Your rate of fire is increased by 0.4.

Wire Coat Hanger - Increases your rate of fire 0.7.

Wooden Spoon - Increases your speed by 0.3.

Vision - Reveals and opens the entrance and super Secret Secret Rooms.

Trinkets (accessories)

??'s Soul(Blue baby's Soul) - Gives you a new pet that wanders into the room. It draws unmanned spectral tears. If you have other pets, they follow this Blue Baby in the room.

This item is supposed to be unlocked by finishing the chest with Baby Blue. But a bug in the game that it is ending the Chest with Eve you unlock this item.

The Ace of Spades - Increases your chances of getting a Tarot Card or Card Suit at the end of a room (10%), as well as opening chests (66%).

The Bloody Penny - Gives you a 50% chance to show a red heart on the ground when you pick up a piece.
Item unlocked by finishing Cathedral with Samson.

The Burnt Penny - Gives you a 50% chance to reveal a bomb when you pick up a piece. (Can show Troll Bomb)
Item unlocked by completing the challenge Large Marge.

Cain's Eye - When you start a stage, gives you a 25% chance to activate the effect of The Compass for the duration of this stage (shows the location of the rooms)
Item unlocked by finishing The Chest with Cain

Cancer - Calculating the statistic this item is quite complex. Basic accessory reduces the time to onset of your tears 2 frames / s. More attack speed, the greater your time will be reduced, thus further boosts your attack speed. So this object is more effective in increasing the rate of fire.

Example: If you have Polyphemus, your time will be 24 With Cancer, you will add 25% extra attack speed.. If you reach the maximum rate of fire possible, Cancer breeze this course and gives you 200% more speed.

Child's Heart - Increases your chances of getting a heart at the end of a room (10%), as well as inside chests (66%). The chances that this is a blue heart or eternal heart heart is weak. Items such as Mitre or Mom's Pearl increase this chance.

Counterfeit Penny - Increase by 50% the chances of doubling the amount of room picked up. Can be found only within a Golden Poop.
Item unlocked by completing the challenge Isaac Was Good Today.

Cursed Skull - When you have half a red heart (even if you have blue hearts) teleports you to the previous room.
If you play with Baby Blue, this item will teleport automatically to the previous room each damage taken.

Curved Horn - Increases your damage by 2 statistics.
Item unlocked by finishing Cathedral with Judas.

Eve Bird's Foot - Gives you a 5% chance to appear with the Dead Bird in each room for each enemy killed.
This item is supposed to be unlocked by finishing The Chest with Eve. But a bug in the game that it will be unlocked by finishing The Chest with Blue Baby.

Flat Penny - Gives you a 50% chance to reveal a key to the ground when you pick up a piece.

Fish Head - Offensive fly appears whenever your character is hit.
Item unlocked by finishing the challenge Lord of The Flies

Goat Hoof - Increases your speed by 0.15.

Isaac's Head - A head of Isaac fights alongside you. Tears through enemies.
Item unlocked by finishing The Chest with Isaac.

The Fork - Complete a room gives you a 10% chance to make you half a red heart of life.

Judas' Tongue - The items in the Devil Room only cost one red heart.
Item unlocked by finishing The Chest with Judas.

The Left Hand - Replaces the normal chests with red chests. This also affects the golden chests.
Item unlocked by beating Ultra Pride.

Liberty Cap - Gives you a 25% chance to activate a random character to your room in the current passive effect reveals the card reduces the size of your character and increases its life.

When you play with Blue Baby, if you get the effect that enhances your life, your blue heart will not disappear in the next room.

Lucky Toe - Increases your chance to get a reward when you complete a room by 10%. If you already have the Lucky Foot, this percentage drops to 2%.
Item unlocked by completing the challenge 7 years bad luck.

Maggy's Faith - At the beginning of each stage, your character gains an eternal heart. If you do not have a blue heart to protect it and you take damage, this heart is lost forever.
Item unlocked by finishing The Chest with Magdalene.

Match Stick - Increases your chances of getting a bomb at the end of a room (10%), and within chests (66%). The bombs can be 2 +1 Free or troll Bombs.

Missing Page - Produces the same effect as the Necronomicon. Gives a 5% chance to inflict damage to the enemies of the room.

Mom's Pearl - Offers you 10% extra chance to see a blue heart appear instead of a red heart. If you own the Mitre, the chance to 58%. If you play with Eve and the Mitre this chance is over 60%.

Pinky Eye - Gives you a 10% chance of hitting a tear poisoned.

If you play with the item Dr Fetus, this trinket also works for your bombs fired.

Polaroid - If you feel you are doing and that your life is one half heart, you become invulnerable for 5 seconds. This item is required if you want to go to The Chest after Cathedral.
Item unlocked after completing Cathedral 6 times.
If you play with Blue Baby, your shield will be activated each took damage, once the effect of the previous shield is completed.

Push Pin - Gives you a 10% chance of hitting a through-spectral and tear.

Red Patch - Gives you a 20% chance to increase your damage when you are hit.

Rusted Key - This item is supposed to increase your chances of a key or a chest appear at the end of a room. That said, since the 1.48 version, it no longer has any effect.

Safety Cap - Increases your chances of getting a pill at the end of a room (10%), and within chests (66%).

Samson's Lock - Gives you 1/15 chance of increasing your damage in a room each time an enemy dies.
Item unlocked by finishing The Chest with Samson.

The Tick - Removes 15% of life of every enemy with over 60 points of life. This works especially on most Boss.

Also makes you a red heart when you enter a Boss Room.

Watch out! Tick ??is a definitive Trinket, ie if you take it and you do not have the Mom's Purse, you can not change the trinket for the rest of your party!

