The Sims 4 brings new customization tools

The Sims 4 is the newest installment in the famous PC franchise, the game promises new customization tools, but retaining the original ideas and the already well-known features of the series. You will find here the first details of the demo with the new system of creating characters. Check it out!

Unique Characters

In The Sims 3 , even with the many editing tools in the game, the characters ended up becoming very similar, especially those created randomly by the game itself. It is likely that this does not happen in The Sims 4, as its new editor allows you to modify precisely the smallest detail of the face and body of your character, easy and practical way.

It is possible to modify the parts individually, creating characters with unique characteristics, just like in real life. For example, we have Sims with broad shoulders and thin legs or even narrower hips. All with a realism never seen before in the previous version, allowing a greater variety of combinations for each character.

Creating a Sim

The character creator is now more convenient and simple, leaving the creation even easier. Instead of providing individual icons to change the physical, now just use the mouse pointer to click and drag what you want to modify. For example: if you want to decrease the width of the arms of a character, it is not necessary to find the corresponding icon on the menu; Just click and drag on your arm sideways, modeling the way you want, like a modeling clay.

This applies to all physical characteristics of the characters, which can be shaped any way you want. By placing the mouse pointer over the face or any part of the body of the character, the area will become white, indicating the region that can be edited and it is being currently selected.

The creator also has the basic menus and familiar from The Sims 3, where you can now choose between standard features and body shapes. Simply select the eye, nose, mouth or other details on the menu next to the character and click to modify. You can choose patterns and modifies them by creating your own personalized.

Another novelty is that in addition to traits, physical characteristics will also influence the behavior of your Sim For example, thinner characters are better at sports and a Sim who walks head high, with a beautiful smile, will probably be more sure of himself and attractive to others.

Moreover, you can also choose how your Sim will walk. If he will move the nose up and head held high or have more timid steps, shoulders hunched over. You can choose up to three different tones of voice for men and two for women, some severe and others mild.

New Features

Personality traits are back in this version, only in smaller quantities. Unlike select five traits, as it was in The Sims 3 , you can choose only three features per character. These traits directly influence the behavior of Yes, whether in daily life or in relationships with others.

As in The Sims 3, the traits will also influence the desire of the character's life, the main objective he must comply. Although time consuming, the goals will guarantee a special ability to your character. For example, if you chose to be an artist, your character will gain the special ability to complete the objective. In this case, it will make him learn new skills faster.

Clothing (Costume) Styles and Sets

The editor of The Sims 3 already offered many customization clothing for characters and options, at first glance, The Sims 4 does not come with great news. However, the system of styles and clothing has also won over practicality. The clothes are still separated by categories (daily, sleepwear, clothing Party), which can be searched in a search bar, facilitating the search.

You can even choose every piece of clothing; the tops underneath, complete sets and many accessories. Only now the simplicity of the menus makes it easier and more practical is to change the colors and pre-defined patterns. Simply select the clothes, click and a small menu with colors and prints will appear just below. Unfortunately, the demo has not been tested can create a custom pattern for the clothes.

The Sims 4 also with a book style or "Style Book", with customized sets already you can select for your Sim's clothes cover all styles and can be used by any character. Tattoos are also back, but now bigger and brighter, with very different models and colors.

Create, Download and Share

Another great new feature is called the Gallery, where players can download or share content for the game, with houses and characters. Without leaving the game, you can download content created by other users or share yours with the community. Of course you need to have enough to pay for custom creations Simoleons, but the tool promises to greatly ease the lives of the players within the game.

The Sims 4 arrives on September 02 and the game is only available for PC.