The Red Solstice review

The Red Solstice is a survival shooter video game that takes place in a distant post-apocalyptic future. The game structured combination of great gameplay Action-RPGs and shooters dynamics. Check out the full review of the title below:

"The year was 117 after the Earth ..."
In The Red Solstice humanity is in a dark and uncertain period 100 years after the end of the Earth. In it, the space marines "Elysium Corporation" has the mission to eliminate threats to colonies spread across the galaxy.

Can control eight types of soldiers of this company, the player will have the primary mission to discover what happened to Tharsis, the capital of the colony on Mars, which failed to communicate after a huge storm.

Not to mention even with a Single-Player, The Red Solstice has quite bleak and chaotic scenarios, where players are free to explore the constructs of Tharsis and collect weapons, ammunition and equipment and trigger defense towers, radars and communicators.

However, there is no time to make a quiet recognition as a series of waves of alien creatures, mutants and insurgent soldiers will advance against your team of space marines.

The arena matches of the game have the maximum of 1 hour time, ending with the return of the ship landing. However, players will need to combine their strengths and use their skills and tactics to survive the waves of increasingly powerful enemies.

Varied style
With dark and full of dangers scenarios, the game offers different styles of matches, with random primary and secondary missions, four difficulty levels and quite different modalities together.

The Red Solstice allows the player to enter into open matches or create your own missions that can be played individually or cooperatively with up to eight participants.

In addition, the game also offers many rewards for game experience, increasing efficiency of weapons, the number of skills and the experience level of the player account, which will unlock classes of soldiers, weapons and equipment.

A game with immersive environments and scary
With dark environments and deserts that resemble horror movies and science fiction, The Red Solstice features and scenarios full of detail and textures and lighting effects with excellent quality three-dimensional graphics models.

The matches of the game are true labyrinths, structured scenarios that are built gigantic randomly, making the experience very varied and extremely immersive game.

Despite not having animations and have your plot presented by a very weak narration, The Red Solstice has an excellent soundtrack, which blends well with the ominous atmosphere of the mission in Tharsis.

Furthermore, the sounds of the Martian atmosphere and the shooting and explosions, the grunts of the alien creatures and the various voices of the space marines, contribute enough to make them even more fun and engaging games.

The gameplay and the player's progress
The Red Solstice has an excellent interactive tutorial to explain its dynamics and gameplay that is all coordinated by the mouse and its buttons, and you can use shortcut keys to operate the targeting mode and self-timer, give a slight rush and throw explosives or flags.

With a very efficient engine, the game has no slowdowns or lags and still has a number of influences of environments on mechanical controls, such as the lack of marksmanship in environments or slowness and vulnerability during storms mode matches "Red Storm".

The game also reward its players with experience points, which will be received according to the performance of missions, the arrangements and the level of difficulty and the number of enemies eliminated. This makes his patent increases by providing special medals tasks.

Featuring eight classes of space marines quite distinct from each other, each with skills, weapons and special equipment, The Red Solstice starts with Assault, Medic and Heavy Support released while Demolitioner, Hellfire, Marksman, Terminator and Recon are unlocked with the rise the experience level of the player.

The use of each type of soldier will also add experience points to its class, providing new primary weapons and skills and increasing the value of certain attributes.

Furthermore, the level of experience also unlock primary and secondary weapons and "Boosters", which increase certain attributes of the soldiers when equipped as ammo, speed, hit points, armor, etc.

The matches of The Red Solstice can be created in up to four levels of difficulty and two main types of modality: "Survival", with no time limit and with the sole task of surviving the waves of enemies, and "Mission", in which tasks are taken as the scenario is explored.

You can also set up nine extra specifics of the match, which will change the difficulty and style of their dynamics, the terms of gameplay and the experience points received by primary and secondary missions.

The Red Solstice is a game that mixes Action-RPG with shooter and offers cooperative games with up to eight players in a room infested with enemies, all with simple and fun and rewarding mechanical controls. Despite its modality for line items not yet available, the game offers a multiplayer quite engaging, with eight classes of soldiers, four levels of difficulty and various options to configure their missions. Providing an immersive experience of a game, the game also has huge sets, excellent quality graphics and excellent sound set.