Umbilical Cord - When you get to a half life of red heart, a familiar Little Steve is invoked. Only works in the room or your character took damage. If you treat this pet disappears.


Major Arcana

Hint: if you are looking for a particular object in this table, use the CTRL + F and type the name directly from your subject to find it faster in the list.

0.The Fool - You back to the starting room upstairs. Useful when you want to escape from a Boss Room, or a Boss Challenge Room.

I.The Magician - Gives You unmanned purple tears

II.The High Priestess - Shows the foot Mom on one of the enemies of the room. If the room is empty it is you that trample. In case of lack of bomb, if you use this card to the wall of a secret room, the foot will open the room.

III. The Empress - Gives you the effect of The Whore of Babylon within a room: you turn into a demon, your damage and speed increased. Can be combined if you already have an effect Whore of Babylon active.

IV. The Emperor - Teleports you to the Boss room. If you use it for this room, the fight is reset.

V.The Hierophant - Shows two blue hearts.

VI. The Lovers - Shows two red hearts.

VII.The Chariot - Gives you temporary invincibility, as item My Litttle Unicorn. This map is useful against enemies, but also against the machines Blood, the Sacrifice Room, IV Bag or Devil Beggar. You give parts / retrieve objects without losing a life.

VIII.Justice - Revealed several Pick Ups: a key, a bomb, a room, a heart (red or blue). Possibility that the key is a golden key, or that the bomb is a Troll Bomb.

IX.The Hermit - Teleports you to Shop

X.Wheel Of Fortune - Shows a slot machine or a machine Bonne Aventure. If you get this card and you use it in the room of the Boss at the end of your fight, give him a few coins. If a fly appears, exit the room and return it: your fight will be reset, and you can get a second object at the end of combat.

XI. Strength - Increases the size of your character and gives it an extra heart container. Only works for a single room. If you use this card with Baby Blue, you will have a blue heart and more, you keep out of the room.

XII. The Hanged Man - You flew for a room.

XIII. Death - Kills small enemies of the room or inflicts a strong amount of damage. The same effect as The Necronomicon.

XIV. Temperance - Revealed a blood donation machine.

XV.The Devil - Produces the same effect as the Book of Belial. Increases your damage by 2 for the current room.

XVI. The Tower - Produces the same effect as the Anarchist Cookbook. Shows 6 troll bombs randomly in the room.

XVII.The Stars - Teleports you to the Treasure Room.

XVIII. The Moon - Teleports you to the Secret Room.

The Sun - One of the best tarot card of the game It shows you the map of the floor as well as the location of the secret rooms, fully heal your character and deals damage to all enemies in the room.

XX. Judgement - Shows a Beggar (beggar) or Devil Beggar.

XXI. The World - Shows the map of the floor as well as the location of the secret rooms.

Minor Arcana (Suit Cards)

The Joker - Teleport Room in God / Devil Room upstairs.

2 of Hearts - If your life is low, you heal the amount of red hearts remaining.

2 of Spades - Double your number of keys.

2 of Clubs - Double your number of bombs.

2 of Diamonds - Double your number of pieces.

Pick Ups

In The Binding of Isaac, you will be able to collect various small useful to your game objects, which are the Pick Ups, ie those you can pick up on the ground. They include keys, bombs, etc. .... that appear in your objects on top of your screen meter.

Hint: if you are looking for a particular object in this table, use the CTRL + F and type the name directly from your subject to find it faster in the list

Half red heart - You heal half a red heart.

Red Heart - You heal a red heart.

Blue Heart - These blue hearts accumulate after your red hearts. If you get hit you lose them permanently.

Eternal Heart - This small white heart will ensure an additional receptacle red heart when you pass the door of your room Boss. If you have two in the same floor, they combine to form a new receptacle directly. If you take damage and you do not have a blue heart to protect it, you lose it forever.

Key - Allows you to open all doors and golden treasures. You will need to open your Treasure Room on the second floor, or exceptionally the first if you have a Curse of Labyrinth.

Golden key - A mat that allows you to open all doors and chests without dipping into your reserves of keys. You find it in chests, slot machines against money. It lasts an entire floor.

Penny - Gives you one piece.

Nickel - Gives you 5 pieces.

Dime - Gives you 10 coins.

Bomb - Allows you to break the blue rocks, kill enemies, escape from difficult to find rooms or rooms type, or Super Secret Room.

2 +1 Free - Gives you 2 bombs instead of one.

Troll Bomb - Replaces a normal bomb, can not be picked up. It has a larger radius of damage.

Super Giant Bomb - A troll homing bomb that will follow in the room before exploding.

- Pill - Bad gas: Poisons enemies around you. It works on the same principle as The Bean.

- Bad Trip: You Cause 1 heart damage, including blue hearts. This pill turns into Full Health when you no longer have a heart of life. Balls of Steel: Gives you 2 blue hearts.

- Bombs Are Key: Interferes your number of bombs and keys. Useful if you miss a key stage for example, and you've used fast and simple bombs in the floor.

- Full Health: You gives maximum life.

- Health Up: Increases your total life of a receptacle red heart.

- I Found Pills: A pill that has no effect except to change the physical appearance of Isaac.

- Pretty Fly: grants You a fly as Orbital, which revolves around you. Limited to 3 flies.

- Range Down: Decreases your firing range 3.1.

- Range Up: Increases your reach 3.875.

- Speed ??Down: Decrease your speed 0.24.

- Speed ??Up: Increases your speed 0.3.

- Tears Down: Decreases attack speed of 0.28.

- Tears Up: Increases your attack speed 0.35.

- Telepills: Teleports you to a random room. You have a chance to be teleported out of fifteen in Error Room.

Safe Grey - Holds keys, bombs, hearts, trinkets, objects.

Safe Doré - Requires a key to open it. It contains the same items as the gray chest but has a higher probability of containing an activated or passive item.

Safe Red - Holds two Bleur hearts, spiders, troll bombs, pills, flies. May also contain an item Guppy type, except Guppy's Hairball. This box will also allow you to teleport to a Devil / God Room.

Rock Bleur - These blue rocks can contain key, bomb, blue hearts, card, eternal heart (rare) and the Small Rock, a passive object which will increase your damage and reduce your speed.

Caca Doré - These small mounds can contain from 5 to 8 rooms, and 1 in 3 chance of making up the Counterfeit Penny, a trinket that can Double the amount of a piece collected from the ground.

The Books

Hint: if you are looking for a particular object in this table, use the CTRL + F and type the name directly from your subject to find it faster in the list.

The Anarchist Cookbook - 6 shows Troll Bombs randomly in the room / 3

The Book of Belial - Increases your damage. Increases by 25% the chances of having a Devil Room at the end of the floor. / 3

The Book of Revelations - You added a blue heart. Use of this book is that your next boss will be a Horseman of the Apocalypse. (Except XL and floors where the final boss is predefined). Increases by 35% the chances of having a Devil Room at the end of the floor.

This item is valuable and advisable if you want to unlock the Super Bandage, which requires 4 Cube of Meat in the same game./ 6

The Book of Shadows - Makes your character invulnerable for 10 seconds. Also works with the Sacrifice Room, Devil Beggar or machines Blood. / 3

The Book of Sin - Shows a random Pick Up, a pill or a map.
Is unlocked by killing all the Mini Boss type Seven Sins Capital./ 4

Monster Manual - Summons a random familiar to the room being, even if you have not yet unlocked.
Is unlocked by killing Satan with Samson./ 4

Necronomicon - Inflicts damage consequent to the enemies of the current room.
Is unlocked using 4 times the XIII Death card./ 6

Telepathy for Dummies - Turns your tears for unmanned room during shooting. / 2

The Bible - You flew in the current room. If you use the Bible against Mom, Mom's Heart or It Lives, the boss will die in the fields. Instead, if you use it against Isaac, it will kill you instantly. / 6

Familiars and Orbital

Among the objects Liabilities The Binding of Isaac, there's Pets, which are small figures that follow you throughout your party. They can be classified into several categories:

The spawners
Passive followers that will make you appear Pick Ups after a number of rooms.

Little Chad - Shows half red heart both rooms.
Is unlocked by killing the boss CHAD for the first time.

Bum Friend - Beggar who picks up a portable parts of the room emptied to show pick ups after a certain amount of money. Can move your bombs, as Meat Boy.

Sack of Pennies - Shows a piece every two rooms.
It is unlocked by killing Lives with Cain

Bomb Bag - Shows a bomb a 1 +1 Free or troll bomb all 3 rooms.
Is unlocked by killing Satan with Cain

The Relic - Shows a blue heart every 5 rooms.
It is unlocked by killing Lives with Magdalene.

The Shooters - Offensive passive followers who will at the same time as you.
Brother Bobby Tire normal tears.

Demon Baby - Automatically pulls the enemies once nearby.
Is unlocked by defeating Satan with Eve

Little Chubby - Drove into the shaft of your character to attack enemies. A small cool down before charging again.
Is unlocked by beating all types of bosses Caves (Fistula, Gurdy, Peep, Chub)

Little Gish - Tire tears of tar that slows enemies, their rate of fire and range for a few seconds.
Is unlocked by killing the boss Gish for the first time.

Little Steve - Tire tears unmanned.
Is unlocked by beating the boss Steven for the first time.

Robo Baby - Takes a similar Techonology laser.
It is unlocked by killing Lives with Judas.

Sister Maggy - Tire tears of blood.

Ghost Baby - Tire spectral tears.

Harlequin Baby - Takes a pair of bloody tears diagonally.

Rainbow Baby - Effect of random tears every shot.
Is unlocked by beating the boss with Bue Baby Isaac.

Abel - Mimics the movement of your character and pulls in the opposite direction.
Is unlocked by beating the boss with Isaac Cain.

The Orbital
Defensive liabilities that revolve around you, protecting your character as a shield.

Forever Alone - Invokes an offensive attack fly that distance.

Distant Admiration - Offensive red fly and revolves around your character, attack shorter range and does more damage than Forever Alone.

Guardian Angel - A guardian angel who is around you. Double the speed of other orbital block enemy fire and inflicts damage on contact.
Is unlocked by defeating Satan with Magdalene

Halo of Flies - Two flies that revolve around you. Block shots and inflict damage to enemies flies.

Sacrificial Dagger - Dagger revolves around your character, causing a strong amount of damage.
Is unlocked by killing the boss with Isaac Eve.

Pretty Fly - A fly the same effect as the Halo of Flies. Can be obtained by slot machines and pills of the same name.

The Others
Followers liabilities that have a graphical utility or changes shape and ability in the game.

Dead Cat - You dropped a tray of heart, but gives you 9 lives. If you die and you had collected new containers, you'll lose them forever. Item used to become Guppy.

Cube of Meat - The first time you pick up this object, Cube of Meat revolve around you. Same effect as Pretty Fly.

- The second Cube, it will be replaced by a floating head.
- The third Cube, a body will be added to the head and Meat Boy baladera in the room eating enemies.
- For the fourth Cube, its size and damage are increased.

Attack Fly - One (or several flies) that revolves around you and darken on nearby enemies, making it disappear. This type of fly can be obtained by the pill Friends til The End, red chests, Fish Head, Infestation, Guppy's Head, The Mulligan, or becoming Guppy.

Guppy's Hairball - Freely following your character deals damage and grows in contact with each enemy killed. This damage increases proportionally to its size.
Is unlocked by becoming first Guppy (Guppy having collected three items in the same part)

1 Up - Gives you an extra life.

Holy Water - Spreading a pool of holy water on the ground, injuring enemies who pass through.

The Boss

At the end of each level, so the floor, you will have a match against a boss. The outcome of the battle will allow you access to the next stage. You will also be rewarded, sometimes totally random, sometimes defined by the boss that you have to fight.

This section is a complete guide to all the bosses you encounter, sorted by the order they appear, depending on the stage where you are. You will be informed of all their variants, the fatherly (attacks) of these bosses and their specific loot items.

The Boss on the 1st floor

Basement is the first floor you'll encounter in the game alternative Cellar His version was implemented with the expansion Wrath Of The Lamb. At the end of each floor you will find a Boss room, which can be doubled if you start your game with a Curse of Labyrinth, having the effect of making your floor twice as big. Here is the list and explanation of each of the Boss you can find:

The Duke of Flies
The Duke of Flies wanders across the room showing different types of flies according to its declination. It is advisable to come quickly to the end thereof in order to devote himself to the boss itself. It is not very difficult to overcome and can be easily eradicated with one or two bombs.

Widow has several pattern of attack: it shows either small spiders on the ground or spider webs. Otherwise it will jump randomly in your direction. It has some life and is not very fast unlike its variant Rose.

Gemini and its variants Green and Blue are among the boss that you can find on the first floor of the game. Gemini follows you sprinting from time to time, while its projection draws tears at sight. Once the main body of the boss killed, his growth becomes red and chases you around the room.

Pin is one of the easiest of the first boss jumps from one side of the room, showing 4 tears around him, and freezes at a specific location to make his bombs explode Ipecac. It has a black Alternatively, a larger version thereof, but little more aggressive.

An amazing first floor. It has a variant Grey and Red.
it has several types of attacks, including shooting in front of you, slow jump to your current location, and a series of rapid and consecutive jumps in your direction.

Larry JR.
Another boss that you will encounter in the first stage of the game is made up of two to randomly strolling in the room, showing the "poop" behind him. It has no particular pattern in the sense that it will only continue if you are nearby. Some bombs can overcome quickly if you run out of speed.

Blighted Ovum
Blighted Ovum is a virulent Gemini alternative. Graphically bloodier, it is also faster and causes more damage. Its main body charge you constantly, spreading a red trail on the ground you will cause damage. When you kill this body, explode outgrowth of itself while pulling tears around. This is a final attack to remember as worth taking unnecessary damage. If your speed is less than the boss, remember to put a bomb in its path to slow it down.

Steven is an alternative to Gemini boss. Steven chasing you around the room, while his little sidekick shoot you. Once she removed Steven persecute you in turn. Both booties that are familiar boss Steve Little, and Steven, a passive object that increases your damage.

Boss 2nd floor

The second session of Floors game Caves / Catacombs. The difficulty up a notch and you will meet new enemies and new boss, adding to the previous.

This video shows you Fistula, bosses met in The Caves, low difficulty. Each attack against it Fistula is split into several parts. Eventually every part explodes and shows a worm per particle. It is recommended as for Teratoma or Mini Boss Envy, proceed ball by ball not to be overwhelmed by enemies.

A boss of The Caves. He relies flies, Boils (these balls on the ground that shoot at you) and shoot bursts of projectiles in your direction. When the latter is ready to shoot, you can see his face retract. This will allow you to anticipate the attack and shift to the side. It has a black variant that it draws no tears. His alternative is Gurdy Jr., who unlike Gurdy is mobile, you load and also pulls you in invoking flies.

Peep is a boss of the Caves / Catacombs. It has a variant Green and Yellow. It floods the floor of a pool of acid, fires missiles around him, and jumps in your direction. It alternates usually 3 attacks. It will separate from his eyes 66% and 33% of its life.

Here you will find Chub, a boss you will see at The Caves. It also has a red Orange an alternative version, so that is CHAD. For this boss no complex mechanical, it simply loads if you're in his way, and give rise to two Boils, small balls on the ground that pulls in your direction. A simple way to beat this boss is to place a bomb on his way when you load: it swallows, and the explosion will cause him a lot of damage.

One of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse that we can find the Caves / Catacombs. It has a white alternative. This boss has several patterns: you can see it pours a trail of Ipecac in your direction, shoots explosive balls, and shows flies and worms in the room. You can guide the firing of Pestilence so he kills his own henchmen, which will let you attack the boss him more time - even. When he reaches half of his life his head disappears and merely invoke fly and shoot his balls Ipecac. It offers a reward that the Cube of Meat, like most other riders.

CHAD is the alternative Chub. The combat works exactly the same way. Bombs are also the best way to get around. The item proposed at the end of combat is Chad Little.

Carrion Queen
Carrion Queen is another boss Chub type you encounter in Catacombs / Necropolis. It refers to Carrion King, a recurring enemy but also the name of a level in the game Super Meat Boy. His main attack is the charge. Beside it will take short breaks to let some red "poop" in its path (note their contact causes damage!). End of life Carrion Queen begins to zigzag in the room. The particularity of this fight is his only weak point is the back and pink part of his body. Once again, the use of bombs is recommended for this fight.

The Husk
The Husk, a boss of the Catacombs alternative Duke of Flies. It has a black variant. This is a fast but easy to defeat boss: it shows flies and spiders, and draws tears bursts in your direction. Once again, one or two bombs enough to overcome quickly.

The Hollow
The Hollow, an alternative to JR Larry, which moves diagonally across the room, and is visually more aggressive. It has three variants, a Yellow, a Green and Black. Once accustomed to its movement, it is an easy defeat can happen very easily by asking a single bomb at the right time, in the middle of the room (preferably when the two lines are the ends of the boss above, to match the time of detonation of the bomb)

The Wretched
The fight against The Wretched is similar to that against Widow, its alternative. It can be found in the Catacombs. He shows several sets of spiders, while spreading a puddle on the ground that slows Isaac, and takes a burst of white beads around him. When this boss dies, he explodes and reveals three spiders normal type. This version of Widow is faster, but low points of life.

Boss 3rd floor

Monstro II
Monstro II, the alternative to Monstro which however has very different mechanical. It has a Red variant, faster. Most often, if you place it in the firing axis, draw a Monstro II Brimstone laser beam. Otherwise he jumps into the room, takes big red tears at his first landing, and invokes virulent flies the second time it arises. The little technique to defeat this boss is easy to trap him in his Brimstone phase put you near, wait for it load its attack and put you just below it, while the attacker. Once the laser is finished, replace you quickly in front of him, so he charges his attack again, and so on.

Loki, a boss of The Depths / Necropolis. Its alternative Lokii (a Loki cut in two) is Utero him. Her patterns are simple, he teleports into the room, invokes "fly-bombs" black and red, and pulls so cardinal and diagonal. You rarely find as boss, but more often in pairs in stages as Sheol example. It has little life is not very difficult to defeat.

War is one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse that you will encounter in The Depths / Necropolis. It has a more virulent and explosive Black declination. His patterns are quite simple: when you are below or above the boss he draws tears around him. In alignment, it will appear at the option of Troll Bombs throughout the room or charge you by the hand, leaving the screen to reappear in the shaft of your position. It is advised to stay below him avoiding her tears to minimize damage taken against this Boss.

Gish, a boss type Monstro met in The Depths. It is an alternative that does not have boss variant. He just jump in your direction, showing two small Gish landing, the living tar coating that will slow you down if you cross it, and pulls tar balls explosive. It has a lot of life but is not very complicated to overcome. His reward will always Gish Little item.

Mask of Infamy
The Mask Of Infamy, a boss Necropolis. This fight is particularly long and hard if you miss attack at this level.

It has two attacks: his heart takes shots around it and mask charge you when you are nearby. It is advisable to kill before the first heart attack the mask. The particularity of this fight is that the boss does not have a life bar. The attack from the other end of the room, drawing on its sides is the safest technique. If you have the Brimstone, the fight will be much easier.

Mask of Infamy
Here the fight against Triachnid a boss Necropolis / The Womb / alternative Utero to Daddy Long Legs. It differs from the latter by its more futuristic. It has 4 distinct pattern: he hits his 3 feet almost simultaneously throughout the room, retracts into the air to hit a foot at a time (note that in this form only the feet are vulnerable), he coughs a spider in your management and crushed his head against the ground by pulling 8 tears all around him. It has no special loot.

Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs is a boss Necropolis / The Womb / Utero has some life but you can easily cause a lot of damage if you do not know the attacks. His counterpart Triachnid has the same attacks. We recommend that you follow the advice given for the latter to overcome Daddy Long Legs.

The Bloat
The Bloat, a tough boss that will kill you in no time if you do not master the patterns and you miss responsiveness. You can meet from Necropolis.

For this fight you have to avoid his eyes wander around the room, including above the rocks. Flying does not guarantee you immunity. If you are below him he will draw a powerful laser on you. It will be the same if you are aligned with it, left or right. The Bloat leaves a red puddle beneath him, causing damage. The only way to fight this boss safely is to place above him, and when he jumps at you, draw down the hall again able to attack from above. This prevents a lot of damage.

The first real boss of the game, which ended the first part of your story is Mom, or rather his foot to be exact. Mom has two variants: one red and one blue. His foot will attack randomly in the room. On the walls you will see 4 doors, which may arise eyes, fat, and a hand. Each of these gates has the ability to summon various monsters, which can themselves be removed by trampling MoM. You will need to switch between Foot, Doors, and Monsters to carry this fight. At the end, you'll be a golden chest if you start the game, and this one stops there, one item and a hatch to get to the next stage or the item, the hatch and the Polaroid go to the upstairs suite The Chest.

Red Alternative: The foot and room doors are red. The main attack is his Mom trampling. Frantically, she will attack you to where you are, will retract to the ceiling and will crack again a few seconds later. It may, randomly invoke a look through the door, then re tackle your previous location.

Blue Alternative: The most virulent version of Mom. His foot and the doors are blue. She tramples almost never by against the doors are constantly invoking fairly tough enemies that you inflict more damage than the cumulative Mom in itself. If you do not have the necessary defense and attack, you can overcome this battle.

The Boss on the 4th floor

Scolex, an alternative to Pin that appears only in The Womb. This is a relatively easy boss which will just dive in your direction and stand in a fixed location, head or tail up, to shoot bursts of red tears. His only vulnerable point is its tail. This is a reference to Moldorm, worm boss of Zelda Link to The Past. As its mechanics are quite similar.

Blastocyst, a boss of The Womb. Blastocyst splits into two after a certain amount of damage, and each of its forms fires projectiles is so cardinal or diagonal. Once all the bubbles split, it remains only worms are harmless, except in contact.

Death, another Horseman of the Apocalypse, which appeared in The Womb / Utero. It has a black variant. In the first phase of the battle, summon 4 Death scythe darken in your direction. It will then use The Hourglass, an item which slow down time, and therefore go, and separate from his mount. It will darken the sides of the room, while Death Knights invoke two by two monsters whose vulnerability is located at the rear of the head. If the frame in dark monsters kill it instantly.

Conquest, a Horseman of the Apocalypse alternative to Death, you unlock once destroyed 30 blue rocks. This boss has three patterns: it can charge by duplicating throughout the room, the room disappear blast of light rays (Crack The Sky) or attack you directly with 4 guided missiles. It will give you a reward or a Cube of Meat, evening the White Pony, which has a passive theft and similar to Crack The Sky active in more than one load in the room.

Teratoma, the alternative to the Fistula Utéro floor. The mechanics are exactly the same, except only when all its parts destroyed, Teratoma shows spiders rather than worms. His contact will cause damage. It is advisable to fight part by part so as not to find themselves overwhelmed spiders.

Lokii is the variant of Loki. It represents exactly what Loki, but cut in half. His attacks are the same as its counterpart, if not you have to be twice as vigilant in this fight, especially in the phase or the boss has its cardinal and diagonal tears.

Mom's Heart
At the end of The Womb / Utero, to earth Mom's Heart, the second Champion important that you have to overcome to progress in The Binding of Isaac section. Inside this video you will be familiar with its operation:

Mom's Heart beats in the middle of the room, accompanied by two eyes pulling lasers.Il cites several waves of monsters in battle, disappearing between each. The order of appearance of these enemies is always the same. If you manage to get rid of his minions in less than 2 seconds, Mom's Heart will not retract into the ceiling and remain within range of shots. Reached 33% of its life that it will draw red bombs Ipecac, spreading dangerous puddles on the ground. At the end of the fight, your golden chest appears in the middle of the room and the game ends here. You will overcome this heart 9 times to unlock It Lives. Your first fight against Mom's Heart unlock the character Judas.

It Lives
The Big Boss will permanently replace Mom's Heart in your 10th party in The Binding of Isaac. This is a more virulent version of the bosses, and the heart turned into Foetus Red suspended ceiling. This video shows you the techniques Lives It does not differ from Mom's Heart. Only instead of summon monsters, they are mostly Boss that you will face, among those you've met in the previous stages:


-Larry JR

-The Duke of Flies


A 33% of its life It Lives draw balls red Ipecac, while continuing to invoke enemies. At the end of the first fight against It Lives, you will unlock the character Baby Blue, and access to Sheol floor, which could be available to you via a previously Devil Room.

It is recommended for this fight like that against Mom's Heart to stick to a wall by defeating the enemies as quickly as possible in the room. Try to inflict the most damage possible It Lives when he descends from the ceiling. Bombs can be a great utility you to destroy the wave of enemies before it invoked spilling into the room, while damaging the fetus. Shots of Ipecac also cause damage to your enemies.

Boss of the 5th and 6th floors

Satan is the final boss of the stage Sheol. The first form of Satan is The Fallen. It has the same mechanical as the boss of the same name.

Once come to the end of it, the statue in the middle of the room comes alive and Satan appears. He shoots bursts of tears when you stand on his side, and shoots laser beams Brimstone with his mouth or with his hands if you face him. Try preference to attack from the sides to avoid his shots.

When his life falls to zero, Satan takes his third form and it is with his hooves that attack you. He cites small to explosives and tramples your current location. Once the battle is over you take the trunk and the game ends here.

Isaac, the final boss Cathedral.In its first phase that it draws tears in all directions. Important: the higher your rate of fire, the higher you will Isaac tears. If you start the fight with an item as Number One, for example, take care to have the defense and life necessary to absorb the damage.

In the second phase of the battle, Isaac wings, continues to draw his tears, but some of them are purple and unmanned. Each of the bosses damage you cause a heart damage.

Baby Blue (??)
The fight against the True Last Bost of The Binding of Isaac: Blue Baby. The fight has 3 phases like Isaac. At the beginning it will draw a series of tears. Then the tears will be replaced by unmanned missiles. Finally, these projectiles will be accompanied by little Angels who also attack you without tears. The particularity is that it relies Baby Blue flies the duration of the fight. If you have the Skatole get immunized against these flies. At the end of fighting a chest appears and the game ends this way.

Mini Boss

Mini Boss: The Seven Deadly Sins

Envy & Super Envy (Jealousy)
This Mini Boss is in the form of a flying body diagonally in the room. Once you have removed his first HP bar, Envy split into two. Each head is split into two to turn over combat, until there are no more than tiny flying heads in the room. Its advanced version Super Envy is blue and is divided into 3 instead of 2. Envy leaves as a reward Tarot Card and Troll Bomb.

Super Envy in its complete form start. During the second phase the mini boss will split into three parts.

Gluttony Gluttony & Super (Gluttony)
Gluttony draw a radius Brimstone when you stand in front of him. Otherwise it fires missiles around him. Its advanced version Super Gluttony is bigger, more violent, will draw its Brimstone before and behind him and more shots in the same direction. These two mini boss will reward you with red and blue hearts, and sometimes Passis "<3" which heals you and increases your vital capacity item.

Pride & Super Ultra Pride & Pride (Pride)
This mini Boss embodying Pride sends waves dealing damage diagonally, and a flood of Troll Bombs throughout the room. Pride can not be defeated with bombs Dr. Fetus. Its pink version super Pride is more virulent and will bring two Super Troll Bomb instead of the burst of small bombs. Ultra Pride it is a mini boss you need to defeat to unlock The Left Hand object. Green part of this boss pours a green liquid ground inflicting damage, and pulls purple guided missiles as his sidekick in the white room. You will get some reward pick ups or item related to the bombs (Anarchist Cookbook example)

Wrath & Super Wrath (Wrath)
Wrath is a mini boss reference to BomberMan. Strolling in a labyrinth of rocks, he shoots bombs (or Super Giant Bomb Super Wrath) in your direction. It may itself be defeated by bombs. You will get a reward bombs and liabilities or activatable Bomb kind items.

Sloth & Super Sloth (Sloth)
Laziness is a mini boss who calls worms (up to 3 at a time) and draw IPECAC bombs in your direction. It is often found in pairs in The Womb / Utero. You get loot pick ups, and more rarely the item Bob's Rotten Head.

Super Lust & Lust (Lust)
Lust is a pink version and fast Isaac contaminated item The Virus. This mini Boss simply chase you around the room. A bomb in its path will often be a good solution to overcome, or simply slow down if you lack speed. You get a pill or item The Virus after his death.

Super Greed & Greed (Avarice)
The Super Greed and Greed are mini Boss that you will find in place of some shop in the Secret Room. Their damage will make you lose life but also money. Knowing that you can recover only half the ground lost pieces. Your booty will either money or item Steam Sale, which gives you a discount on the price of Shop.

The Challenges

In this section you will find all Challenges Binding of Isaac. By releasing these special course with benefits and penalties, so you can unlock new items that you will see will be required to complete the main quest to better the game and more importantly to unlock success "Platinum God" of the game.

Dark Was the Night
Dark Was the Night is the first challenge available in your list. It is also through this one I suggest you start if you start the game, because the item unlocked at the completion of the game will be very useful to advance further in the main phase of the game Its difficulty is low: you start with the curse Curse of Darkness, which will be present at each stage. A "?" replace your card.

However, all conventional and special rooms are present: Item Room, Shop .... Isaac to the same objects that start in a normal game. To complete this challenge you will need to memorize the placement of your rooms under penalty soon be lost, and wasting your bombs to find the Secret Room, for example.

Complete this challenge by killing Mom to unlock Depths The Candle activated powerful item in damage and recharges in a few seconds.

7 years bad luck
7 Years bad Luck, ie "7 years of bad luck" is the second challenge. You start the game as a normal part except that Isaac is supposed to have no chance in this game: more curses, fewer objects slots, bad pills and especially it n ' is not guaranteed to have an Item Room on each floor.

However, there is an essential to take into account for this particular challenge. A small programming error that the Down Luck does not exist in the game: the value of your hand can not be negative. Thus a pill Luck Down should you inflict -1 gives you a +1 instead, the game retaining only the absolute value of this feature. Which greatly reduces the difficulty of this challenge. The absence of alternate Item Room on different floors nonetheless remains.

Have no Room Item is not a bad thing, you see on the map that there is a shop, a Arcade Room, a Cursed Room, a Boss Challenge Room and that a library ... All can potentially contain a useful item for your party or allow you to replenish life.

You will complete this challenge by killing Mom to Depths and you will unlock The Lucky Toe which is equivalent to Trinket Lucky Foot. You will have a little more luck, it not say much with the Lucky Foot, the Trinkets with less than activatable items or passive effect.

Large Marge
The third challenge of The Binding of Isaac is Large Marge. The specificity of this challenge is that all of your floors will be cursed by the Curse of The Labyrinth.

All normal and special rooms are present. Your floor will be twice as large as usual, and you will find two items rooms and two bathrooms boss.

So you will have that "three" floors to go before going to kill Mom: Basement XL; Caves XL; Depths XL. Complete this challenge you will unlock The Burnt Penny, a trinket that gives you a chance to show a bomb when you pick up a piece.

9 Deaths
9 Deaths Challenge is the fourth available in your list. You start your game with the item The Dead Cat, which gives you 9 lives. In return you start with a receptacle red heart. Each time you die you will lose the extra life gained and recommence with one heart. This is what makes the main difficulty of this challenge.

The items are rooms available during your party, and you have to go to Depth / Necropolis to beat Mom. The Scapular is a passive object that can be useful for quickly survive the first stages, the time to acquire more life. You win a blue heart when you fall half a red heart of life.

Your life meter at the top right of the screen displays x6. 3 lives have already been lost in this part. Despite this new receptacle was still able to be recovered. Mom being the final boss of this stage, it is advisable to go around the floor while remaining vigilant to collect the maximum possible life.

At the end of this challenge, you will unlock the object Guppy's Tail, a passive that increases the likelihood of chests appear at the end rooms. However, you have the ability to unlock this object without going through this Challenge. Indeed Guppy's Tail 2.5% chance of appearing in a red box before completion of the Challenge. Once collected will be added to your collection of objects and now 4% chance of being contained by one of these chests.

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the flies ("Lord of the Flies") is the fifth challenge, and differs from the previous. You always play Isaac, but this time you have preset for your party objects. The flies will be your allies during these 4 floors.

So you start with The Mulligan (1/6 chance to show a fly attack when you pull) and Infestation (1/3 chance to show a fly when you get hit). You will Item no Room during the challenge, but other special rooms are available.

The aim is mainly to increase your attack speed via Tears Up pills and other items like that, in order to increase your chances that the flies appear. Remember that a fly actually double your damage. The more you have and the completion of the challenge will be easy.

Another change for this challenge, you have to kill Moms Heart, the boss of Womb 2 to unlock the Fish Head, trinket that shows a fly whenever you take damage.

The Dr's revenge

The Dr's Revenge is probably the most fast and easy once you're used to the attack system challenge.

You start with Isaac and Dr. Fetus item that simply replaces your tears by bombs, and the Doctor's Remote activated which is neither more nor less than a guided missile by placing your mouse.

You have no Item Room 'd for this challenge and can move quite quickly in the floor, especially if you know the position of your rooms. Here we took a shortcut through the secret room to fall directly face to face with the boss.

Given the fact that your attack is still powerful enough, you are not penalized by the absence of objects, and you can even allow you to go straight to the boss over the floors without great fear for your character. Moms Heart beat once you unlock the item Epic Fetus, which makes your main attack guided missile.

By its ease and power of the released object, it is advisable to do this challenge in the wake of Dark Was The Night to advance more quickly in the main part of the game.

Meat 4 Ever!

Meat 4 Ever! ("Long live the meat!") Is the seventh challenge of the list. You start your game with a Meat Boy Level 4, ie consists of 4 cube of meat, famous cube that you will get by killing the Boss of the Apocalypse Riders type only. You will not have to Item Room for this challenge.

You will, however, possible to establish a second Meat Boy during your game. This small pet will walk at your side throughout the floors to overcome unwanted enemies, from smallest to largest.

To complete this challenge you will need to kill as previously Moms Heart has Womb / Utero 2 to unlock the SMB Super Fan, a passive object that will transform your Isaac Meat Boy, giving him more damage and attack speed, but a slowing little speed.


Spiderboy is the eighth challenge available. As with previous challenges you will not have room item and you will start with predefined objects: Mutant Spider (Quad Shot, which divides your tears 4) and Spider's Bite, the spider bite that can slow enemies for 2.5 seconds.

The flow of the game is the same as for other challenges. If you are careful you will not have to worry quickly reach The womb / Utero. Your attack is consistent and you can count on HP Up objects booty boss for more defense.

You will need to overcome Mom's Heart to unlock the Spiderbutt, an activatable item that does damage and slows enemies in the room.

Isaac was good today

Isaac was good today is the penultimate challenge of the list. You start with predefined objects: The Halo and the Holy Grail. You have 5 containers of heart, and you fly your stats are increased.

Still no room for Item of this part, other rooms remain available. You must be vigilant for this challenge, because it is not in The Womb you'll have to stop but to Sheol, the additional floor leading directly to Satan.

If you have not unlocked Sheol in the main part of the game, ie defeating It Lives for the first time, you are not guaranteed to have access to Sheol: you must finish eg final battle in The Womb without taking damage, to increase your chances to reveal a Room God / Devil Room, which will offer a trapdoor down to the lower floor. While in the boss room, a safe appear, ending the game. If you take the chest you can not complete the challenge.

You can also use items such as Pelle (We need to go Deeper) or The Joker card which will take you directly into the Devil Room.

Sheol is a floor in one part where you can find Satan, a boss in 3 phases which will give you a headache if you are not well equipped. To achieve this you will cross various rooms which often contain two mini boss or boss.

Completion of this challenge you unlock the Counterfeit Penny as well as Mom's Knife if you never beat Satan before.

The Purist

The Purist is the last challenge of your list. You have no access after killing Isaac Cathedral for the first time. This is by far the most difficult challenge of the game: you start with Isaac, you have no original object, and no Treasure Room throughout the game. The goal is to kill Isaac Cathedral. The Special rooms are still available and it is on them that you will rely to build your attack and your defense.

Luck is on our side as soon Cellar 1 we have access to a Curse Room and Library. We have already found a Trinket, the Match Stick, which guarantees more likely to have bombs cleaning rooms.

Once in the Curse Room, red chest teleported us in the Devil Room we have the choice between The Nail and Quarter. We took The Nail, instead of Book of Sin recovered Library. All 6 rooms we will have the opportunity to win damages, a blue heart, and break all the rocks of the room.

We are now at Basement 2, and you will see on the map the presence of another library, but also an Arcade Room Challenge Room Boss and to which we have access because our life is a single red heart. This is an HP Up item is proposed.

Once rid of this room, we went to the shop: the compass is available for 15 pieces. This is an essential purchase for revealing the location of the rooms on the map can be a real time-saver, so you do not have to explore everything to find the Boss Room. This is a real plus if our stats are too low and that the party is compromised. In return, we spend all our sub prevents access to the Arcade Room.

The game continues, and Cellars 1 was not a generous landing in theaters and items. We descend Catacombs 2 and this is the Guppy's Tail that we recover (more likely to appear at the end chests rooms). Boss Challenge Room offered us another HP Up. We can calmly down to the next floor.

Things get tough, we're Depths 1 and suffer a Curse of Darkness. The map is hidden and our compass useless. The vigilance is needed to explore the floor. A Beggar is standing in a room, and lucky the entrance to the Secret Room is revealed by the bomb set to go to the little beggar.

Continue our progress and we completed the boss fight against the previous level. Reached Depths 2, our character has changed a little since we found a Spirit of The Night for 1 red heart in Devil Room, and the previous boss, Gish, has given us his familiar Little Gish. Around the level has been done and we are ready for the fight against Mom. Once the fight is over, we get the new HP Up, and Polaroid.

In Utero 1, we get another HP Up, and progression of our character visible on the map shows the usefulness of the compass. Enemies inflict 1 complete heart damage on this floor. Save our lives is crucial, especially since no useful room is not at that level. The Secret Room The Ankh gave us an extra life that we will reappear as Blue Baby in case of death.

Our number of parts is therefore enough to enjoy the Arcade Room of Utero 2. It will take time to get the Skatole, but our defense is now a bit stronger because we are insensitive to the flies. The fight against Lives It went well and a beam of light appears in the room to give us access to Cathedral. A detour is needed to go get the Tick, which reduces the life of enemies and bosses by 10%. We leave the Polaroid, since it is not necessary to go to The Chest for this Challenge.

Arrived at Cathedral, is the drama. A life lost due to a room against Super Greed and Greed. Fortunately we take the Ankh, recovered Utero 1. We return to life as Baby Blue, with only blue hearts.

This is the hour of battle against Isaac. Isaac's life falls faster with the Tick, but the Polaroid would guarantee us a temporary shield for damage. We proceed to fight, slowly but surely.

Once the fight is over, it is the fulfillment of the Challenge: having finished the game as Blue Baby, the Rainbow Baby is released, and Daddy's Love, which corresponds the tab Daddy Long Legs. She will follow you through the stages, trampling the enemies in each room. We take the chest in the middle of the room, and our game ends well.